Reduce your paper use and toxins found in the majority of toilet paper by upgrading your bathroom with a bidet!


Enveromental impact:

🌎 The demand for paper products is still high. 15% of global deforestation is caused by toilet paper products.

16 Million trees are literally flushed down the toilet every year in the form of toilet paper! More than 27,000 trees are cut down each day just to make toilet paper each day. 

Reduce toxins:

Majority of toilet paper rolls on the market are contaminated with BPA and BPS if they are made with recycled paper or with chlorine if it is bleached. Plus all the plastic packaging.

You can either get a truly organic toilet paper listed here 

Or go with a even cleaner, safer and more eco-friendy alternative:


Impact the World, Improve Your Routine

By using a bidet compared to toilet paper you help save 437 billion gallons of water every year. In your lifetime, you'll help keep 384 trees standing tall. A bidet is an easy way to save the world, and improve your day-to-day routine.


🌟I grew up with a bidet. I can't feel completely clean without it. 

As an Italian, bidet is a common thing, it is in every home and hotel room. Italians can't just have a bathroom without a bidet. I can promise you, you will feel refreshed and clean everytime you use it. You will want it in every bathroom you'll go into.


It will reduce the use of toilet paper and /or irritating wipes. The only wipe that I recommend anyway for travel it is this.

Don't forget to pick a natural intimate wash for the maximum in cleaneness and freshness, THE  complete BIDET experience. It is important to use a gentle feminine wash designed for the area with a specific pH. 

In Italy intimate washes are very common and they are so many to pick just like a regular body wah.

My recommendations are: