Organic Baby Oil

💚All the baby oil brands listed here are safer made with natural and organic ingredients that respect your baby's skin and the environment.

  • Paraben- and petrochemical-free

  • Lanolin and artificial color-free

  • Genetically Modified Ingredients-free products

  • Animal cruelty-free never tested on animals

  • California proposition 65 warning free

✅ And approved by me!

USDA Certified Baby Oil
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💚Badger: When we analyze a brand, we can scan for many things. It can be their product ingredients, their performance, their sustainability, their respect for us and for nature.
🍃 Eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging is a great way to spot a brand that is doing it right.
We know that not all plastic gets recycled and who wants plastic bottles leaking into our organic products and after use ending up in a landfill anyway?
🐠 Reason to not use plastic packaging:

  • Only 9% of plastic gets recycled

  • 6.4 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean

  • It can take 20 to 1000 years for a plastic bag to break up

  • It kills over 1 million seabirds and 100.000 marine creatures every year

  • It may leach toxins into the product it contains, contaminating an otherwise organic formula

✅ The best option is to skip it and choose eco-friendly alternatives. Many eco brands are embracing this plastic-free approach by offering glass and metal containers or refill programs in plant-based bioplastic and paper. We can more comfortably reward them by supporting their products.
🌟 Like these USDA Certified Organic Baby Oil and Baby Balm by Badger Organic are a staple for me. They have only a few ingredients and I embrace them for their healing, soothing, and protecting properties such as certified organic olive oil, jojoba, chamomile, and calendula. They are great, not just for babies!
🌸Especially now, after one year of continuous use of hand sanitizer, our skin has absorbed a lot of alcohol, turning it dry. That’s why we need to renourish and replenish deeply our protective layers and these 🌿 USDA Certified Organic products are the best in terms of safety, respect, purity, healing properties, responsibility, and eco-friendliness. And their eco-packaging is so cute!

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PrimallyPure Organic baby Oil, non-toxic baby oil
Primally Pure Organic Baby Oil

🌿 Organic Baby Oil is made with only four all-natural ingredients that moisturize baby's sensitive skin and leave it feeling soft and supple.


  • Organic fractionated coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, and jojoba oil are gentle, deeply nourishing, and non-greasy.

  • Organic calendula flower is superior in soothing irritated/inflamed skin.

  • Gently massage this soothing + easily-absorbed oil into baby’s skin after bathing (or anytime) as a moisturizer.

  • Can be used as a gentle + non-irritating body oil or makeup remover for moms as well!

  • Best if used in 12 months.

INGREDIENTS: Fractionated Coconut Oil*, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Calendula Flower**ORGANIC

USDA Certified organic body oil
USDA Certified Organic Body Oil

💕This unscented massage oil is safe for even the most sensitive skin! Made with organic, non-GMO, cold pressed oils that will leave your skin feeling satiny soft and non-greasy. Perfect for a bedtime massage.

✔ 100% plant-based 

✔ Independently lab tested & USDA certified 

This unscented, organic massage oil is safe for even the most sensitive skin! The oil is non-greasy, absorbs quickly, and will leave your skin feeling satiny smooth. It’s perfect for a bedtime massage. Or apply it to slightly damp skin after a bath to seal in the skin’s moisture, making you feel moisturized for longer. 

100% plant-based massage oils are made with cold pressed, certified organic oils thus avoiding potentially harmful solvents, additives, and preservatives. 

INGREDIENTS: *organic hi-oleic canola oil, *flex seed oil,  *oenothera blennis oil (evening primrose), *rosematy extract*Certified organic or sustainable.