Did you notice that many shoe stores have a strong smell and even when you bring that shoes at home continue to emanate that strong smell from their toxic material and glue?

We absorb all of that true our skin plus we can contaminate the environment while walking.

❌ Conventional Shoes pose many threats to the wellbeing of our planet as many toxins, chemicals, and fossil fuels are produced and leaked into the environment during the first and last steps in the shoe life cycle.

These chemicals are harming both the wildlife and humans that come in contact with them.

Many shoes still coated in PFAS: fluorochemical that contaminated our water and lands and affects the health of those who is wearing them. They are toxic to humans when exposed.

🌎 To help prevent these environmental impacts the best thing to do is to recycle ♻️ or donate your used shoes so that they do not end up in the landfills.

🍃Are you looking for a safe and eco-friendly shoe brand alternative? This is a recommended brand!

The brand VIVAIA creates shoes that are eco-friendly, made with not smelly comfortable to wear, and incredibly stylish, fusing modern technology with sustainable practices for the ultimate in eco-friendly footwear.

Using recycled materials and 3D technology, our talented team has established a zero-waste process to create a seamless 3D knitted design for the ultimate combination of comfort and function.

🌸What is impressive about them is their special technology combined with safer, sustainable material, and their signature shoe-making technology 3D knit in a zero-waste practice. ♻️

🌿Their shoes are made with sustainable, renewable, and natural material found in nature, not in a toxic lab like conventional shoe manufactory where is all made new and nothing recycled.

🌿 ViVaia Shoes are flexible, lightweight, highly elastic shoes that look great, are comfortable and they don’t emit any odor like conventional shoes!

They arrive in a 90% recycled cardboard, without artificial colors or odors.

I just wish they were made in the USA. 


🌸Did I mention that are fully machine or hand washable? So you can wear them even at the beach.

VIVAIA is featured in Cosmopolitan, Vogue, InStyle Spain, Byrdie, SheKnows, FootwearNews, 
Eluxe Magazine, Bella Magazine

For a better planet and a sustainable future, here is Viavaia shoes 🌎 

Vivaia Eco- friendly Shoes
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