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Ocean Day

Here are the best organic and sustainable shoppings guide to reduce the impact we have on the oceans every time we shop. By choosing eco-friendly and sustainable brands we reduce pollution and help the environment. plastic-free products, and waste-free products,s the best eco brand an products.   

How to have an Organic Lifestyle 

By having an organic lifestyle, not only will your health benefit from it, but the health of the planet will too! 🌎
🍃USDA certified foods, cosmetics, and home detergents, because they are made with at least 95% organic ingredients!

🍃Produce with a sticker that starts with number 9 (organically grown). Avoid stickers beginning with number 8 (genetically modified) and avoid 4 number codes (conventionally grown)!
🍃GOTS (global organic textile standard) certified organic clothes! GOTS certified textiles meet their strict standards necessary for the protection of the environment. No pesticides or insecticides, non-GMOs, criteria for dyes, water waste, soil preservation, working conditions, and animal protection.
🍃100% recycled paper products for your home! It will save trees, gallons of oil, energy, and water! Use paperless bills! It will save space, too!!
🍃Recyclable gloves, millions of disposable gloves end up in landfills each year. I use 100% recyclable food service gloves, latex-free and PVC-free by! They are also cheaper than conventional ones!
🍃Buy Local! Support local production!
🍃Recycle your clothes! Some stores are accepting your used clothing.
🍃Avoid foods and cosmetic products with palm kernel oil (responsible for deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia, human right abuses, and orangutan extinction).
🍃Support responsible companies that respect us, our health, the planet, and the future!
🍃To all my followers: Thank you for being so eco-amazing! 💚💚💚

World Ocean Day Support

💙Everyday needs to be #worldoceanday
We all can contribuite on reducing the amount of plastic and pollutants in use everyday! Here is how: 
1. Glass straw @simplystraws
Steel straw @kleankanteen
Paper straw @aardvarkstraws
Metal straw @steelyplanet #noplasticstraw
2. Reusable Veggie bag at the grocery store @naturalhomebrands 
3. 100% Recyclable disposable food service gloves, latex free, PVC free at
4. Reef friendly sunscreen, non-nano zinc dioxide based @zebsorganics @honeygirlorganic
5. Organic cotton certified GOTS that preserve water waste @wearpact 
6 Only USDA organic food, read the number in the produce stickers: 
Beginning with number 8 the fruit or veggie is genetically modified, number 4 is conventional (both use pesticides). Number 9 is Organic! 
7 100% platinum food grade silicon bags @stasherbag 
8 eco-friendly razor @preserveproducts
9 eco-friendly Hot Water Bottle 
10 home cleaners packed in Recyclable bottles made with sustainable sugarcane @greenshieldorganic 
11 Toys 100% recycled milk jugs material US-made @greentoysinc 
12 First 100% biodegradable pregnancy test, plastic-free @meetlia
13 plastic-free biodegradable sanitary pads @natracare 
14 Biodegradable floss @radius_usa 
15 Biodegradable, vegan, cruelty-free plant based glitters @guiltfreeglitter@ecoglittergoddess @glitter.revolution 
16 eco, micro-plastic free body scrubs @100percentpure
17 eco-friendly, plastic-free, vegan leather @pinatex @happygeniebags 
18 glass bottle of water or filter your water @berkey_filters 
19 First 100% compostable, plastic-free phone covers @pelacase 
20 eco-friendly bathing suits @vitaminaswim@summerloveswimwear @wdlk 
They are all listed on my website!
Now you are ready for a more plastic-free, pollutant-free lifestyle! 🐚🐠🏄‍♀️

How to choose an Eco-Friendly Sunscreen

Everyday needs to be World Oceans Day!🐠🐚 🐬How to choose a sunscreen:☀️
🍃When choosing a sunscreen, you have to start by ruling out UV-filtered chemical sunscreens. They contain ingredients such as oxybenzone, oxtinoxate, octisalate, which are toxic for us and for the coral reefs. 🐠 🍃Replace them with MINERAL sunscreens that contain zinc dioxide and/or titanium dioxide! Zinc dioxide is considered superior UVA and UVB sun protection, compared to titanium dioxide.
🍃Choose mineral in the NON-Nano version. It is considered safer, since it cannot penetrate into your skin. Finding non-Nano zinc dioxide is the best choice for your sunscreen.
🍃Skip the spray sunscreen and choose only cream, lotion, or stick sunscreen. Spray sunscreens have been proven to be toxic to the lungs when it is inhaled ! 
🍃Then take a look at the other ingredients. Check that they are organic (or at least natural), such as aloe vera, beeswax, sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and calendula.
✨Now you are ready to choose the best sunscreens: Non-spray, mineral sunscreen, non-nano, zinc dioxide (active ingredient), and with fewer natural and/or organic other ingredients! 
Now you know how to choose a clean, effective, non-toxic, eco-friendly sunblock!💁🏻 (Remember to protect yourself with a rash guard, clothing, hats, sunglasses, and find some shade for prolonged sun exposure during the peak hours!) My favorites are:
☀️Zeb's organic sunscreen (affordable, vegan option available, non-whitening)
☀️Badger sunscreen (organic ingredients, but a little whitening)
☀️Laguna Herbals (organic ingredients, plastic-free options available. I didn't try it yet, but many people like them)
☀️Raw Elements USA (organic ingredients, plastic free options). Photo: @benjhick

