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Prenatal Supplements 

Prenatal vitamins are a 'once in lifetime health choice that provides well-being for you and your future children.

By selecting safe supplements made with pure ingredients, you are providing all the nutrients that your body needs and the opportunity to get the best support during this evolving phase, for a healthy pregnancy. 

Avoid Conventional prenatal 

An overdose of vitamins A, D, E, or K or certain minerals contained in prenatal multivitamins may cause serious overdose symptoms or harm to the unborn baby.

Many common brand vitamins use sugar, coatings, flavoring, and additives to mask the natural smell and taste of the ingredients, which isn’t always in the best interest of your health. 

Conventional prenatal use of folic acid instead of folate or Methyl folate  

Avoid Folic Acid

❌Folic acid is a synthetic form of folate and 40% of American women have the MTHFR gene mutation which inhibits their body's ability to metabolize and absorb it. 

There are studies that suggest that synthetic folic acid from multivitamins is cancer-promoting, whereas folate from food is protective.

Choose a Prenatal that uses the bioactive form of folate, 5-methyl-tetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) at 100% of the Daily Value recommended for pregnancy.

  • Folate or vitamin B9 is the broader term that includes natural forms found in dark leafy greens

  • Folic acid requires conversion to its active form before it can be used by the body.

  • Methyl folate is found in some prenatal. It is already in its active form.


According to the American Pregnancy Association: The recommended daily amount of folate for adults is 400 micrograms (mcg). Women who are planning a pregnancy or could become pregnant are advised to consume

400 to 1,000 mcg of folic acid a day.

Avoid Prentanal with Heavy Metals 

 220 Prenatal Brands Tested for Heavy Metals: The Spotlight on America team partnered with Ellipse Analytics, which tested more than 220 brands. A separate, independent lab, Eurofins, confirmed what Ellipse found.

CDC, FDA, and World Health Organization all agree: there is no known safe level of lead.

According to a study cited by the National Institutes of Health, lead is “well known to cross the placenta and to accumulate in fetal tissues,” and prenatal exposure poses a “health threat, particularly to the developing brain.”

Law firm: "According to these lab results and reporting from Spotlight on America, 25 of the tested prenatal vitamins contain lead levels that exceed limits for daily lead exposure set by California’s Prop 65 law, which requires warnings on products that contain chemicals that can cause cancer and reproductive harm."

Spotlight on America: "Based on our results, one serving of Nature’s Truth - Prenatal Vitamin and Mineral Formula contained lead nearly double Prop 65’s limit.

Among the others with the highest amounts of lead in our tests:

The FDA doesn’t review prenatal vitamins for safety and effectiveness before they go to market.

The FDA relies on manufacturers to test their own products.

“I think what's happening is some vitamin companies will just buy the raw materials from other countries like China or India, who knows what's in those materials, but then it's manufactured in the US so it's implied to be safe,” said Dr. Canale.

A full listing of the prenatal vitamins tested can be found here."

Organic and Safer Prenatal 

✅ This page will help you to make the absolute best choice for your prenatal care.

On this page, you will find the safest and purest prenatal supplements on the market.

Simply take your supplements daily or mix the supplement into your smoothie each morning and you're set for the day! Always consult your doctor before taking any supplements!

🌿They are all without California Proposition 65 Warning: Prop 65 is designed to warn consumers about products containing chemicals that can cause cancer and reproductive harm. California’s limit is 0.5 micrograms of lead per day. 

  • ✅ No colorants or synthetic fillers.

  • ✅ Always non-GMO,

  • ✅ Gluten-free, and Soy-free.

  • ✅ Third-party tested and doctor-backed

  • ✅ no gelatin 

  • ✅ no artificial dyes 

  • ✅ no undisclosed natural flavors

  • ✅ no microcrystalline cellulose

  • ✅ California Proposition 65 warning-free: that means they are made without heavy metals above the limits.

🌿 My favorite prenatal is THORNE

Thorne Basic Prenatal
Thorne Basic Prenatal promo code

✅ A gentle and effective daily multi- for women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or are nursing.

