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Vivaia Eco- friendly Shoes
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💖Many of you have asked me for a sustainable shoe brand. 
Most shoes on the market are made conventionally, some of them carry 𝙋𝙁𝘼𝙎 like Wolverine Worldwide, maker of Hush Puppies, Keds, Chaco, Sperry, and Merrell brands that have been accused of contaminating our water. These chemicals are harming both the wildlife and humans that come in contact with them. And have you noticed the strong odor conventional shoes emit?
🙊I once had a Steven Madden pair of shoes that was way too smelly to wear! This brand has been accused of violating CA proposition 65 warning law requirements by failing to inform consumers of toxic chemicals used in their materials. You can find a lawyer’s notice of violation here.
Why keep buying toxic products from irresponsible and greedy shoe manufacturers when we can find nicer, safer, and eco-friendly shoes?
✅Here is one of my recommended shoe brands: Vivaia, sustainably made with 3D technology, with renewable material in a zero-waste process!
💚Not only are they super pretty, but they are flexible, lightweight, highly elastic, and extremely comfortable, thanks to the latex foam, typical of eco-friendly mattresses.
Latex foam is a new experience for your feet and you can wear them all day long!
💚Let's talk about the materials: 🐠 Knit upper, made from 6 ocean-found plastic bottles
𝙄𝙣𝙨𝙤𝙡𝙚: made with soft, natural latex foam
𝙊𝙪𝙩𝙨𝙤𝙡𝙚: made with carbon-free rubber, shock resistant, fungus-proof, and odor resistant
💦Did I mention they are fully machine or hand washable? You can also wear them to the beach! They will arrive to you in a 90% recycled cardboard box, without artificial colors or odors.
🌎 To help prevent these environmental impacts, the best thing to do is to recycle ♻️ or donate your used shoes, so that they do not end up in landfills.

organic shoes, sustainable shoes vivaia
Vivavia Ash Rose Eco-friendly  Shoes

💖  VIVAIA  Sustainable Shoes was founded with a mission – a mission to create the most stylish and sustainable footwear that is eco-friendly and responsible. With a focus on creating a positive impact on both the world and the people around us, we have successfully created a line of luxurious and fashion-forward footwear with exceptional quality and at a fair price. 

💖 They are aiming to become the most sustainable brand in the fashion industry, and we are reaching it.

These sleek pointed-toe ballet flats add sophistication, elegant, and feminine elements to your daily look.

💖 They are designed with ultra-soft uppers and soles that not only free your feet but also space, just stash them in your luggage and take them all over the world.

  • Pointed-toe flats

  • Knit upper made from plastic bottles

  • Natural latex foam insole

  • Carbon-free rubber outsoles

  • Packaged with 100% recycled cardboard

  • Made from 6 Plastic Bottles

  • Thick Cut Natural Latex Insole

  • Machine Washable

Rose Canvas OCA Low 
organic shoes, sustainable shoes vivaia

This much-loved, signature sneaker is the OCA. Crafted from high-end, raw materials, it features lightweight cushion technology, the perfectly weighted rubber sole, and a classic cap-toe design for a crazy-comfy, go-to look.

Rio de Janeiro is bursting at the seams with color.

From the Escadaria Selarón’s world-famous mosaic tiles to the kaleidoscopic costumes of Carnival, the  OCA Low in Rose Canvas captures the festive culture of Brazil.

Handcrafted using a robust canvas, the OCA Low Canvas exists at the intersection of functionality and style.


Insoles:100% vegan made from organic mamona oil bio-based with cork insert with CARIUMA logo, it ensures optimal comfort and fit, better for the planet, they also come with added arch support.

Upper: Cotton canvas 
Lining: Cotton canvas 
Sole: 100% slip-resistant rubber
Laces: Made with recycled plastics, and debossed metal aglets
Construction: Handmade vulcanized sneaker; stitched midsole

The OCA Low boasts a unique cap toe design and a fully-stitched lightweight outsole for a durable, long-lasting shoe.

Finishing our OCA Low sneakers with debossed metal’s all in the details!

All Birds Women's Wool Runners
all birds organic shoes, sustainable shoes

💖  Not vegan but they are a low carbon footprint.  Made with superfine New Zealand Merino wool, which they developed into our very own material with a premium Italian mill.

  • Renewable Materials

  • Machine Washable

  • Minimizes Odor

  • Flexibly Conforms To Your Movements

💖  It’s soft and itch-free on the inside, durable on the outside, and ethically sourced to ZQ Merino’s high standards for a cozy fit that treads light on the planet.

