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Ocean Day

Here are the best organic and sustainable shoppings guide to reduce the impact we have on the oceans every time we shop. By choosing eco-friendly and sustainable brands we reduce pollution and help the environment. plastic-free products, and waste-free products,s the best eco brand an products.   

How to have an Organic Lifestyle 

By having an organic lifestyle, not only will your health benefit from it, but the health of the planet will too! 🌎
🍃USDA certified foods, cosmetics, and home detergents, because they are made with at least 95% organic ingredients!

🍃Produce with a sticker that starts with number 9 (organically grown). Avoid stickers beginning with number 8 (genetically modified) and avoid 4 number codes (conventionally grown)!
🍃GOTS (global organic textile standard) certified organic clothes! GOTS certified textiles meet their strict standards necessary for the protection of the environment. No pesticides or insecticides, non-GMOs, criteria for dyes, water waste, soil preservation, working conditions, and animal protection.
🍃100% recycled paper products for your home! It will save trees, gallons of oil, energy, and water! Use paperless bills! It will save space, too!!
🍃Recyclable gloves, millions of disposable gloves end up in landfills each year. I use 100% recyclable food service gloves, latex-free and PVC-free by! They are also cheaper than conventional ones!
🍃Buy Local! Support local production!
🍃Recycle your clothes! Some stores are accepting your used clothing.
🍃Avoid foods and cosmetic products with palm kernel oil (responsible for deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia, human right abuses, and orangutan extinction).
🍃Support responsible companies that respect us, our health, the planet, and the future!
🍃To all my followers: Thank you for being so eco-amazi