A well-researched multi- formulated to nourish mom and support baby’s development, from pre-conception through nursing.* It’s made without the additives and coatings found in mainstream prenatal supplements.

Pre-conception, pregnancy, and nursing are critical times to optimize a mother's health and nutrition, which is important for both mom and baby. Overall nutritional and caloric needs greatly increase during this time. However, it is often difficult for a woman to fulfill her daily nutrient needs through diet alone. 

🌿Thorne’s Basic Prenatal is specifically formulated with the special needs of conception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding in mind.* Our formula contains well-absorbed, tissue-ready vitamins and minerals that are gentle on the stomach and non-constipating.*

🤫As an ambassador, they give me to choice of how much % I want to offer and that would be deducted from my commission. Options are 0% 5% 10% 15% or 20%

💖 I selected the highest discount rate of 20% off for you!

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Thorne Fertility Bundle
Thorne Fertility Bundle 20% off promo code

A trio of supplements that promote reproductive health in women*

Thorne’s Fertility Bundle contains Basic Prenatal, Omega Plus, and 5-MTHF (1 mg) to promote fertility in women.*

  • Nutritional health and diet play a key role in a woman’s fertility. It can help cover gaps in the diet and ensure the body receives the vitamins and minerals necessary in promoting fertility.* 

  • Thorne’s Basic Prenatal is a gentle and effective daily multivitamin/mineral for women trying to conceive or who are pregnant or lactating.*  Sufficient iodine is also essential for healthy thyroid function

  • Omega Plus provides a balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. The body requires raw materials to build, repair, and grow, and these raw materials typically come from a balanced diet. Omega-3s are also essential for healthy fetal development.* 

  • 5-MTHF 1 mg is an active, tissue-ready form of folate.* 

🤫As an ambassador, they give me to choice of how much % I want to offer and that would be deducted from my commission. Options are 0% 5% 10% 15% or 20%

💖 I selected the highest discount rate of 20% off for you!

You won’t find a better deal than this! With my code, it is even cheaper than Amazon. Plus you will get free shipping!! So take advantage of this offer!!

Biomeology Organic Prenatal
Biomeology Organic Prenatal review and promo code

💗Biomeology Prenatal Multivitamin is a simple daily thing you can do to give your baby the best start in life. 

Power-packed with 26 vital nutrients, including iron, methylated folate, and plenty of choline. 

Gluten-free, vegan prenatal vitamins 

This is their Best-selling product

Made in USA

🍃Carefully selected blend of hydrating ingredients, this shampoo and body wash gently cleanses and moisturizes your baby's skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and healthy.

Made with USDA Certifed organic ingredients, harsh preservatives

A Prenatal with Optimal Forms of Vital Nutrients

Choline - Most prenatal vitamins contain little or no choline, a vital nutrient that helps your baby’s brain and spinal cord development. They provides 77% of the 450mg of choline RDA for pregnant moms.

Methylfolate - Our prenatal multivitamin is formulated with L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, so mamas can better absorb this essential nutrient.

23 other nourishing nutrients and micronutrients including zinc, biotin, niacin, iodine, copper, selenium, thiamine, riboflavin, magnesium, manganese, pantothenic acid, and vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D3, E, and K2.

HealthyBaby Prenatal System review and promo code
HealthyBaby Prenatal System

🌿HealthyBaby developed Prenatal for each trimester.

Created with the Neurological Health Foundation to include optimal levels of nutrition to support mom and baby based on clinical research. Formulated with 27 essential and bioavailable vitamins, minerals, and DHA, at levels customized by trimester to uniquely support each developmental stage.

🌿Preconception & 1st Trimester, 2nd Trimester, 3rd Trimester, Postnatal & 4th Trimester.

