Organic Hair Foam

Innersense Organic Foam for Fine Hair 

🍃  🌸It is currently my favorite organic shampoo for fine hair. It makes my hair so soft and light and surrounded by a delicious organic mango smell. Create beautiful hair from roots to ends with this lightweight styler. Use to add texture, boost volume, define curls, shape and sculpt wet or dry hair or enjoy as a root refresher between washes. It is fresh on the scalp with minty ingredients.

With Aloe vera – This versatile ingredient gives hair strength and a silky texture. Brings fullness and manageability to even the finest hair. Honey – This humectant provides moisturizing benefits for hair and skin. Honey also acts as an antioxidant, making it ideal for sensitive scalps and skin. It also offers a light hold. Sugarcane – Provides hold and thickness and improves manageability. Pumpkin Seed Oil – Provides hydration, protection and gloss and conditions the scalp, hair and skin.

🍃Made with organic ingredients, cruelty-free, biodegradable! ​​

They have a huge selection for:

🌸 Fine to Normal  Hair 

To add more volume I also use the  also use 

🌿Innersense Organic Beauty I Create Waves Pink Himalayan Salt Spray

Their travel size is great for a trip, gym or simply if you need t try the products.

🌿 Travel Trio 

John Masters Organics Volumizing Foam

😍My favorite duo! By having fine hair I always look for products to create volume.

I have been using this USDA organic alcohol-free hair spray for a while and it is still my favorite out there for both ingredients and performance.
🍃I am now excited to add the volumizing foam to my collection.

Made with 7 certified organic ingredients and other natural ingredients such as: green tea, quinoa, soy protein, and aloe vera. It is antioxidant, adds shine, pH balancing. It strengthens hair follicles while creating volume in a lightweight formula!
🍃For all hair types, including color-treated. 76% organic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan, recyclable packaging, made in the USA. 💇

USDA Certified Organic 
Volumizing Hair Products

😍Only organic hair products here! 💇 This is my favorite collection! They add so much volume and shine to my hair! I really enjoy using these organic products that have been certified organic so they respect you, your hair and the environment! Conventional hair spray products contribute to climate change and they are toxic if inhaled! 🌍🍃It is great that there are so many new amazing products now to replace the old hair spray! Yes!!😎 


Intelligent Nutrients. Bring them with you if your hair salon still uses conventional products!😉🍃