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Organic  Sponge Cloths  Rags

Here you will find the most natural and eco-friendly cleaning cloths, sponges, rags, and brushes.

They are made with biodegradable material and all plastic-free or no petroleum-derived material!

Natural Cloths

No more sopping up spills with half a roll of paper towels. Here you can find the most natural dishcloths, Swedish cloths on the market, and compostable. Biodegradable, made with only natural material.

Swedish Cloths are great for soaking up large amounts of nontoxic liquids on hard surfaces.

Swedish Cloths dry quickly and stiffen up, which helps reduce bacterial growth. You can wet it with a small amount of water to soften the cloth before surface cleaning.

They dry quickly and stiffen up, which helps reduce bacterial growth. You can wet it with a small amount of water to soften the cloth before surface cleaning.

How to clean Swedish clothes:

Wash in the dishwasher, or with your next load of laundry. Air-dry and your  Cloth will be ready for duty. You can also sanitize your Swedish cloth by microwaving it on high for 30 seconds or boil in water for one minute.

They are Good for 4-6 months of use, then dispose of these 100% biodegradable Swish Cloths in the compost bin.

MATERIAL: they are made of 30% cotton fibers, and 70% tree fibers.

Cloud Paper Swish Cloth

So excited about this new the Swish Cloth! Commonly known as Swedish Dishcloths, these spongy, reusable kitchen towels are a wonderful addition to your cleaning routine.

Cloud Paper is on a mission to end deforestation caused by traditional paper products. 

✅ Commonly known as Swedish Dishcloths, these spongy, reusable kitchen towels are a wonderful addition to your cleaning routine.

✅ Swish Cloths dry quickly and stiffen up, which helps reduce bacterial growth. You can wet it with a small amount of water to soften the cloth before surface cleaning.

✅ Swish Cloths can be reused for up to six months and reduces your paper towel waste.

  • Absorbent, durable, plant-based material is great for surface cleaning

  • Excellent for soaking up spills, Swish Cloths wick up 20x their weight in liquids

  • Rinse, wring out, and they are ready to use again

  • Good for 4-6 months of use, then dispose of the 100% biodegradable Swish Cloth in the compost.

  • CARE: Wash in the dishwasher, or with your next load of laundry. Air-dry and your Swish Cloth will be ready for duty. You can also sanitize your swishcloth by microwaving it on high for 30 seconds, or boil in water for one minute.

MATERIAL Swish Cloths are 30% cotton fibers, and 70% tree fibers.

Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 12.11.03 PM.png
HealthyBaby Swedish Dish Cloths

🍃These Dishcloth is a handy and natural cleaning cloth made out of 70% wood cellulose from FSC certified forests, and 30% cotton.
One cloth can hold 20x its weight which is approximately 3/4 of a cup of liquid.

What's Included

- 3 healthynest dishcloths

Care Guide

- Use these dish cloths for anything you'd use paper towels for
-To clean, rinse, toss in the top rack of your dishwasher or add it to your laundry.

-To disinfect, just microwave for 1 minute
- When it's time to replace, these dishcloths are compostable

MATERIAL: 70% wood cellulose from FSC-certified forests, and 30% cotton.

Cloud Paper Swish Cloths 

💙From the maker of my favorite organic paper towel and toilet paper  ☁️
✅ Made with 100% premium bamboo, using a totally chlorine-free method and plastic-free packaging!
Here is their new product: The swish cloth!
Spongy, reusable kitchen towels! They are my favorite Swedish Dishcloths!
👉I have been using them more to reduce the waste of paper towels. They are easy to use, to wash, and they dry very quickly!
✨They are super handy to have around in the kitchen or anywhere you are about to grab a paper towel to clean!!
🍃They are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic, compared to conventional cleaning dishcloths made with synthetic material!
👉Traditional dishcloths are primarily made of cotton and synthetic microfibers, which are petroleum-derived!
🍃These Swish Cloths are biodegradable, made of 30% cotton fibers, 70% tree fibers.
👉These Swedish Dishcloths are more efficient than paper towels.
One absorbs about 20 times its weight, and a single Swedish Dishcloth is able to do the job of 17 rolls of paper towels — saving trees, water, and money. It's also more hygienic than sponges.
Plus you can clean them in your dishwasher or with your laundry!
✨You can also sanitize your swishcloth by microwaving on high for 30 seconds, or boil in water for one minute.
Eco-friendly: Good for 4-6 months of use, then you can dispose of these 100% biodegradable Swish Cloths in the compost bin.
By using this brand, we save trees!🌳

If you Care 100% Natural Sponge Cloths
Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 9.45.29 AM.png

No California Proposition 65 Warning

If You Care Sponge Cloths are made in a patented process from a three-dimensional blending of cellulose, non-GMO unbleached cotton, and mirabilite – a natural mineral salt.

extremely porous, which makes the sponge cloth extraordinarily absorbent. It can absorb up to 20 times its own weight in water.