  • Formulated for Baby’s Developing Brain

  • Customized by Trimester Based on 350 Research Studies

  • Most Bioavailable Nutrients

Each Daily Serving*:
Serving 1 (recommended for morning): 3 vitamin capsules
Serving 2 (recommended for evening): 3 vitamin capsules and 2 DHA soft gels

Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 11.10.30 AM.png
Organic Olivia Spice It Up Love Bitters

💚“Spice It Up” Love Bitters is a deeply warming and invigorating blend of digestive bitters that also contain aphrodisiac properties. 

For digestive fire and sensuality within the senses, Spice It Up is a special edition date-night blend of carefully curated bitters that go one step further to open our heart space and get the energy flowing with invigorating, warming, blood-moving herbs. Use before a night out, or dose intentionally before connective moments to support presence and sensation.*

🌿 Traditional Benefits: supports sexual health, support reproductive health, supports mood, promotes mental clarity, supports central nervous system, supports digestion, supports a healthy stress response.

Mother Nature’s love potion: a passion-inspiring, digestion-supporting, mood-enhancing, nerve-calming powerhouse most commonly used as a supportive tonic for libido. 

How to Use: About 15 minutes before a meal or intimate evening, spray 6 times (approx. 1ml) on the tongue and let yourself taste the flavors before swallowing. Ideal before date night dinner or any other pleasurable activity you choose.

INGREDIENTS: Damiana Leaf, Cacao Nibs, Gentian Root, Orange Peel (sweet), Cinnamon Bark, Tribulus Fruit, Cardamon Seed, Ros Petals (Rosa damascene)

Other ingredients: Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Deionized water 

Organic Olivia Organic Flow Balance
organic PMS herbss, medicine, supplemets, solution, remedy, organic medicine for mentrual cramps, USDA organic mentrual cramp pain killer, organic anti inflammatory, Organic advil

💚Flow Balance is a balancing and regulating formula designed to optimize hormone health and support minor PMS symptoms. Each herb works together to encourage normal cycles, supporting hormone modulation and regulation for healthy hormone balance.

🌿 As many women need more support during that time of the month, herbal allies like Vitex, and Cramp. Bark, Raspberry Leaf, and Wild Yam help to maintain a state of well-being and vitality all throughout your cycle by supporting your reproductive wellness at a foundational level. While not an overnight magic bullet, this “PMS rescue” formula works hard over time to provide the support that lasts.*

  • Supports healthy, balanced hormones

  • Helps ease minor symptoms to PMS

  • Aids a normal, positive mood during your menstrual cycle

  • Supports mild blemishes before and during your cycle related to hormone health

  • Assists mild cramps and smooth flow

  • Contains herbs known as hormone modulators or supporters, along with HPA axis regulating botanicals for a top-down approach*

Once healthy hormone balance is maintained after about 3 months with Flow Balance, women who are looking to support healthy fertility often move onto Natal Nourish. This formula is taken twice daily, as is or in juice or water.*

INGREDIENTS:  Chaste Tree Berry +, Wild Yam Root+, Dong Quai Root+, Red Raspberry Leaf+, Licorice Root+, OregonGrape Root,  Cramp Bark Bark, Nettle Leaf +, Fresh Aerial Parts. Other ingredients: Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Deionized Qater + Organic

Organic Olivia Organic Natal Nourish
Screen Shot 2023-01-15 at 4.40.52 PM.png

💚Natal Nourish is a gentle formulation that supports healthy fertility, pregnancy, and hormone balance. Nettle Leaf is included as one of the most beloved giving and strengthening plant allies for both adrenal and reproductive health in order to support our foundation.

🌿Red Clover supports  “yin,” which is related to water and fluid balance, the normal and healthy lubrication of tissues, and overall follicle and uterine health. Yellow Dock Root helps to facilitate healthy nutrient absorption from the foods we eat, and Red Raspberry Leaf aids the health and tone of the uterus.*

  • Assists uterine health

  • Supports healthy fertility and pregnancy

  • Aids the health and tone of the uterus

  • Encourages hormone health

  • Can be used pre, during, and post-pregnancy with your physician’s approval.*

Once healthy hormone balance is maintained after about 3 months with Flow Balance, women who are looking to support healthy fertility often move onto Natal Nourish. This formula is taken twice daily, as is or in juice or water.*

INGREDIENTS: Red Raspberry+ Leaf, Red Clover Flowering Aerial +Parts, Nettle Leaf +, Yellow Dock Root+

Other ingredient: Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Deionized water 

+ Organic

Mary Ruth's Organic Probiotics Prenatal
Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 5.28.01 PM.png

💚 Support Your Body’s Pregnancy Needs with Probiotic Prenatal+. These capsules are formulated with vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and probiotic strains to support both the mother and the growing baby. 