Contoured and delightfully bouncy, our Brazilian sugarcane midsole is called SweetFoam™

💖  The layered castor bean oil, which emits less carbon than petroleum-based foam, and ZQ Merino wool for a cushiony, moisture-wicking, and odor-reducing insole.

The laces are made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. One old plastic bottle becomes one pair of shoelaces.

💖  Wool Runner is carbon neutral thanks to sustainable practices, like using natural materials and buying offsets. 

MATERIAL: 🌳 ZQ Merino to ensure their wool is held to high standards of farming, land management and animal welfare.

🌳One recycled plastic bottle equals one pair of Allbirds laces.

🌳The packaging is made from 90% recycled cardboard

News!! New innovative material coming soon:  

100% Natural, Plant-Based Leather is coming. 

organic shoes, sustainable shoes z shoes
Z Shoes Organics "Self Love" edition

🌺Many things we buy today, clothing, shoes, bags, batteries, furniture, even fish, could be derived from forced labor and exploitation. Many are not aware of this, but an estimated 45.8 million people today are slaves at their job.

Like in Amsterdam, some women are victims of human trafficking in brothels. Or in the Amazon, where indigenous are forced to destroy their rainforest. And Thailand, where kids are forced to sell themselves in fake karaoke bars. ​ 
💖 Z Shoes Organic's “Self Love” edition is determined to support empowering women. They partnered with NFS "Not For Sale,” to fight modern-day slavery. 
These beautiful pink shoes are made in Portugal, with ethically sourced material, including wild Amazonian rubber.

Also, Z Shoes employees are 60% female paid with equal wage. You can wear very pretty shoes and with a cause! ​ ​​ ​ ​
​​💖 Created by David Batstone will donate to give female survivors the opportunity and their place in the world. Because women and children are not for sale!

 ​​💖Thank you David for all you do!
You can support this cause and enjoy 25% off Self Love Edition, simply use the code 'FEATHER' upon checkout.​
​​MADE IN: Portugal

organic shoes, sustainable shoes z shoes

🌺Do you know what is commonly found in shoes? Phthalates (used to soften plastic), arsenic, chromium, mercury, and lead! These pollutants are toxic for us, the workers, and they can also be released into remote areas, like mountain lakes and snowpacks! Sometimes, I bought shoes that smelled so strongly of chemicals that I didn't want to wear them!🙊Do you know that there are shoes made without all that? ✨Yes! Z Shoes are made to respect us, the people who make them, and the environment! 🌍

🍃They are 100% organic, eco-friendly, and 100% biodegradable!! 🌳Their sole is made with Amazonian Sharing rubber, their cotton is from regions of Peru, the line-up contains organic plant dyes from the Amazon, all fair-trade, safe, eco-friendly, sustainably-harvested and of course 100% cute!😍 👨🏻‍🌾👩🏻‍🌾They are also committed to offering fair labor practices, to built infrastructure for the communities, health care, and an education system, while ending human slavery nfs.

Created by a father and his son, who care about putting human dignity and environmental impact before profit! 👏We could not be more supportive of this company! Watch their videos on their website to learn more. They are very inspiring! 💪No plastic, no synthetic fibers, no pesticides, no chemicals, and no human trafficking and modern slavery here!

💚Only great shoes with a great mission. It is amazing to be part of this! They feel so good and they make you feel so good about it! 👫👫 😍I wear my beliefs with these amazing shoes  👟 I believe that we should buy without hurting anybody, the workers, the planet, or our health! 🌎💚 How do you wear your beliefs?

MADE IN: Portugal

Z Shoes Organic Sneakers  
Pozu Vegan Shoes
organic shoes, sustainable shoes pozu

Po-Zu shoes are made from carefully selected natural and sustainable materials that are healthy for your feet, kind to the environment and safe for all our workers throughout the supply chain. And we only work with carefully chosen factories that respect our Ethical Conduct Charter, ensuring Fair Wages & Conditions for the workers, amongst other things. A vegan version of Ello, made using Piñatex - a new leather substitute made from pineapple leaf fibers with an ultra-thin and flexible sole for a barefoot shoe experience.

A wardrobe staple, worn from dawn to dusk, lined with breathable organic cotton canvas.