How to reduce Plastic Pollution
💖I am so excited to introduce you to th

💖I am so excited to introduce you to this amazing sustainable company that came out to reduce plastic pollution by offering these eco-friendly solutions: the super pretty silicon bags @stasherbag, made for us to help our planet!🌎

♻🍃With unlimited uses, reusable, made with durable silicon, patented seal and design. They are Microwave Safe, Fridge Friendly, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Strong and ready to cook. To store, to marinate, to cook, or freeze, to keep fresh cut veggies. They also take very little space when stored. 🍒🍉 Great for your food on the go, To carry documents, in your gym bag, as travel beauty cases: the clear window sandwich size is a TSA approved!✈ 💦It is waterproof, perfect for the beach or pool to store smartphones and devices.👙 In your purse, the pocket size to carry make-up, beauty tools or supplements. You can even write on them.👛 🐠They come in many sizes and colors and today is last day to get this beautiful Limited Edition Mermay Bundle, made to support marine creatures. 🐙

 With this bundle, you’ll save $5 and my code "prettyorganicgirl" will save you another 15% on your order!✨

⭐We can all feel like an environmental Hero every time we use @stasherbag, the safer and eco-alternative to plastic, by knowing that none of these bags will end up in the ocean near a beautiful turtle! 🐢

1% of all sales go to high-impact non-profits that protect our oceans. @1percentftp 🐬🐙✨ 🐢🐠💦👙🍒🍉 ♻🍃💖 🌎

#earthday 🥤PLASTIC 🍹Eco-friendly straw

PLASTIC 🍹Eco-friendly straws: help reduce the 8 billion plastic straws that pollute the world’s beaches. My favorite brand is @simplystraws ! At restaurants, bring it with you and when you order a drink be sure to add, "No straw please, thank you!" ✨Eco-friendly glitter! 51 trillion micro plastic particles are found in the world’s oceans. Avoid conventional glitter made of micro plastic and aluminum. Eco-friendly alternatives: @guiltfreeglitter ,
👙Eco-friendly razor! 2 Billion razors are tossed every year. Help with eco-friendly razors. My favorite is @preserveproducts
📪NO JUNK MAIL: 11.6 Billion pounds of junk mail is delivered yearly. Sign up for online paperless billing. Return junk mail unopened write on the envelope: “Refused. Return to sender.”
🥡Eco-friendly food bags, instead of plastic food bags. Replace with 100% food grade silicone. My favorite is @stasherbag. Great as a travel beauty case!
🧤Eco-Friendly gloves: Recyclable, disposable gloves: I found the only 100% recyclable food service gloves, that are latex-free, PVC-free, and cheaper than conventional gloves. You can find them at and “PRETTYORGANICGIRL10" will save you 10% on your first purchase!! ​
​​ ​🐠OCEAN
🐚Eco-friendly sunscreen!. Conventional sunscreen contains ingredients such as oxybenzone, oxtinoxate, octisalate, which are toxic to coral reefs. Choose eco-friendly mineral sunscreens, with NON-Nano zinc dioxide and skip the spray versions, proven to be toxic to the lungs! My favorite brand is @zebsorganics 💦Eco-friendly bleach! Chlorine bleach is linked to ozone depletion, air and water pollution, endangering local wildlife and marine life. Sodium Hypochlorite bleaches create risk for reactions with other substances. My favorite eco-friendly bleach brands are @seventhgeneration@grabgree 

Chlorine-free swimming pools, also known as natural pools or ponds, that use plant filtration ​
Follow my hero activist @LeonardodiCaprio and support these young heroes @schoolstrikeforclimate@GretaThunberg and their cause on May 3 to #StopAdani mega coal mine and create 100% clean energy by 2030! 🎉

World Oceans Day 2019 
💙Everyday needs to be #WorldOceansDay!_

💙Everyday needs to be #WorldOceansDay!
In the ocean between California and Hawaii, there is The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP)! The largest underwater waste island created with plastic.
1.8 trillion pieces of small plastic, 88,000 tons, more than 600,000 square miles, which is over twice the size of Texas or France. It has become a trap for marine life and the microplastic is mistaken for food by marine creatures. Local sea turtles' diet is made up of 74% ocean plastic. Plastic is leaching its toxic chemicals into the ocean, contaminating the area, and the food chain. United Nations estimates $13 billion in damage created by plastic to the marine environment. 
We can either wait for someone somewhere to take action against plastic pollution for us, or we can choose to reduce the toxic use of plastic ourselves.
Every time we shop we can either contribute to pollution or reward sustainable companies that make products for us to help the planet! 
Let’s reward the sustainable companies!
🐠Glass straw @simplystraws (or no straw at all)
🐬100% platinum food grade silicon bags @stasherbag 

