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Organic Nut Butter & Fruit Spreads 

Here you will find my favorite food products and a description of some food ingredients we need to avoid.

I'll teach you which ingredients to avoid even on organic food! They can have ingredients that are not considered healthy, or they are not environmentally sustainable and we need to spot them so we can choose a brand that doesn't use them. Here you can find the healthiest options!

Rigoni di Asiago, fior di frutta, USDA Certified organic jam, strawberries, pink, rose, no citric acid, gerd, acid reflux. PrettyOrganicGirl, the best organic fruit Spread, the best organic jam, USDA Certified organic fruit spread
USDA Certified Organic Jam Citric Acid-Free

 🍓😋My favorite organic jam! It has the cleanest ingredients I found! It is made with just 3 ingredients: organic strawberries, organic apple juice, and pectin, that's all!

No sugar added and no citric acid (once made from Italian citrus fruits, now derived from a type of mold)!

Citric acid is always to avoid if you have acid reflux

Pectin instead, is extracted from fruits and it has been observed to have DNA repair properties!

🍓This jam is made with organic strawberries and wild strawberries, naturally sweetened with organic apple juice! It tastes sooo good!

🍃 Made in Italy in organic farms it comes in different flavors strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, apricot, orange, lemon, peach! They are all delicious! 😋🍎🍊🍓 USDA certified organic, gluten free. 

TreeBoard Organic Cutting Board
organic cutting boards, eco-friendly, non-toxic, mineral oil free, sustainable, food grade, made in the USA, organic wood cutting board, organic bamboo cutting board, glue-free

🌿This is my number one recommended cutting board!

🙋‍♀️As promised, here is the guide on how to pick the safest cutting board:
👉Rule out the toxic one:
1. ❌Plastic: plastic particles, BPA, phthalates contaminant
2. ❌Any cutting board with mineral oil: a petroleum-derived
3. ❌Any cutting board that contains glue. Since many contain toxic ingredients
4. ❌Epicurean: made with recycled material glued together. Including wood, paper, resins and plastic. Plus bacteria issue.
❌Controversial one:
1. Bamboo: not the best option even when it is organic, since it contains glue. Then we need to check if the glue is formaldehyde-free. I prefer to avoid any glue in a cutting board!
💚Pick the best:
The safest cutting board you could get is:
✅1. one piece of wood, means it doesn’t need glue.
✅2. Better if it is made with sustainably sourced wood
✅3. Organic finish oil such as organic flaxseed oil, raw linseed oil, or organic carnauba wax.
✅4. Made in the USA
And you know what? 🎉This is the only brand that has it all!
👉Beautifully hand-made in Maryland from sustainable certified sourced lumber in a solid piece of wood, following the tradition by Will the founder.
👉Then finished with an organic mixture of plant-based carnauba wax and organic raw linseed oil
You can’t get a more natural and beautiful cutting board than these.
🌿Especially the maple cutting board: widely considered to be the best North American wood for cutting boards, since the grain is hard and fine, resisting gouges and the absorption of liquids or food scraps.
🎉Now that your research for the safest cutting board on the market brought you here, you have also found a promo code that is available until the end of the month.

MATERIAL: Natural maple or ash and white oak cutting blocks, organic flaxseed oil, and organic carnauba wax.

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