Safer Fliyng  Kit 

✈️Are you planning on flying again soon? 

Here is a list of products or what to do in order to flight safer.

I have been flying between Italy and Los Angeles 3 times in the last year, in the full of the pandemic. I crossed airports and changed planes to reach my destination. That's what I did to protect myself and to feel safer!



1. CLEAR SERVICE: As you may know, TSA will ask you to quickly pull down your face covering during screening.  😷

By knowing that I found a way to keep my maks on all the way to my destination.

I applied  Clear Biometric: a sophisticated screening service that allows you to keep your mask on all the time since they will screen your eyes to recognize you. ✨

🌟It is a membership, it is worth it, it will also allow you to skip the line making you feel safer and saving your time. You will enter a VIP line, after you have been identified you will be guided by their ambassador straight to the security check.💺

 2. NASAL SCREENS: You can also use nasal screens with filters,  so when you asked to pull the mask down you still have protection.

3. BIN COVER: handy if you need to put your jacket and your personal items



1. SEAT COVER: are a must to feel protected and comfortable

2.  Tray cover, Pilow covers, safety belt, and arms rest covers.

3. LUGGAGE COVERS: to keep them clean and protected them from scratches 👛👜💼

4. Key tool to open doors or push on the elevators 

Then you will find my favorite natural hand sanitizers

You will find everything on this page!


Clear Biometric  to avoid being asked to pull down facemasks in the airport 

✈️You may already know that even during the pandemic

TSA is required to ask you to pull down your face covering at the moment of your screening.

That feels unsafe to breathe and to touch your masks at the airport. 😷

So I applied to CLEAR:  the safer option to keep you protected in the airport. Here is how it works: instead to pull down the face-covering to see if it is you in the ID, Clear machines will scan your eyes, so you won't need to remove anything.

This sophisticated system allows you to keep your face covering all throughout the flight.  ✈️

Instead of using traditional ID documents, CLEAR uses biometrics - your eyes and fingertips - to confirm it’s really you.

The best is when you combined the service with Precheck, then you really will see the best airport experience you can get!

You won't need to remove facemasks, belt, shoes, jackets or open your bags. all This will allow you to keep everything cleanser, safer sanitized, and faster! 👛👜💼

I use it personally and it is amazing! You will have more time outside the lines and feel more protected!

✈️Once you are registered and paid their annual membership, you can use their service in airports and also in some stadiums, banks, and even when you rent a car. 🌟✨

Use my link code for a 2 months free trial here 

Airplane Seat Covers

💺I used it and it is even better than I expected.  I tried other brands but this one is the best since it has a headrest cover.

Well made, its quality is great, it feels comfortable and it made me feel protected during my international flight. I was able to sleep and rest with peace of mind. 😴

I was looking for a cover for airplane seats, and while many are reusable I was looking for an eco-friendly disposable one, and here it is. 

🌟✨It is easier when you don't need to carry and fold bulky items and especially if you have a connecting flight after, you want to feel safe and protected every time. For this reason, it is better to have a fresh one. Also, another reason why I prefer the disposable one, I prefer to not bring airplane germs back into my washer.

✈️After use, you could also fold it and put it back on this original bag, let it stay untouched for at least a week before using it again.


  • 2 Covers Per Pouch

  • One Size Fits Most Seats

  • 100% Polypropylene

  • 100% Recyclable

  • Easily attaches to the headrest

  • Container bags made with recycled paper

It is great for Uber rides,  for renting a car, public transportation or public seating in general such as movie theatres.

Organic Hand Santizer
organic hand sanitizer for covid flights, airport, travel

✈️ This is the hand sanitizer I used during my flights. I only buy organic hand sanitizers. I use organic hand sanitizers in gel to clean my hands and gloves and the spray and  the  wipes to disinfect the most touchaed surface on the airplane. Disinceting wipes are convenientfor this use, especiallt  when wrapped individually.

🌿I bought a larger container in spray to refill my smaller hand sanitizer bottles!

💺I listedon this page only organic, natural, and eco-friendly hand sanitizers that have better, safer inactive ingredients, besides the active ingredient of at least 60% alcohol, as the CDC recommends. 🌱

​​​ ✅Ethyl: 

  • Ethanol: ethanol alcohol used in hand sanitizers is required by the FDA to be denatured. 

  • Alcohol

​✅Isopropyl: already undrinkable

  • Isopropanol

  • 2-Propanol​

​​​ ✅ USDA Certified Organic: Look for USDA Certified Organic hand sanitizers since they are made with at least 95% organic ingredients. Look for inactive ingredients such as glycerin, lavender oil, water, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and aloe vera.🍋🍃🌿🌱🌾🍊

For your convenience, I collected only the safest hand sanitizers on the market: contains no synthetic chemicals, fragrances, or petrochemicals, formulated using only natural and botanical ingredients, powerfully kill germs while being gentle on the skin.