🐠Eco-friendly razor @preserveproducts or get laser done @laseraway
🐢Biodegradable silk floss @radius_usa

🐬Eco glitter @guiltfreeglitter@ecoglittergoddess @glitter.revolution(or no glitter)
🐳Filter your water @berkey_filters and bring water with you or glass bottle @mountainvalleywater 🐬100% Recyclable, disposable food service gloves, latex free, PVC free at
🐠Plastic-free pads @natracare
🐢No microbeads toothpaste @radius_usa or @miesence 

🐬No microbeads scrubs @100percentpure or @miessence
Look for a clean up near you 
Now, you are ready for a more plastic-free, pollutant-free lifestyle! 🐚

🌿My #PlasticFreeJuly list is here__💚Re
Plastic Free July 2019

🌿My #PlasticFreeJuly list is here:
​​💚Reusable 100% pure platinum grade, silicone bags by @stasherbag Code: PRETTYORGANICGIRL
​​💖Glass straws by @simplystraws ​
​​💚Recyclable disposable gloves by and @vegware ​
​​💖100% Biodegradable plastic-free floss @radius_usa ​
​​💚Biodegradable glitter @guiltfreeglitter ​​
​ ​💖First 100% compostable, plastic-free phone covers @pelacase
​​💚Plastic-free, 100% biodegradable, organic hair ties by @feelingkooshoo ​
​​💖Make your almond milk to save, to avoid food additives and to reduce plastic with the milk maker
​​💚Filter your own water with @berkey_filters ​and carry it with you @kleankanteen ​​
​ 💖Purest bottled spring water on the market @mountainvalleywater@mtnvalleyla ​
​​💖Now you are ready for a sustainable, organic, toxic-free, plastic-free, eco-friendly summer!🌎 ​
​​Picture by @tomnoske ​💕​

Simply Straws Eco Straw 

Plastic straws are one of the most found items on Los Angeles area beaches! 500 million straws are used every day in the U.S. !


💚Glad to see one of my favorite organic restaurants @Malibufarm is using paper straws! I hope more restaurants follow their example and more cities will follow Manhattan Beach (California), which banned all disposable plastic, including straws! .
Until then, we can reduce their use by simply asking to our server to bring drinks without straws. It is much better to avoid wrinkles, too! 😉✨🍃Other alternatives include stainless steel, bamboo, or glass straws, that can even be washed in the dishwasher! My favorite is @simplystraws!

🐠Let's eliminate the unnecessary use of single-use plastic straws. Join a beach clean-up, they are so much fun! ♻️


Have you heard that Google is now a drug
Ecosia Eco Search Engine 

Have you heard that Google is now a drug company?
It was promoting Big Pharma’s agenda before and now it is turning into a drug company itself.💊💉 To read more, click here.
If you are looking to switch to something that is more aligned with your vision, here is @ecosia, my new search engine!🌈 ​ ​​
​🌳@ecosia instead uses their earnings from your searches to plant trees around the world! 🌎
​Ecosia's servers run on 100% renewable energy,♻ and every search request removes 1kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. ​
​🍃Also, they don’t sell data and they are completely transparent with their work and income. They publish their monthly financial reports, everything is listed on It is nicer than Google and it works great!✨ ​ ​​
​I like the idea of planting trees, not enriching already rich people!🌳
Follow me in @ecosia project 

Microplastic Pollution 
🐠Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP)is a

🐠Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) is a trash vortex between Hawaii and California. With a size of 1.6 million square kilometers, it’s about twice the size of Texas or three times the size of France. 94% of the debris found in the patch is microplastics. Learn more at 💦@theoceancleanup
👗Washing clothes is known as a contributor to microplastics pollution. 700,000 microscopic plastic fibers could be released into the environment with each washing machine cycle, as synthetic fabrics break down!
Here is what we can do to reduce this impact:
🐳Use washing liquid instead of powder to avoid fabric abrasion
🐚Wash at a lower temperature to prevent clothing damage
🐠Dry spin clothes at a low setting Synthetic fabrics dry fast. 🐢Use a front load washer Tests show that top-loading washing machines could release more plastic fibers.
🐠Air drying: Tumble drying could cause your clothes to shed more plastic.
🐙Place lint in the trash when you clean out your dryer, instead of washing it down the drain.
🐬Buy clothes made from natural fibers such as wool, cotton, linen, silk, and cashmere. Avoid buying synthetic clothes. Polyester fleece could well be one of the biggest emitters of microfibers.
🐚Use Guppy Friend wash bag. This bag captures 99% of fibers released in the washing process. Soon it will be available at Patagonia for $20-$30.
🐢Use @thecoralball: microfiber catching laundry ball ​
​🐳Use a washing machine lint filter. @thefiltrol,, and
🐠follow @theoceancleanup @stopmicrowaste

@plasticsoupfoundation ​



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