Organic Gloves 

If You Care Natural Household Gloves

🌸 These are the most eco-friendly Household gloves on the market.

🌸 They are reusable, made with soft natural latex rubber and delicate cotton lining.

Great if you have eczema, that could be provoked by toxic gloves 

These natural gloves are:

  • (FSC) natural rubber, latex

  • 100% natural cotton lining

  • 100% renewable resources

  • Fsc certified ethically sourced latex

  • Packaging- FSC-certified

  • recycled board processed chlorine-free 

  • Biodegradable non-toxic inks and glue box

  • Fair Trade

By using them we are reducing the many gloves that end up in landfills to stay!

Size S 

Size M

Size L

Full Circle Splash Patrol Natural Latex Cleaning and Dish Gloves
organic eco friendly house hold gloves, non-toxic eczema hands free

🌸 They are reusable, made with a soft natural  latex rubber and delicate cotton lining.

Great if you have eczema, that could be provoched by toxic gloves 

These natural gloves are:

  • Natural latex cleaning and dish gloves are durable with a slip-resistant grip

  • Cotton cuff is designed to catch water (and keep you dry)

  • Super soft lined interior for comfort and hot water protection

  • Hang-dry loops for fast, clean drying

  • Exterior is 100Percent all-natural latex | soft inner lining is nylon/Rayon blend from plant fibers | cuffs are 100Percent Cotton

By using them we are reducing the many many gloves that ends uo to landfills to stay!

Certified Organic Cotton Gloves Ziva
GOTS certified organic cotton glove for eczema

🌸Do you know that cotton is the most polluted crop in the world? 😯That's right! 
Conventional cotton uses 16% of insecticides and 7% of the pesticides in the world! It is responsible for contaminating water with their dyeing of textiles! How can we protect our skin and planet from all of this?? 🙋With organic cotton! Organic cotton is made without toxic chemicals and pesticides. It protects the soil and 💦water (71% less water used) and energy⚡️ (62% less energy), while 👩‍🌾protecting farmers who work the crop! ☁️🌿Pure organic cotton prevents skin rash and protects delicate skin, especially with babies! So many reasons to wear organic cotton! Organic cotton certification is regulated by GOTS (global organic textile standard).

100% GOTS certified organic white cotton gloves are made without the use of harmful pesticides or insecticides which is great for people with sensitive skin, dry hands, or eczema.

Everyday chores like washing the dishes, doing laundry, gardening, etc. will no longer irritate your sensitive skin by simply using our organic cotton gloves as a protective layer under other utility/safety gloves. EVEN DURING PANDEMIC  when we are wearing gloves more often.

Made with organic cotton ☁️ that protects my 🌿skin, the 👨‍🌾 farmers, and the planet!! 💕🌎 

Bonnie Bio 100% Compostable Gloves 

 🌏 Bonnie Bio eco-friendly gloves are 100% biodegradable and compostable.🍃🌿🌱🌾🍃

Made with natural corn 🌽 and vegetable ingredients with no chemical additives to ensure non-toxicity and allow for complete composting and biodegradability, yet they are as sturdy as traditional plastic.🐠

🍃 Incredibly eco-friendly, they break down back to CO2, water, and biomass, which are renewable resources, and they don’t leach any toxins into the environment while breaking down. Even the ink printed on the gloves is eco-friendly, made with soy.

Certified Compostable🐙

 🌍 You can order them now. 🐢
A great, plastic-free alternative for all the companies that are now required to provide gloves for their workers and to any eco-responsible citizen of the world. 🌎