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 Using only Organic and Safe Ingredients found in Nature. Pure Plant Extracts and Organic Essential Oils.

It will turn  your home into an organic garden.


Essential Oils 

Organic Room Spray

🌿 Conventional Air Fresheners can contain dozens of undisclosed and often untested chemicals. I collected the most organic room spray brands on the market organic products, they are all listed on this page.

They will refresh your home without exposing you to unknown and highly toxic chemicals hidden inside conventional fragranced air spray products.

In the 1990s, a chemist at Proctor & Gamble was experimenting with Hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin (HPbCD) when his wife noticed that her husband, a long-time smoker, no longer smelled of cigarettes, calling the chemist's attention to BPbCD's odor-eliminating abilities.

Since they were created in a chemistry lab, it shouldn’t be surprising that room sprays are traditionally so chockful of chemicals – most notable among them are a number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, and more. 

The VOCs most prevalent in air-freshening sprays – acetone, ethanol, and acetate, among others – can all produce nausea and headaches, impaired lung function, eye, nose, and throat irritation; and even damage to the nervous system, liver, and kidneys following prolonged exposure. 

  • Acetaldehyde – a probable carcinogen  

  • Benzene – a known carcinogen and developmental and reproductive toxin 

  • d-Limonene – associated with skin and eye irritation. This substance is a sensitizer, which means it’s likely to increase the odds of a future allergic reaction. 

  • Formaldehyde – a known carcinogen. 

  • Parabens – linked to breast cancer and effects associated with hormone disruption  

  • Phthalates – associated with effects from endocrine disruption, including damage to the female reproductive system, birth defects, and lower sperm counts 

  • Styrene – associated with cancer and neurotoxicity 

  • Toluene – linked to developmental and reproductive toxicity 

  • Xylene – linked to the effects of central nervous system depression, like headache, dizziness, depression, and impaired short-term memory  

🌿 Because both the odor-eliminating formulations and the fragrances are considered to be trade secrets by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), brands are exempt from having to list the ingredients included in their air freshener.  


🌿 For All these reasons I dug into the market and I collected only the approved brands that make organic and natural room spray with transparency by disclosing all their ingredients.

Primally Pure Organic Room Spray
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🌿 Breathe in the fragrant, familiar smell of Autumn and its reminder to slow down and savor the season.

Detoxify your home, enhance mental well-being and boost immunity with this purifying blend of wildcrafted botanicals that provide abundant antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic benefits. It's the perfect replacement for traditional toxic air fresheners that will not only improve the health of your home but will also elevate your mood, encourage focus and ease stress.

Cleanse your space and create a more cozy atmosphere with the grounding, soothing scent of the season.

  • Cardamom: Sweet and spicy with woody undertones, this invigorating oil improves focus + supports respiratory function.

  • Cinnamon Bark: Fairly traded + ethically farmed, this fragrant, warming aroma contains cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties to fight sickness and reduce stress.

  • Manuka: Packed with antibacterial and skin-healing properties, its soft, earthy aroma soothes and stabilizes the nervous system.

  • Roman Chamomile: This soothing oil supports a peaceful mindset, minimizes stress and deeply relaxes.

INGREDIENTS: Aloe vera juice*, coconut oil*, potassium hydroxide, olive oil*, glycerin, sunflower oil*, essential oils of cardamom*, wildcrafted orange, blood orange*, cinnamon bark, wildcrafted cacao, wildcrafted ocotea, wildcrafted manuka and roman chamomile*, guar gum, rosemary extract, shea butter*, citric acid.

Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 10.03.39 AM.png
Natural Sloth Organic Fall Room and Linen Spray

🌱Warm, spicy, and sweet with notes of nutmeg and cinnamon.

Refresh every room in your home with this Non-Toxic room spray made with pure essential oils. You can use the spray to replace traditional toxic air fresheners. Spray-on, clothes, linens, air, and anywhere in the home. This spray can also be used as a body mist.

🌱 MADE IN THE USA: Handmade with love in Texas.

