What to buy At ULTA

Many of you asked me what to buy at ULTA, the best brands, and a list of approved brands at ULTA.


My opinion about ULTA:

First I want to let you know that ULTA is not the best place to find safer and natural products made by trustable brands!


Conventional brands: They mostly sell conventional products made with cheap and controversial ingredients featured by big names!

Greenwashing brands:

They also carry a few greenwashing brands, like the ones reported at the bottom of this page.


What is a greenwashing brand?

When the brand wants you to think their products are natural when instead they are hiding dirty, toxic, and polluting ingredients!  They are misleading consumers using their marketing tactics with deceiving claims and images and packaging that evokes eco-friendliness: for example green packing.

You can learn more about GREENWASHING here

Large corporations are bombarding us with their tricky marketing schemes using expensive celebrity faces and hiding their conventional (and toxic) products in deceptive packaging, claiming such nonsense as “clean” “pure” “natural” “fresh” high quality” “green” blah blah blah…


Example: That means it is not enough to have a product claiming to be fragrance-free when the rest is toxic or to have only one organic ingredient in something and the rest is garbage.

Here is my response to them: I am not buying your lies and I am going to support small, honest companies that make safer products because they have a passion and they don’t have to pay high salaries to their corporate managers, so they can focus on quality over cheap and quantity.


We need to pay attention to the labels, not on the front, but on the back, where the ingredients are usually listed. We need to judge a brand by its commitment to eco-friendly packaging and the transparency of its products starting with its ingredient list!

My findings at ULTA

I checked their brands, and 95% are toxic.

I found only a few that are better. They are approved brands and if need to shop at ULTA these are the least toxic.

All the other brands are other toxic or greenwashing as

Mielle Organics: made wth no organic ingredient (misleading for that) harsh preservatives and fragrance. Something you want absolutely to avoid in any products. To learn more why check this page.

OSEA: not a big fan since none of their ingredients are organic plus they do use not the best preservatives such as Potassium Sorbate

I added my links so you can shop with my promo codes!

I will keep updating regularly this list, so come back to check! 


Approved brands at ULTA

I searched for their Organic brands at ULTA, looking for The most Natural and non-toxic brands.