Proprietary Probiotic for Prenatal Health: This natural probiotic for pregnancy is formulated with 59 Billion CFU

💚 Made with essential ingredients to support how you feel during your pregnancy. Nutrients Your Body Craves While Pregnant: probiotics, plus Vitamin D3, Iron, Folate, B12, Selenium, Choline, Ginger, and Red Raspberry Leaf. These 

A Healthy Gut Is Important for Your Child Too: optimizing your health during your pregnancy can also help benefit your child!

INGREDIENTS:  15 mcg Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol); 18 mg Iron; 940 mcg DFE Folate (as Magnafolate-C®); 2.8 mcg Vitamin B12; 60 mcg Selenium (as SelenoExcell®); 55 mg Choline (as VitaCholine®); 400 mg Organic Raspberry Leaf (Rubus ideaus); 50 mg Organic Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale), 69 Billion CFU Probiotic Proprietary Blend: Lactobacillus plantarum, L. acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum. Other Ingredients: Organic Hypromellose, Organic Rice Bran Extract, Organic Rice Extract Blend, and Organic Rice Hulls.

Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 11.30.30 AM.png
Prenatal + Postnatal Liquid Multivitamin 

💚 Formulated for pre-conception, pregnancy, and nursing, this liquid multivitamin has a vitamin and mineral complex to support the nutrient needs of you and your baby before, during, and after pregnancy. 

Since your body is going through many physical and hormonal changes while pregnant and after giving birth, additional nutrients are often needed which can be obtained through supplementation. 

  • Containing 600 mcg of folate as folinic acid, this multivitamin is designed for those who may prefer supplementing their folate as folinic acid†. 

  • This multivitamin is designed to help prepare your body for pregnancy and promote healthy fetal development. 

  • Formulated to Support Mom and Baby from Conception Through Nursing. Help prepare your body for pregnancy and support it throughout and after with this vitamin and mineral complex.

INGREDIENTS: With ingredients like vitamin A as beta carotene, choline bitartrate, and potassium iodide. Purified Water, Non-GMO Vegan Vegetable Glycerin (from Mustard Seed), Non-GMO Vegan Natural Flavor, Non-GMO Vegan Xanthan Gum and potassium sorbate

Mary Ruth's Prenatal & Postnatal Omega-3  reveiw and promo code
Mary Ruth's Prenatal & Postnatal Omega-3 

💚 Mary Ruth's Prenatal & Postnatal Omega-3 drops supply this important fatty acid to support you and your growing baby during pregnancy! DHA Levels for Your Baby’s Cognitive Health. 

  • Vegan Prenatal & Postnatal Omega-3 Liquid Drops are derived from an ocean-friendly, wild strain of sustainably-grown micro-algae. 

  • Using a chemical-free extraction of omegas from the algae, the final result is a solvent-free and plant-based liquid omega! 

  • Omega-3 called DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, which is important for fetal development and may help support baby’s birth weight as well as labor and delivery outcomes. 

  • It has also been found that high plasma levels of DHA in mom, particularly in breast milk, directly correlate with children having better growth and development of the brain and visual system, as well as superior memory performance later in life. 

INGREDIENTS: Per Serving (2 mL): 1512 mg Algal oil [832 mg Omega-3s: 800 mg DHA and 8 mg EPA]. Other Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Rosemary Extract, Vitamin C Palmitate, Sunflower Lecithin, Sunflower Oil, Mixed Tocopherols, Natural Orange Flavor

Seeking Health Optimal Man - Prenatal
Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 2.31.57 PM.png

Optimal Man is the first of its kind, men's health formula that provides nutrition to support healthy fertility, balanced testosterone levels, and sexual health.