INGREDIENTS: Essential Oils of  

  • Cedarwood • Juniperus Virginiana, Steam Distilled

  • Cinnamon •  Cinnamomum Cassia, Steam Distilled

  • Nutmeg • Myristica Fragrans, Steam Distilled

  • Clove • Eugenia Caryophyllus, Steam Distilled

  • Orange • Citrus sinensis, Cold Pressed

  • Vanilla Botanical Extract  • Vanilla Planifolia

  • Organic Cane Alcohol

  • Distilled Water

Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 10.00.24 AM.png
Natural Sloth Organic Home Room and Linen Spray

🌱Warm, cozy, and welcoming with notes of cinnamon and rosemary.

Refresh every room in your home with this Non-Toxic room spray made with pure essential oils. You can use the spray to replace traditional toxic air fresheners. Spray-on, clothes, linens, air, and anywhere in the home. This spray can also be used as a body mist.

🌱 MADE IN THE USA: Handmade with love in Texas.

INGREDIENTS: Essential Oils of  

  • Rosemary • Rosmarinus Officinalis, Steam Distilled

  • Nutmeg • Myristica Fragrans, Steam Distilled

  • Orange • Citrus Sinensis, Cold Pressed

  • Cinnamon • Cinnamomum Cassia, Steam Distilled

  • Clove • Eugenia Caryophyllus, Steam Distilled

  • Organic Cane Alcohol* 

  • Distilled Water

Fontana Organic Room Spray

🌿 Fontana made The first MADE SAFE® Certified Room Spray Collection!

Spray & Renew with this 100% natural home spray. Using only MADE-SAFE certified favorite ingredients that stay true to their heritage. This home spray is a fun way to fill your home with the scents you trust.

Elevate your self-care rituals by mixing and matching home sprays with your favorite Fontana Candles, wax melts, bath soaks, and essential oils.

Made with simple and safer ingredients, for example wildflower  citrus scent:

INGREDIENTS: Hammamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), distilled water, LAVENDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA (lavender), PELARGONIUM GRAVEOLENS (geranium), CITRUS SINENSIS (sweet orange)

Fontana Candle Co. Collection

💖From the creators of the only Certified MADE safe candles on the market, here is their organic bath soak and their newest room spray in Wildflower Citrus.
✅Their room spray collection is the first to be MADE SAFE Certified!
🌸Wildflower Citrus Essential Oil Home Spray and the entire Fontana collection, are made with essential oils, not fragrances like the toxic conventional room sprays that are still occupying shelves of grocery stores:
❌Conventional Air Fresheners and room sprays can contain dozens of undisclosed and often untested chemicals.
👉If you read the word FRAGRANCE, leave it there and don’t support that brand!
❌Conventional room sprays are created in a lab and they are full of (VOCs), formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, and more. They are toxic to us, polluting to the environment, and the air we breathe
👉Hopefully, these toxic products will be one day banned in public places, workspaces, and ride shares.
✅Here is the safer alternative Wildflower Citrus Essential Oil Home Spray made by Fontana with simple and disclosed ingredients:
INGREDIENTS: Witch Hazel, distilled water, lavender, geranium, and sweet orange.

organic home fragrance, aroma, essential oil, perfum
Miessence Rainforest Air Freshener 


I trust this brand and I find their products to exceptionally great. Made with powerful natural plant-based ingredients native in Australia.

Create a lush rainforest environment in your own home with the crisp and invigorating aromas of blue cypress, lemon myrtle, and Blue Mallee eucalyptus. Environmentally friendly non-aerosol pump spray.

Purpose: To freshen your living space

How to Use: Shake well before use. Spray as needed

INGREDIENTS: Aqua (purified water), certified organic aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate, sambucus nigra (elderberry) fruit extract, callitris intratropiea (blue cypress) essential oil, certified organic eucalyptus radiata essential oil, certified organic backhousia citriadora (lemon myrtle) essential oil.

Primally Pure Organic Room Spray

🌿 Refresh every room in your home with the cleansing + clarifying properties of this potent blend of organic ingredients. It's the perfect replacement for traditional toxic air fresheners that will not only improve the health of your home but will also elevate your mood, encourage focus and alleviate stress.

