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Hairprint Restore Hair Color Treatment

Hairprint is a patented scientific breakthrough that restores gray hair to its true color. It is not a dye. It replenishes the natural pigment (eumelanin) found in brown and black hair that has turned gray. Hairprint is also a true protein treatment that will add body, strength, texture, and sheen while reducing frizz, and discoloration. This simple, hypoallergenic, and odor-free formula produces color so natural, it defies detection. 

The treatment can be applied at home in about 75-90 minutes.

Hairprint only works when it has unobstructed access to the hair. The best way to get started is to deep cleanse your hair by our using Chelating Shampoo 3-4 times the week before your Color Restorer application 

It will eliminate minerals, chlorine, calcification, silicone, and synthetic residues that cling to the hair and build up over time. 

COLOR: brown, light brown, dark


Pretreatment Ingredients: Aqua, decyl glucoside, leuconostoc radish, cocos nucifera ferment, sodium chloride, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, phytic acid.

Hairprint  Marine Bio-Active Shampoo 
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🌿 Healthy Hair Comes From A Healthy Scalp - The Marine Bio-Active Shampoo Increases The Strength, Function & Resiliency Of The Scalp + Follicles

  • Reduces Excess Sebum & Amplifies Collagen Synthesis Significantly, Which Can Reverse The Damage And Impacts Of Aging. Made From Cultured Cells Of Wakame, An Edible Marine Algae Harvested From The Pure, Cold Icelandic Waters Of The North Atlantic. Fermentation Activates The Phenolic Compounds, Which Contain Powerful Antioxidants And Soothe Inflammation

🌿 Natural Ingredients - Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Cruelty-Free

You May Notice That Some Of Hairprint's Ingredients Are Fermented. Many Plant Ingredients Are Not Bio-Available To The Skin Cells Unless They Are Broken Down By Lactobacillus Or Other Bacteria. Using Fermentation Tanks To Make Ingredients Effective Is More Expensive, But It Is Worth It

INGREDIENTSWATER DEIONIZED/PURIFIED (aqua), GLUCOSE CLEANSER (decyl glucoside), OIL BASED CLEANSER (sodium cocoamphoacetate), RADISH ROOT + COCONUT MILK (leuconostoc radish/cocos nucifera ferment), POMEGRANATE FERMENT (lactobacillus/punica granatum fruit ferment), WAKAME BIOFERMENT (undaria pinnatifida), ROSE OF JERICHO (selaginella lepidophylla extract), ELDERBERRY EXTRACT (sambucus nigra fruit extract), EVENING PRIMROSE OIL (oenothera biennis), JAPANESE BLOODGRASS (imperata cylindrica), GOTU KOLA (tigergrass), GUAR GUM (hydroxypropyl guar)

CITRIC ACID (citric acid)

Hairprint Organic Anti-Dandruff  Shampoo
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🌿CalmAnti-Dandruff Shampoo contains six specific ingredients known to address Malassezia. Foremost,it is formulated to be the mildest anti-dandruff shampoo on the market. One effective ingredient for dandruff is salicylic acid. It helps the skin rid itself of the outer layer allowing the healthier skin underneath to renew. Most salicylic acid is synthetic.

🌿This salicylic acid is all natural extracted from White Willow Bark, a potent source of salicylates and other phytonutrients. Willow Bark extract has been shown to penetrate and gently exfoliate the skin. This begins a deep cleansing process of the scalp that reduces inflammation, helping prevent dandruff buildup.Zinc pyrithione is the most effective, safe fungicide for eliminating Malassezia.