Organic  Eggs

Organic Pasture-Raised Eggs
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🍳 Breakfast anyone? These are my favorite eggs!

The best eggs you can get the need  to have 2 requirements:

1. They need to display the USDA Certified Organic seal,  which means the chickens didn't eat any GMO corn or other pesticide food.

2. They need to be Certified Pasture-Raised. Look for the HFAC Humane Farm Animal Care seal!

Like these ones, they are not only USDA organic but also Pasture-Raised and Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) Certified!

There is a difference between pasture-raised and free-range.  

"Cage-free"  eggs have been a major cause of debate in the US. 

In the United States, free-range regulations do not necessarily require that hens spend substantial time outdoors, only that the hens "have access to the outdoors"

HFAC requirements for:

 "free-range" is that birds need to be at least 6 hours per day outdoors.

"pastured-raised" birds must be outdoors year-round.

According to the HFAC, this company is on the pastured-raised program.

Vitamin D in eggs has been observed to increase up to 4 times in hens that have exposure to sunlight, compared to hens that are kept away from sunlight.

  • USDA  Certified Organic 

  • GMOs -free

  • Pastured raised Certified

The best eggs come from the healthiest hens!

Organic Pasture-Raised Eggs

Learn more about these steps:

  • Base: Minimum space requirements. Enrichments required. 6-hour max transport time.

  • Step 2: Additional enrichments required. Natural light required in barns 

  • Step 3: Seasonal outdoor access required by 4 weeks of age Outdoor shade & enrichments. 

  • Step 4: Daily access to pasture from 4 weeks of age. Specialty breeds for outdoor production.

  • Step 5: Continuous outdoor living on pasture by 4 weeks of age. Pasture maintained.

  • Step 5+: No transport time. Specialty breeds for outdoor production. Pasture maintained. Entire life spent on same farm.

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