For men over the age of 20. Especially men over the age of 35 who may have lower sperm quality, imbalanced hormones, or low mood/drive/motivation.* 

Optimal Man is great for those who desire:

  • Passing on optimal DNA to future children*

  • Healthy mood and energy levels*

  • Balanced testosterone, and other hormone levels*

  • Sexual health and fertility*

  • Healthy sperm*

  • Healthy cognition, energy, and aging processes

The following key nutrients make this the perfect men's multivitamin for you:*

riboflavin to help recycle glutathione. Chromium for blood sugar support. 

  • Active Folate and B12: Support healthy methylation processes, cognition, and MTHFR variations*

  • Boron and Zinc: Essential minerals that support healthy testosterone levels and hormone balance*

  • Eurycoma longifolia Extract, Maca Root Extract, Panax Ginseng: Support healthy testosterone levels, energy production, men's sexual health*

  • Choline: Supports CDPH gene variations and men's healthy fertility*

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, and PQQ: Supports healthy energy production, antioxidant levels, and cognition*

 Seeking Health Prenatal Essentials 
Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 7.19.09 PM.png

✅ Prenatal Essentials: It comes in capsules and a methyl-free version

Prenatal Essentials is a targeted prenatal vitamin formula that provides just the essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy baby in an easy 2-capsule dose

Prenatal Essentials contains nutrients that support MTHFRBC01, and GST/GPX variations, as well as many other enzymes crucial for cell division, pregnancy, and healthy fertility.*

  • Folate: Active, bioavailable, and methylated folate, as L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate.

  • Vitamin B12: Folate needs vitamin B12  The most active and bioavailable is methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin.

  • Vitamin A: Needed for adequate vision, mucus membranes, and immune support. 

  • Vitamin B6: P-5-P.Supports healthy digestion and stomach comfort for occasional nausea, and is provided in this formula as its active form.

  • Lutein and zeaxanthin: Derived from Tagetes erecta L. flower extract for your baby's optimal eye and vision development.

  • Chelated minerals: Calcium, magnesium, and potassium in forms that the body recognizes and utilizes for optimal absorption.

  • Free of iron: Iron competes with calcium absorption. 

DIRECTIONS: Take 2 capsules daily, with a meal, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

organic food base prenatal
MegaFood, Baby & Me 2 Prenatal 
  • Made With Real Food: Foods like organic carrots and oranges, broccoli and brown rice are paired with vitamins or minerals to deliver consistent nutrient potency

  • Doctor-Formulated: Formulated by Tieraona Low Dog, M.D., award-winning physician and women’s health expert, to meet the specific needs of women during conception and pregnancy stages

  • Optimal Prenatal Support: 600 mcg of methylfolate (the active form of folic acid) and 300 mg of choline for fetal health, 18 mg of a gentle iron supports pregnancy needs; plus active Vitamin B6

  • Can Be Taken On An Empty Stomach: Take 2 tablets any time of day with a beverage, even on an empty stomach, so you can feel your very best

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 5.53.59 PM.png
Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA Unflavored

🌷I recommend this  DHA because they tested for purity and they have no natural flavors added like in their other versions.

WHY OMEGA-3s - Research shows that healthy DHA levels in mothers during pregnancy & lactation support optimal brain & visual development in babies. The added Vitamin D3 supports bone, mood & immune system health during pregnancy.

Omega-3 fish oil concentrates are in the triglyceride molecular form (the form naturally found in fish) for optimal absorption. Prenatal DHA is unflavored for sensitive stomachs.

PURITY GUARANTEED - Every batch of Nordic Naturals fish oil is crafted from fresh, wild-caught, omega-rich fish. Nordic Naturals is committed to using only non-GMO, gluten- & dairy-free ingredients with no artificial colors or preservatives.

