Organic  Kids Face Masks

🍃Do you know that conventional cotton is considered the dirtiest crop in the world? It is responsible for 16% of insecticides and 7% of pesticides on the planet! 🙈


🍃Sustainable fashion is possible! The only way to know that cotton is truly organic, they need to carry the GOTS (global organic textile standards) seal! GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for fibers that certifies the product does not have toxic heavy metal, pesticides, GMO, chlorine bleaching, toxic dyes, PVC, (all things that conventional cotton has 🙈🙊).


🍃It certifies that the production has respected ecologic rules on waste, water use, disposal, and protection of the environment, that it has followed rules that respect the workers, and finally protection for the consumer's health.💚Pact Organic is my favorite Certified Organic brand! It is GOTS certified organic and fair trade!

🌟Their cotton is superior, more resistant, and incredibly soft, compared to conventional cotton! They offer a stylish collection of leggings and tops! 👒 Their cotton will last you much longer than a cheaper conventional dress! 
🌎10.5 million tons of textile waste ends up in the landfill every year just in the USA!


🌟Let's reduce waste, let's buy better quality clothes! Follow sustainable fashion bloggers, don't follow the fashion, but make your own! Reuse, recycle (H&M will give you a 15% off coupon in exchange for one bag of your old garments), and donate! 💚

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Cottonique's Organic Cotton Adjustable Earloops

Needing a super soft Cotton Masks with adjustable earloops? 

This brand is amazing, it offers the sofest cotton around, designed for sensitive skin including for skin prones to allergies and irritaions. 

🍃 This breathable face mask is made with GOTS Certified Organic cotton.

🍃 This brand makes a variety of facemasks with an adjustable earloop. They come in different colors and some come with extra accessories such as removable filters and like this one.

  • Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton | 100% Hypoallergenic

  • Pocket for Removable Nickel-Free nose bridge clip which contours to your desired fit.

  • Double dart full coverage contoured design fits snugly to protect the face from hand touch.

  • Integrated Internal Pocket for filter Inserts

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MATERIAL: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

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Cottonique's Organic Adjustable Earloops

🍃Cozy and itch-free cloth masks are often hard to come by for kids with sensitive skin. This hypoallergenic accessory is made to provide comfort, protection, and a well-fitting experience without constricting the cheeks and ears of your little ones.

🍃This breathable face mask is made with GOTS Certified Organic cotton. The adjustable earloops ensure an abrasion-free fit, the added internal pocket gives an extra layer of defense. Whether they’re going to school or playing outside, organic cotton cloth masks that offer more adjustability and better fit like this should be your next option.

🍃 This brand makes a variety of facemasks with an adjustable earloop. They come in different colors.​

  • Full coverage contoured design fits snuggly on the nose bridge and helps to protect the face from hand touch

  • Two-ply 100% organic cotton material for added filtration

  • Paneled under-chin support for comfortable non-binding feel

  • Soft, cotton adjustable earloops for a snug fit preventing ear abrasion

  • Irritation-free label for sensitive skin 

  • Without latex and spandex

  • Free from chemicals and synthetics

MATERIAL: 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton | 100% Hypoallergenic

AIRINUM Mask for Kids
organic face masks for kids with filters

🍃Airinum Lite Air Mask - Lightweight Face Mask with Filter and Elastic Ear Loops, Reusable Mask for Outdoor Activities, Cycling, Travel.  2 Filters and Head Clip Included 

It is a lightweight mask and it comes in two sizes S and XS

🍃Advanced protection thanks to the replaceable 5-layered filter: it protects against pollution, smog, pollen, external agents. Each filter is equipped with a 3D memory nose-foam and shapeable nose-clip for minimal air leakage, making it the perfect anti-fog mask. Just place the filter in the open inside pocket and you're good to go! - UPF 50+ sun and ultraviolet protection.5-LAYER FILTER TECHNOLOGY

🍃This silk face mask is made of ultra-light, elastic and breathable materials for sleek comfort for everyday use with a feather-light feel on your skin. The airy, 3D mesh material together with the elastic earloops provide an adaptive fit around your face. For ultimate relief, install the detachable head-clip to allow for less pressure on your ears.

🍃Treated with polygiene, a Swedish fabric treatment that permanently protects the outside skin fabric, making it also much durable. The washable skin and the replaceable filters make this breathable mask forever lasting and more environmentally friendly than classic masks. The Airinum masks are designed in Sweden.

The ergonomic mask shape will fit all face types. 

AIRINUM Mask for Kids