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Home Gym

Here you will fund the best equipment and device to turn your sedentary life more proactive. I found also that getting a treadmill and a desk allows you to be still productive and active at the same time. 

WalkingPad Foldable Treadmill review and promo codecreenshot 2023-05-27 at 2.19.18 PM.png
WalkingPad Fodable Treadmill

WalkingPad treadmills are foldable and compact, easy to use and store. Great for small spaces, offices or put in a guest room. They only occupy 10% of space compared to other brands, making it easier to use any time in your home or apartment, or office.

No assembly is required, it is ready to go.

It can restore under a sofa, bed, storage, closet, or outside if it is covered.

To compensate for the sedentary, a treadmill is a great, easy-to-use, and affordable way to get exercise even if it is cold, late, or raining outside. week. 

You can activate it n your living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony patio, or garden if you have one. So can get tanned while exercising. (increasing the vitamin D level we all need)

Since we are all on the desk nowadays and want to explain how to be productive and active at the same time! 

THORNE Niacel® 200

💁‍♀️Many of you ask me for supplement recommendations!Here is my new discovery:

👉NiaCel 200: designed to thrive in a busy lifestyle, demanding schedules,
👉to support daily wellness routine,
👉to boost your body’s level of energy, helping defend your body against the effects of early aging and optimizing your daily vitality
✅ NAD+ – nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide – is a coenzyme found in every cell. NAD+ plays an integral role in your daily and long-term health goals. 
👉NiaCel 200 helps keep you feeling younger by benefiting cellular energy production, the sleep-wake cycle, lean body composition, and supporting how your body handles its chronological age.*
👉The betaine in NiaCel 200 promotes optimal methylation 
* Supporting healthy cellular repair and metabolism*
* Supporting a weight management program*
* Support for exercise efficiency, to help you reach your health and fitness goals*
🏃🏻‍♀️If you are running in the gym or running chasing your kids, or keeping up with your dog, this so-needed natural support is for you!💖
💁‍♀️You may also know that I highly recommend their prenatal for many reasons!
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