If You Care Sponge Cloths leave no streaks. They absorb liquids easily and quickly and release them with simple wringing. They are remarkably durable, tear and abrasion-resistant, reusable over and over again, and can be machine washed in water up to 1900F (880C), up to 300 times.

If You Care Sponge Cloths and their packaging are made from 100% renewable resources and contain no petroleum or other fossil fuel products. Each cloth is reusable and washable many times. These sponge cloths reduce waste and the amount of material going to landfills.

After using, rinse thoroughly, wring out water, and leave flat to dry. 

 After washing, leave to air dry. Do not tumble dry.

MATERIAL: non-GMO unbleached cotton and mirabilite – a natural mineral salt. (70% cellulose & 30% cotton)

Organic Non-Scratch sponges for Dishes
GOTS certified organic dish sponges

🍃These organic dish sponges are 100% GOTS Certified organic.  (Global Organic Textile Standard)

✅ Its production sustains the health of the land and people by using natural processes rather than artificial inputs. Importantly organic cotton farming does not allow the use of chemicals or GMOs. Instead, it combines tradition, innovation, and science to benefit the shared environment and promote a good quality of life for all involved.

🍃Zero-waste: REDUCE WASTE & SAVE MONEY! You'll love these washable, reusable natural kitchen sponges. A zero-waste alternative to plastic kitchen sponges.

Machine washable, hard-wearing dishwashing sponge that is made to last. They also have zero waste Reusable Paper Towels

🍃They are pre-washed to reduce shrinkage. Handy hanging hoop to help with drying

The textured waffle fabric allows for a good scrubbing action without the worry of damaging delicate items. The middle layers of organic double loop terry cloth give a lovely thick sponge feeling.

ORGANIC SUPER-SOFT COTTON - No odor, stink-free, sustainable natural sponge alternative.

MATERIAL: 100% GOTS compliant cotton & produced in a carbon-neutral solar-powered factory in India.

Full Circle Walnut Shell Scour Pads 
organic safer eco friendly walnut shell scour pads

Do you know that Oil-based sponges can't be recycled? 

It's the little things that make a big difference. Most sponges and scour pads are made from petrochemical plastics. Plant-based sponges are a sustainable choice because they use less energy to produce and completely break down when thrown away.

I tried personally and I'm impressed with its performance. It works very well.

This won't scratch.

Scrubbing pad made from walnut shells for natural scouring power

Gentle on surfaces, yet effective and durable

Set of 3 scour pads


MATERIAL: Walnut shells and recycled plastic

Walnut shells have serious scrubbing power but that doesn't help if you're allergic to nuts. Not to worry, these pads won't cause a reaction.

BRANDLESS Organic Cotton Dishcloths
Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 8.13.26 PM.png

🌏 Made by Brandless the creator of a movement against a fundamentally broken consumer system where affordable means low quality, and better-for-you products are generally not accessible, forcing consumers to compromise between what they can afford and what’s best for them, their families, and the planet.

Brandless makes exceptional health and wellness products accessible to everyone.

🌿GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton dishcloths clean whatever needs washing.

Responsibly sourced material with low-impact dye. Tumble dried for softness.
🌿 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Dishcloths

  • windmill manufacturing

  • sustainable

Their factory uses power generated by its windmills, which helps to minimize its carbon footprint on the environment.
Their actory also has spearheaded a reforestation program on its grounds, planting over 6000 native trees to date.

MATERIAL100% GOTS Certified Organic

Screen Shot 2022-07-04 at 12.18.12 PM.png
Earthley Organic Dish Brush

🌿I have been using the kind of dish brush and they are very handy and functional. They are a much better alternative to plastic-synthetic dish sponges or scrubbing pads. 

This  Dish Brush is great for scrubbing dirt, grime, or food off of dishes, sinks, bathtubs, or anything that needs a good cleaning.

The perfect companion to their Dish Soap Bar!


MATERIAL: wood handle and sisal fibers.

 Thrive Market Bamboo Dish Scrubber promo code
 Thrive Market Bamboo Dish Scrubber

🌿Rosey™ by Thrive Market offers mineral- and plant-powered cleaning that really works. These planet-friendly essentials are made without harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, and they're designed to keep your home sparkling through everything life throws its way.

  • Sustainable alternative to plastic dish scrubbers

  • Crafted with bamboo & tough palm fiber bristles

  • Ideal for tackling stubborn burnt or baked-on messes

  • Store bristle-side down in a cool, dry place away from water

  • Brush head is removable/replaceable

  • Mix & match with other Rosey™ brush heads

My link will give you 40% off your first order.

They also carry their own brand that is even cheaper than any other already discounted brands on their website. 

