Acid Reflux Natural Remedies

Many of us deal with acid reflux or Gerd.

Acid reflux happens with the lower esophageal sphincter let the acid travel back up the esophagus or throat. This can cause a burning sensation. 

Traditional remedies are antacids, H2 receptors, and proton pump inhibitors.

  • H-2-receptor blockers. H-2-receptor blockers such as Pepcid AC and Zantac can cause cancer.

  • Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs). Proton pump inhibitors and H-2 receptor blockers aren’t recommended for extended use. These medications, which include Prilosec, Prevacid, and Nexium aren’t recommended for extended use. They can even cause a risk of stomach and esophageal cancer.

  • Anti-acid I avoid medication and I found that regular anti-acids such as  Tums, Alkalizer Gold, Pepcid AC are full of additives and colorants and added flavors often with lemon or mint, two great acid-forming. 


What really did help me?

I have found supplements and lifestyles that helped me to improve without the use of medication or intervents.

Talk with your doctor to see if these tips can help you!

Besides the change of diet by following dr. Aviv's book recommendations you will see below, it is also standing up!

Yes, sitting especially after eating will create pressure on the stomach making release the acid-up.

So stand up, buy a stand-up workstation. You will see the difference immediately. 

First of all, we need to eliminate the major acid food that causes acid inside our body and add more alkaline food and drinks. This is a natural healing process and it can take time. 

Follow it until you feel better. 1 or 2 months.

  • Acid Food: Remove vinegar, lemon, oranges, coffee, chocolate, mint, alcohol, spicy red chili peppers, black pepper, tomatoes, garlic, and onion. If that is not enough, remove also gluten, dairy, corn, and eggs.

  • Chocolate: Choose Alkaline Chocolate alternative: carob. 

  • Citric acid: Avoid food containing citric acid, once derived by citric fruit now a cheap a mold derived made in a laboratory. 

  • Irritants: Avoid ashwagandha, and turmeric supplements especially the ones containing added pepper for absorption. I found them to be very irritant for the stomach.