  • Bergamot: A fresh, citrus aroma that elevates mood + alleviates stress with antiseptic properties.

  • Sweet Marjoram: A sweet, slightly woody aroma that is calming and comforting while providing a positive effect on the nervous system.

  • Tangerine: This fresh, tangy citrus oil promotes happiness and ease while offering anti-fungal + antiseptic benefits.

  • Spearmint: This sweet, minty aroma is cleansing and energizing to help encourage focus and a positive state of mind.

  • Neroli: An exotic, floral oil that is soothing and grounding with potent anti-bacterial + anti-inflammatory properties.

INGREDIENTS: Aloe vera juice*, coconut oil*, potassium hydroxide, olive oil*, glycerin (palm sourced), sunflower oil*, essential oil blend (bergamot*, sweet marjoram*, tangerine*, spearmint*, neroli*), guar gum, rosemary extract, shea butter*, and citric acid.

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 6.43.46 PM.png
Molly's Suds Room Deodorizer Spray

🍃Scent your home safely! This Room Deodorizer Spray is a true deodorizer that traps odor molecules and replaces them with pure and natural fragrances that are completely safe for you, your family, and the planet, but still deliver big, beautiful aromas you’ll love. 

  • A breath of fresh air for your bathroom, kitchen, trashcan, bedding, car, or anywhere odors linger

  • A true deodorizing spray that traps odor molecules and pulls them from the air

  • The BEST for removing odors from when you have to poo

  • Long-lasting aroma that lightly lingers in linens and clothing

  • Made with natural plant and earth-based ingredients 

🌱Room Deodorizer Spray comes in three beautiful, aromatic blends.

Lavender: a fresh, herbaceous scent that is soothing and light-bodied 

Botanical: an uplifting, floral aroma with a hint of sweet lime 

Sea Minerals: a crisp aroma with bright notes of citrus and sea salt

INGREDIENTS: Deionized Water, Alcohol, Natural Fragrance*, Citric Acid, Potassium Citrate. *Derived from natural plant essences and oils. Safer Choice and ISO-9235 compliant. Free of petrochemicals, solvents, dyes, and pesticides.

Screen Shot 2022-10-22 at 10.46.25 AM.png
Truly Free Space Freshener

🍃Instantly transform any space into heaven, ZERO synthetic fragrances, or harsh chemicals.

Imagine the freshest smelling rooms & fabrics of your life, without all of the synthetic fragrances and the other chemicals in traditional sprays, plugins & air fresheners.

The Truly Free Space Freshener transforms smelling spaces & surfaces with enchanting floral aromas derived entirely from plant-based & essential oils.

🍃USE on: Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, trash cans, sports equipment, living rooms, couches & furniture, bedrooms, basements, closets, cars, dog beds & more!  

For their FREE Loads Of Laundry Wash offer click here

Eliminate the stains... keep the memories!

INGREDIENTS: Water, Eco-Friendly Cationic Surfactant, Essential Oils (Lemongrass, Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Tea Tree Lemon, Rose Bouquet), Potassium Sorbate (food grade preservative) and... LOTS OF LOVE!

Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 4.40.21 PM.png
Black Spruce Fir Balsam Essential Oil Incense

🍃Refreshing and enlivening. Brings the great outdoors to you, stimulating your mind, and inviting creativity.

Why it's special:

  • infused charcoal incense by hand with pure essential oils to bring you effortless aromatherapy for your everyday spaces.

  • this incense is always free from synthetic fragrances and chemicals.

🍃Place incense in an incense holder and light the black end of the stick with a match or lighter

  • Hold the flame to the stick until it holds its own flame and let the flame burn for a few seconds

  • Gently blow out the flame

  • Soon, smoke will rise and your incense will start to scent the air

  • Enjoy!

  • Only burn in a well-ventilated area

  • Don't leave unattended

Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 8.44.25 PM.png
Holistick Bali Oil Incense

Burning incense can be therapeutic and spiritually cleansing.

These incense are hand-dipped in Balinese essential oils - never with fragrance or perfumes. The scents come in JASMINE, CHAMPAKA & LOTUS. Try all 3 incense scents in this trio collection.

