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🌎 The simple act of cooking over an open fire inside the home kills nearly 4.2 million people each year due to smoke inhalation. By partnering with The Paradigm Project, Rebel Green helps to fund clean cookstoves for women and their families in the developing world. These stoves reduce air pollution and make the cooking process safer for families and the environment. This reduction in carbon emissions completely offsets the carbon footprint of producing Rebel Green Tree Free products.



According to The Verge, New York City is the first large city to phase out gas heating in new construction.

New York City Council passed a bill that probits the combustion of fossil fuels in new buildings, by phasing out out the use of gas for cooking and heating.

The Best eco-friendly ranges. Non-toxic ranges. New York City bans the use of gas for cooking and heating from 2024. No fossil fuel range. Sustainable and no toxic range. Organic pollution inside the kitchen and the home.Safer cooking range, no toxic cooking range.

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