Organic Gluten-free Bread

I am Italian, I grew up eating classic pasta dishes. My grandmother and mother are excellent cookers, they have been always cooking many different dishes. Every region has its own recipes and dishes. I am from Rome where Pasta, Pizza, and bread are a staple food.

I started to eat gluten-free and noticed many digestive improvements, so I started to search for the best organic gluten-free bread on the market.

Even though there are many Certified Non-GMOs pasta brands out there, I still recommend selecting only Certified organic pasta products since they are more strict than just non-GMOs. 

You can see it in detail here. 


With multiple food allergies and autoimmune diseases around, I know how important is to choose the right foods that can heal.

Achieving wellness is different for everyone, and your motivation to seek to feel better and heal by choosing the right foods brought you to this page.

Many people find relief from autoimmune disease and chronic inflammation by eating a gluten-free diet, and grain-free diets have also become very popular.


If you prefer or need to embrace a grain-free diet, it means eliminating any grains such as corn, wheat, oats, and rice. 

This new grain-free lifestyle can improve your digestive system and bring better overall health including improved digestion and a reduction in autoimmune symptoms.

Typical gluten-free bread usually contains high sugar and offers low-nutrition ingredients such as grains such as rice, corn, and oats. Conventional almond flour contains propylene oxide, a super toxic fumigant. Organic almonds four does not.

The best flours are made with gluten-free & grain-free ingredients that are plant/nut based and high in vitamins and minerals.  

This page is dedicated to people that want to eat deliciously and organically and feel good without missing out. This page is alist of approved pasta brands made with just simple ingredients.

AWG Bakery Organic GBread 

🍃This gluten-free bread is made with organic ingredients, high fiber, and it gets protein from organic almond flour.