INGREDIENTS: Purified deep sea fish oil (from anchovies and sardines), soft gel capsule (gelatin, glycerin, water), d-alpha tocopherol (antioxidant), vitamin D3 (olive oil, cholecalciferol).

certified organic prenatal, fertility boost
Earthley Organic Fertili-Boost Herbal Extract

🌿 It helps prepare your body for pregnancy! Conceiving a child is a journey that women want to be in their best shape for. We can help! Balance your hormones and nourish your body naturally with Fertili-Boost.
Pregnancy can be hard on a woman’s body. Creating a human takes double the energy and nutrients as normal! This herbal tincture can help your body prepare for it. Fertili-Boost promotes healthy energy levels, deeply nourishes the body, supports the adrenals, and brings hormones into balance.  It’s just what women need for successful conception. Simply take it for three to six months before conceiving to promote the healthiest version of yourself!

🌿 Made with 100% organic ingredients. Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Nut-Free, Vegan. No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Fragrances, or Preservatives.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Schisandra Berry, Organic Vitex, Organic Squawvine, Organic Raspberry Leaf, Organic Nettle Leaf

In a base of Organic Cane Alcohol and Filtered Water.

organic safe, non-toxic prenatal supplements, prenatal vitamins, pure encapsulations

❌ I don't recommend this product since it has 40% folic acid the synthetic form instead of folate. 

Vit A for pregnant women should not be more than 770 mcg due to high doses increase birth defects. Many complained of being nauseous and began seeing hives.

150% daily value of iron makes constipated.

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 7.13.12 PM.png

❌ I don't recommend this brand since it has been reported for high levels of lead!

This brand is one of the 25 out of 220 brands tested above the limits.

You can read more here.

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 7.05.28 PM.png

❌ I don't recommend this brand since according to the study: one serving of Nature’s Truth - Prenatal Vitamin and Mineral Formula contained lead nearly double Prop 65’s limit.

You can read more here.


❌ I don't recommend this brand since it has a California proposition 65 warning. That means it has higher heavy metals levels. 

You can see this product here.

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 10.24.34 AM.png

❌ I don't recommend this brand since it has been reported for high levels of lead!

This brand is one of the 25 out of 220 brands tested above the limits.

You can read more here.

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 7.20.48 PM.png

❌ I don't recommend this brand since it has been reported for high levels of lead!

This brand is one of the 25 out of 220 brands tested above the limits.

You can read more here.

Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 8.26.17 PM.png

❌ I don't recommend this brand  since their vitamin A is made only with Retinol Palpitate. It lacks calcium and enough DHA, vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, and zinc.

They have sugar, citric acid, and natural flavors.


Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 7.55.48 PM.png

❌ I don't recommend this product since it has The California Proposition 65 warning.

The other prenatal listed above is fine and approved. It is CA prop 65 free.

California Proposition 65 Warning!!


I was surprised AND shocked when I discovered the California Proposition 65 Warning on these prenatal packaging. 

What is the California Proposition 65 Warning?

The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment provides the public with information on chemicalsproducts, and locations often associated with Proposition 65 warnings. 


These warnings inform Californians about their exposures to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm

This warning available for California Consumers.

Proposition 65 requires businesses to provide warnings to Californians about significant exposures to chemicals

Proposition 65 enables Californians to make informed decisions about their exposures to these chemicals.

How about Organic products?

Even some products imade with natural or certified organic ingredients can carry the warning. The solution is to find Organic and without prop 65 warning.  That's why we need to check for California Proposition 65 Warning before buying a product, even it is considered natural or organic!

This is what California's Proposition 65 Warning looks like for California residents, the below examples.

Full safety check service

The full safety check is designed to give you the full picture of your products
Your products will be analyzed label by label, ingredient by ingredient.

It will give you the confidence of knowing if your products are toxic, greenwashing, or safe!

The full safety check includes free Heavy Metals check from California 65 warning check. 


$10      one product check  + FREE CA prop 65 warning check + free safer recommendation

prental with heavy metals
prental with heavy metals
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