Amazng Natural material:

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Canvas, Natural Linen, and Natural Cork in their shoes. Chromium-free, and without harmful chemicals. Over the years they have increased our use of alternatives to leathers, that is both solvent-free and animal cruelty-free, working with materials like Eco Microfibre, Frumat Appleskin, Piñatex Pineapple, and Dessert Cactus leather, which are all flexible, hard-wearing, durable, and 100% vegan. 

Foot Mattress made with Natural Coconut Husk  or Natural Cork, together with Natural Latex to form a cushioning shock-absorbing bounce underfoot. Some of their shoes due to their complex construction contain water-based glues. 

Pic by @englishlassinla  

MADE IN: Sri Lanka and Portugal,

All Birds Women's Tree Breezers
Pink shoes, all birds organic shoes, sustainable shoes

💖 Crafted with silky-smooth eucalyptus tree fiber and a fitted collar, our ballet flat never misses a beat.

Made With Eucalyptus Tree

Silky-Smooth Material

Ribbed Collar For A Perfect Fit

CARE: Pull out the insoles. Slip your shoes into a delicates bag and toss them in the washing machine—gentle cycle with cold water with your favorite organic detergent. When they’re done, shake off any excess water and let them air dry.

Handy tips: Don’t put them in the dryer. And don’t worry, they’ll go back to their original shape in no time.

You can hand wash your insoles on their own.

🌳 Proprietary knit feels silky smooth, breathable, and pleasantly cool thanks to eucalyptus tree fiber responsibly sourced from FSC® Certified forests.

🌳 They layered castor bean oil, which emits less carbon than petroleum-based foam, and ZQ Merino wool for a cushiony, moisture-wicking, and odor-reducing insole.

News!! New innovative material coming soon:  

100% Natural, Plant-Based Leather is coming. 

MADE IN: South Korea

Reebok cotton and corn shoes 
organic shoes, reebok organic cotton

💖  Treat the environment as well as you treat yourself with the plant-based Reebok® Lifestyle NPC UK Cotton & Corn sneakers. USDA Certified Bio-based product with 75% rating on shoes and 100% on the packaging. Lace-up adjustability. Soft woven upper and linings made from cotton. Padded collar. Cushioned insole made from castor bean oil to increase natural content.

💖  Biobased TPU outsole is derived from corn and is comfortable and highly durable.

💖 Undyed materials to cut down on water pollution during manufacture. 100% cotton upper and corn-based sole. 100% recycled packaging.  From Cotton + Corn collection.

💖  A 100% cotton upper and a biobased sole derived from corn delivers comfort and durability. Altogether the NPC UK Cotton + Corn is the first ever 75% USDA certified bio-based shoe so you can feel good about what you’re wearing. 

Rawganique Vegan Handmade Sneakers
Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 3.08.07 PM.png

🌳 Handmade organic hemp high top sneakers. Wn 5 - 10 I Mn 7 - 13. Breathability for healthy feet. Waterproof using our natural wax. We use low-impact biodegradable fiber-reactive dyes and the brown varies with each dye batch (sometimes lighter and sometimes darker).

🌱Hemp Zippered High-Top Sneaker. These handmade High Top Organic Hemp Sneakers feature a handy zipper so you don't have to lace up - just zip in and out and you're gone on your way, one eco-friendly footstep at a time.


  • Vegan. Leather-free. 100% natural plant-fiber canvas.

  • Breathable

  • Footbed lining and shoe upper is 100% hemp

  • Hemp fiber wicks away moisture keeping feet dry

  • Sweatshop-free. Hand-made by longterm shoe artisans in Europe.

  • Biodegradable. Eco-friendly.

  • 100% hemp shoe laces

  • Natural is unbleached, dye-free

  • Black & brown low-impact, biodegradable eco-dyes

  • Elastic-free

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Free from forever chemicals like PFAS

  • No dispersed dyes

MATERIAL:  Vegan. Leather-free. 100% natural plant-fiber canvas.

adidas vegan eco-friendly shoes, Mylo adidas
Introducing the First-Ever Mylo™ Shoe

Leave an impression, not a footprint.
It marks a major step forward as adidas just revealed the Stan Smith Mylo, the first-ever shoe made with our innovative mycelium-based leather alternative. 
To showcase the future of material innovation, adidas chose to use Mylo in one of the most iconic sneakers of all time, the Stan Smith. This reimagined classic enables adidas to quickly scale Mylo through a globally beloved silhouette, paving the way for a better future while paying homage to their heritage.  
A limited-edition drop of Stan Smith Mylo will be available in the near future.