MATERIAL: Sustainably Crafted With: Bamboo, Palm Fiber Bristles

Koala Eco Natural Agave and Hemp Scrubbing Brush

🌿 I have it and I have been using it for a long time along with their entire collection 💦
It is resistant and strong to scrub my dishes and pans without scratching, including my cooking pans.
⭐️It is comfortable and easy to use and it matches all my Koala Eco products making it a very pretty collection! 

A retro-inspired scrubbing brush, made from sustainable (and naturally anti-bacterial) sisal and hemp.

The circular base (stamped with the Koala Eco logo) is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand, and the bristles won’t scratch delicate surfaces. They are perfect for scrubbing away stubborn stains on pots and pans.

🐨 All their products are natural, powerful, plant-based. Made in the USA with Australian essential oils. Kind to your family and the environment.

Everything is: biodegradable, plant-based, never tested on animals, grey water safe, and septic safe.

Free of use: Palm oil, dyes, masking agents, synthetic perfumes, chlorine, bleach, sodium laurel sulfates & phosphates.

  • Natural

  • Effective & powerful

  • Refreshing scent

  • Eco-friendly

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 11.41.05 AM.png
Rebel Green Bamboo
Vegetable Scrub Brush

​​🌿This gentle scrub brush is made from all natural plant fiber bristles and the handle is 100% sustainable bamboo.

This gentle scrub brushw is made from all natural plant fiber bristles and the handle is 100% sustainable bamboo.  

Apply enough Rebel Green Fruit and Veggie Clean to your produce before you scrub away the "ick".  Clean food just tastes better!​

MATERIAL: all natural plant fiber bristles and the handle is 100% sustainable bamboo.

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 10.41.01 AM.png
Truly Free Eco Sponges

🍃Non Toxic And All Natural Eco Scrubbing Power

Made from 100% organic Luffa, our eco-sponge uses its natural strength to scrub away the toughest messes.

Completely free of all plastics, fully compostable, and also dishwasher & microwave-safe to scrub away bacteria safely.

Strong enough to scrub away tough residue, gentle on hands, and non-abrasive on hundreds of other uses around your home.

🍃Use on: Great for use in the kitchen hand-washing dishes, glasses, pots & pans. Great for use in the bathroom. Clean tile, grout and much more.

For their FREE Loads Of Laundry Wash offer click here

Eliminate the stains... keep the memories!

MATERIAL: 100% Plant-based Loofha

What is Loofah? - Loofah is derived from a flower that develops into a long, gourd-like plant that resembles a giant cucumber or zucchini. It is incredibly durable, but fully compostable.

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 1.17.18 PM.png
Meliora Organic Cotton Re-Purposed Rags

🍃Friends at Green Diaper Babies have worked with Meliora to add retired (that means used and then cleaned and disinfected) organic cotton diapers to Meliora's low-waste offering.

While there may be frayed edges or the occasional stain on the rags, they are 100% sanitized and amazing at grabbing spills and cleaning with soap and water.

Add a 5-pack of these organic cotton diaper rags onto any order for $9.99.

🍃A much better choice over synthetic, petroleum-derived cleaning rags or wasteful paper towels. 

INGREDIENTS: organic cotton rags

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 2.27.07 PM.png
Zero Waste Outlet Hemp & Cotton Wash Towel

🍃We all know plastic loofahs and kitchen sponges create a TON of waste-- obviously.

That’s why this 100% biodegradable Natural Hemp & Cotton Wash Towel is the perfect plant-based alternative that will help make your day efficient and waste-free.

This towel can be used in the shower or the kitchen sink as a washrag. You’ll love the texture and durability of this ZW towel!

  • 100% Biodegradable.

  • 100% Plastic Free

  • Handy Loop to Hang Wash Towel For Drying So Bacteria Won’t Grow.

  • 10” x 9.5”

MATERIAL: 100% biodegradable Natural Hemp & Cotton Wash

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 2.36.28 PM.png
Zero Waste Outlet 6-Piece Sink Kit

🍃Forget the plastic dish tools and switch to this zero waste sink kit that has everything you need to get the dishes done quickly.

Not only is this kit practical, but it also looks great, giving your sink a natural and Earthy feel that will make doing the dishes fun and relaxing. 

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 Long Handle Pot Brush For Regular Cleaning of Plates, Pots, Pans, and Other Bowls. 

  • 1 Modular Palm Pot Scrub Brush With Replaceable Head For Hard Scrubbing Action

  • 2 Dual-Sided Eco-Sponges OR 2 Plastic-Free Cellulose Sponges Sponges 

  • 1 Cup Brush For Cups And Other Narrow Dishes OR 1 Bottle Brush for water bottles.

  • 1 Square or Round Bamboo Soap Dish for the Palm Pot Scrub Brush to Rest On

MATERIAL: 100% biodegradable Natural Hemp & Cotton Wash

I was surprised to discover that the cloth I was using had the ❌California Proposition 65 Warning!

Of course, I didn't want to use a product that exposes us to unsafe material.

So I found these other brands that don't carry the proposition, their products are eco-friendly and safe to use.

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