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Organic  Meal Delivery

Before discovering Nicole  and her amazing mission eatwelle, I was basically shopping daily at Erewhon Market

every time I would leave Erewhon with 1-2 bags and $200 less in my pocket!


👉I was looking for convenience to have prepared organic meals, then I realized that I felt bloated and the food was not ideal for my dietary preferences and needs. Food at Erehwon is tasty but it can be too spicy for me, peppery, and trigger my acid reflux.


Plus I am not a fan of their disposable plastic utensils single-wrapped in more plastic! I mentioned to them many times even in emails and in person suggesting to replace that with more sustainable options including certified biodegradable, eco-friendly food contact-approved gloves which I am able to connect directly with the manufactory. 

👉Like many larger brands, the focus is to save the company as much as they can. They seemed not interested in spending more money for the sake of the environment or us the members who pay also a membership annually or any customers paying a premium for their service. I am not thrilled to eat premium food with a plastic fork. 


So for all these reasons, I decided to search for an alternative: an organic chef!👩‍🍳

And here is how I found the amazing Nicole!

💖 She seemed different from the other one's online chefs or meal delivery services. She is not only a trained chef who shop organically and locally, but she is a nutritionist. Something that is hard to find in many kitchens.

I am able to directly contact her when I need to, not like someone working in customer service chat that has no direct access to people working in the kitchen.

💖Nicole and her eatwelle service are offering truly everything I was looking for:

  • ✅ Organic and locally sourced food 🥬

  • ✅ Wild cough fish

  • ✅ Grass-fed meat

  • ✅ Organic pasture-raised eggs 🥚

  • ✅ Gluten-free 🍝

  • ✅ Dairy-free

  • ✅ Sustainable packaging 

  • ✅ Delicious and healthy like a homemade meal, versus restaurant meals

  • ✅ Not too spicy or super heavy (like restaurants), and is able to accommodate my dietary needs.

That is going above and beyond Erewhon kitchens!

I was sold!


About the Chef

💖 I immediately connected with Nicole and she was super nice and friendly and so eager to accommodate your dietary request! She looks so healthy and in great shape. Not only she is a trained chef and nutritionist, but she is also an athlete so she knows all about food, nutrition, and active lifestyle.

I was impressed with her simplicity, dedication, and work-ETHIC, rare to find it!

Super available to accommodate when I need to ask questions or modify my diet.


About Eatwell food delivery

🌿The Eatwelle food finally arrived on Sunday evening in super cool reusable and recyclable cool bags (you can keep them or give them back to them on the next delivery on Sunday). I kept 2 since they are very handy

Food arrived perfect: fresh, cool, and beautiful served in an easy-to-store sustainable container!

I tasted a little bit of each of them since I was very curious. 

🥗They taste like homemade food versus heavy, salty, fatty restaurant food (including Erewhon: tasty but heavy sometimes) where they just want to satisfy your taste, not much to your health or wallet!

Eatwelle Mission

✅ I embrace Nicole's mission to offer you the best organic locally sourced meals that are healthy for us and sourced environmentally responsible.

She will never serve you Impossible Burger (found at the Erewhon market, I am still shocked to see it there every time I went there!)

Or Heavy metals containing products that carry the California Proposition 65 warning (like Truviani products)

She chooses, cooks, and prepares meals that she eats herself or her family! She is so passionate, professional, and dedicated to her mission that is rewarding to support her business knowing you are getting the best-prepared meals in the LA area.

🍳She promised me she only uses Cast Iron and stainless steel in her kitchen, while who has ever seen Erewhon cookware? Plus She uses the famous disposable gloves that tried to bring to the Erewhon kitchen which is still buying the cheapest, plastic, low-quality gloves at $3 per box!


Eatwelle Business

💖That's why I support Nicole's women-owned business versus larger businesses that are here to satisfy their investor's requests and demands!

👩‍🍳I approve and recommend Nicole to anyone who truly wants to embrace a healthier lifestyle, to eat healthier while embracing sustainable practices without feeling ripped off!

👉If you like me are busy, and have no time to cook, or have no idea how to cook delicious food, or prefer to have an expert to nourish your body in the best way possible then she is the one.

She deserves all my approval and I am so glad to be one of her biggest clients and fans!


Eatwell Benefits

Notes: Once I removed Erewhon and started her to eat her meals, I felt less bloated and I didn't crave sugary treats and my acid reflux improved. And because they are conveniently ready to eat, I was able to snack more often and keep my blood sugar stable, and eliminate night sweats as well. 


  • 👉bloating gone

  • 👉acid reflux gone

  • 👉cough from acid reflux gone 

  • 👉night sweat for sugar imbalance gone


👩‍🍳She fulfilled my need to have a refrigerator full of organic meals all the time, beautifully prepared already prepared and conveniently ready to eat any time or bring with me. Saving me the time to grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning after cooking. It made it so easy, convenient, and more affordable than Erewhon or eating out. Plus they are created by a trained chef and trained nutritionist! 🍓

She will help you achieve any health or lifestyle goals such as losing weight, sports performance, endurance, trimming down, healing from acid reflux, pregnancy or fertility nutritional goals, detox, and more.

💖For all my local friends here is the promo code for her organic meals service: PRETTYORGANICGIRL

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If you are not in the Los Angeles area, I collected another meal service here. Nicole is by far still my favorite.

Trifecta Meals for Athletes 

Designed to support active people and people who train. Their macros are balanced and you will see meals that are proportioned between green, carbs, and protein. My favorite plan is CLASSIC because you can pick your meal and they are cooked in a more basic way. They also offer a la carte meals for people that want to track their own macros. 

ORGANIC: All of their meat is animal welfare level 5. This 5-step certification ensures all animals are raised with high-quality nutrition in environments that encourage natural behavior. They believe animals deserve to live happy lives.

They choose to use organic ingredients to promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity in accordance with organic regulations. They stand behind producing food without substances that may be harmful and without harm to the animals and planet.

Sun Basket 

Organic and non-GMO ingredients & delicious recipes delivered weekly 
Family, Gluten-Free, Paleo, and Vegetarian options.

Grass-fed, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats & sustainable seafood from ranchers & fishermen we trust

THISTLE Organic food 

Thistle maintains a commitment to offering organic (whenever possible), local and sustainable products. Through farmer's markets and sourcing with intention, we seek out and develop relationships with only local purveyors who share our commitment to promoting individual health and a healthy environment.

All the meals are gluten and dairy-free and we use organic produce whenever possible.

Green Chef USDA Certified Organic 

Green Chef Organic is a certified organic food delivery box. Get a delicious variety of premium ingredients and chef-crafted recipes delivered weekly. Their premium ingredients come pre-measured and prepped, saving you time. All you have to do is follow easy step-by-step instructions with photos. Keto-Paleo-Plant Powered-Family Plan-Balanced living 

They offer an affordable menu of nourishing meals.

Thrive Market 40% off link

💗 Thrive Market has shown me that you can pay less for the same products that I might otherwise pick up at my local Whole Foods Market. The convenience with Thrive Market is that they are up to 50% off and they deliver straight to your door. The orders arrive fast and perfectly packed, and most of the items ordered arrive with a bonus gift. They send emails when free products are available. Thrive Market has great product details and it's possible to read reviews from other Thrive members! Even their packaging is so cute! 💚 💗

Thrive Market is more than an online store; it’s a place to learn and be
inspired. Thrive Daily, Thrive Market’s content site features articles and stories from top experts and thought leaders in the field in addition to delicious recipes, DIY ideas, money-saving tips, and healthy tips to help you thrive every day.

I have been using it for years and this link will give you an extra 40% off your first order!

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