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How to Shop Organic 

🌿 Do you know when a  product is authentically organic?

Surprisingly, the term “organic” is not regulated by the FDA! It means that anybody can use “organic” on their product, even when it is not actually organic! The same goes for words such as, “natural," “fresh,” and “local.” This misleading marketing strategy is called “greenwashing.”

🌟 So, how do we know when our money is being spent on truly organic products?

Easy! Just look for the USDA organic seal displayed and that is your proof.

Search for it on beauty products, foods, drinks, supplements, restaurant menus, and on websites. The seal guarantees a product to be made with at least 95% organic ingredients, which is strictly regulated and includes rules to protect the environment during production.

🌿 When we shop USDA Certified Organic, we are rewarding sustainable brands and sending back a message to the greenwashing companies that they do have not access to our wallet!

How to Shop Organic 
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💚Happy Canada's Organic Week!🇨🇦 We can all celebrate this week by choosing to be more organic.

✨When we shop in natural grocery stores like Whole Foods and Traders Joe's we still need to spot organic from conventional food! How? 
1️⃣ Choose Food packaging that shows USDA certified organic seal. 

2️⃣ Choose produce with the stickers starting with the number 9 (organic), avoid stickers starting with number 8 (genetically modified), number 4 (pesticide).

3️⃣ Choose clothes that are certified organic by GOTS (global organic textile standard) 

4️⃣ Choose USDA Certified Products for your