Organic Lifestyle Tips

How to have an Organic Lifestyle 

By having an organic lifestyle, not only will your health benefit from it, but the health of the planet will too! 🌎
🍃USDA certified foods, cosmetics, and home detergents, because they are made with at least 95% organic ingredients!

🍃Produce with a sticker that starts with number 9 (organically grown). Avoid stickers beginning with number 8 (genetically modified) and avoid 4 number codes (conventionally grown)!
🍃GOTS (global organic textile standard) certified organic clothes! GOTS certified textiles meet their strict standards necessary for the protection of the environment. No pesticides or insecticides, non-GMOs, criteria for dyes, water waste, soil preservation, working conditions, and animal protection.
🍃100% recycled paper products for your home! It will save trees, gallons of oil, energy, and water! Use paperless bills! It will save space, too!!
🍃Recyclable gloves, millions of disposable gloves end up in landfills each year. I use 100% recyclable food service gloves, latex-free and PVC-free by! They are also cheaper than conventional ones!
🍃Buy Local! Support local production!
🍃Recycle your clothes! Some stores are accepting your used clothing.
🍃Avoid foods and cosmetic products with palm kernel oil (responsible for deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia, human right abuses, and orangutan extinction).
🍃Support responsible companies that respect us, our health, the planet, and the future!
🍃To all my followers: Thank you for being so eco-amazing! 💚💚💚

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