Organic Burgers in Los Angeles

Here you will find The Best Organic Burgers in Los Angeles.

List of the LA places with the best organic grass-fed burgers in the Los Angeles Area. Voted the best. Organic Hamburger in Los Angeles, malibu, Century City, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, downtown, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Venice, California,

Some of them even offer USDA Certified Organic Burger,

Some of them are also full  organic restaurants or steak house,

They may also offer Organic vegan Burger options,  Organic Turkey Burger, and Organic French Fries,


NOTE: Many of these places offer vegan options and typically they are 

Impossible Burger: its fake meat is made with the chemical-intensive farming practice that according to organic consumers, degrades the soil, destroys beneficial soil microbes, pollutes waterways with toxic pesticides. plus you are eating unhealthy ingredients such as GMO soy. 


Beyond Burger: even it is  soy-free, it still has controversial ingredients 

INGREDIENTS:  Water, pea protein, expeller-pressed canola oil, refined coconut oil, rice protein, natural flavors, cocoa butter, mung bean protein, methylcellulose, potato starch, apple extract, pomegranate extract, salt, potassium chloride, vinegar, lemon juice concentrate, sunflower lecithin, beet juice extract (for color).

To start canola oil, which is high in omega-6 fatty acids that are associated with increased inflammation.

mung beans are a legume, with high concentrations of lectins, pro-inflammatory. 

methylcellulose: water-soluble polymer chemically modified from natural cellulose. 

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Here below are listed all the organic burgers in Los Angeles spot with my review and information: 

Pono Burger, Bel Campo, Boa, Erewhon, H&H steakhouse, Cafe Habana, Malibu Farm 

Pono Organic Burger  

Organic ground turkey burger, organic avocado, organic pea shoots, delicious house-made sauce, topped with house-made wonton chips, on a daily baked bun 🍔 and organic hand-cut french fries 🍟even organic ketchup!

All this is possible only at Pono Burger!! So excited for the new locations in West Hollywood and Venice opening 

Cafe Habana Malibu

I went thre many times and it is a fun place to visit n the Malibu area. It is a celebrity spots a favorite of Hensry Style.

Owners is Cindy Crafward and her Husband .

Their ingredients are sippsed to be organic and sustainable

Here is their burger:

Habana Burge: made with niman ranch beef, aged cheddar, green leaf, plum tomatoes, pickles, Habana sauce on martin’s favorite potato roll ~ 16

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 6.06.40 PM.png
H&H Brazilian Steakhouse DTLA

The wolds'first organic Brazilain Steakhouse!

Unlimited AYCE and A La Carte extravagant menu, they strive to offer the best Grass-Fed and Organic selection picked from the best local farms and around the World.

At H & H Brazilian Steakhouse, they are committed to working only with the best suppliers, ensuring they always serve organic, grass-fed meat and produce.

H & H Brazilian Steakhouse was started by Henrique Huyer with a mission of bringing to the American market the authentic, traditional Brazilian Barbecue from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


    Bun, all the groceries, cheese​, Brazilian Secret sauce. choice of grass-fed beef $23

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 12.08.39 PM.png
Malibu Farm Organic Grass fed 

They offer delicius organic diches wit ingredients delivered by 

local organic farmers.

grass-fed coulotte steak gfgrilled 8oz coulotte from autonomy farms, red mustard frill, charred broccolini, white asparagus, pickled red fresno chilies fermented apple vinaigrette, yuzu kosho salsa verde, served with today’s side (may contain gluten/nuts)

organic grass-fed dry aged rib eye (dinner only)15oz choice of bone in or boneless rib eye, dry aged for 40 daysserved with chimmichuri compound butter, roasted seasonal veggieswith your choice of parmesan mashed potatoes or rice