  • Handcrafted in Bali

  • Fair wage/trade practices

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty-free

  • Donation to Wildlife and Rainforest Conservation with every purchase

Place incense in the ceramic holder provided. Light the tip of the incense stick. Let the incense burn for a few seconds before gently blowing out the flame. Allow the smoke aroma to rise and enjoy the natural scent.

Benefits: natural aroma, room purifying, energy cleansing, clears cooking odors, increases focus, enhances yoga and meditation practice.

Koala Eco Pillow and Linen Spray  promo code
Koala Eco Pillow and Linen Spray 

🌿Australian Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Rosalina Pillow, and Linen Spray is a special blend of essential oils from nature’s most potent stress-relieving and anti-inflammatory botanicals.

This biodegradable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly plant-based spray offers a safe and natural way to freshen pillows and linen and help promote a restorative night’s sleep.
⭐️It is comfortable and easy to use and it matches all my Koala Eco products making it a very pretty collection! 

🐨 All their products are natural, powerful, and plant-based. Made in the USA with Australian essential oils. Biodegradable, plant-based, never tested on animals, grey water safe, and septic safe.

Free of use: Palm oil, dyes, masking agents, synthetic perfumes, chlorine, bleach, sodium laurel sulfates & phosphates.

  • Natural & non-toxic

  • Calming essential oils

  • No synthetic fragrance

  • Plant-based

  • Eco-friendly

INGREDIENTS: Aqua (purified water), alcohol (sugar based biodegradable), polyglyceryl-4 caprate, polyglyceryl-6 caprylate (peg free solubiliser made from renewable materials), mentha piperita (peppermint essential oil), eucalyptus radiata (eucalyptus essential oil), linalool (from essential oils), melaleuca ericifolia (rosalina essential oil), limonene (from essential oils).

100% Pure Tranquility Pillow Spray promo code
100% Pure Tranquility Pillow Spray

🌸 Prep your pillow for a restful night’s sleep with mint, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils. It can also be used as a room spray or fabric refresher.

🌸 All natural pillow spray promotes calm and relaxation with pure, high-quality essential oils. It can also be used as a room spray, or to refresh bedcovers and curtains.

Made with a tranquil blend of mint, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils.


Hold the bottle 12 inches away from the fabric before spraying. Mist onto pillows, bedcovers, and curtains for aromatherapeutic benefits.

🐰Cruelty-free, vegetarian, made in the USA

INGREDIENTS: Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Leaf Oil, Mentha Arvensis (Mint) Leaf Oil, Lavandula Hybrida (Lavandin) Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Ocimum Basicicum (Sweet Basil) Oil,Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil

The Wholesome Home Linen Spray review and promo code
The Wholesome Home Linen Spray

🌿The Wholesome Home products are made with plant-based responsible ingredients, hypoallergenic, food safe, and safe for kids and pets!
🌸Scented with only organic essential oils: organic lemongrass essential oil, organic eucalyptus essential oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic rosemary essential oil, and organic tea tree essential oil!

The Wholesome Home All Natural Linen Spray is designed to refresh your linens and fabrics including bedding, towels, curtains, upholstery, or any other fabric in your home. It helps to eliminate odors and leaves behind a subtle, pleasant natural scent.
✅ Eco-friendly glass bottle!
🏆Making this my number one recommended home products
🎉So excited to add this new approved brand to my website!
🌿It smells so natural and without all the controversial ingredients of these other greenwashing brands! Finally, an all-purpose cleaner made with organic ingredients I can trust!

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Organic Essential Oils, Isopropyl Alcohol. Spring Sunshine Linen Spray: Distilled Water,  Organic Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, & Lemon Essential Oils, Isopropyl Alcohol

Screen Shot 2022-10-22 at 11.18.08 AM.png
❌ Not recommended 

I dont recomend this brand and this product for some of their ingredients used.


  • "Vanillin  (Naturally occurring in vanilla)"

  • They claim that Vanillin is Naturally occurring in vanilla, but if you check the most availble source of vanillin is usually a synthetic cheapper replacement of vanilla bean. It is a petroleum derived.

  • I always avoid vanillin for this reason.

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