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Organic Backpack

Conventional Backpack Bags

They are made with synthetic materials that are petroleum-derived, often using pollution processes.

❌Many of you have seen the label attached to backpacks with the California Proposition 65 Warning stating:

"This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm."

They are made with toxic and polluting materials such as nylon, synthetic, or other plastic-derived materials.


Greenwashing Backpack

Greenwashing is when a brand pretends to be clean, and green when it is not. It is a marketing tactic designed to mislead customers into buying their products. 

They are made with it so eco-friendly material. Sometimes they recycle plastic to make their bags. Even if it is recycled I still prefer avoiding it since it is still made with plastic, petroleum-derived material.

Many came with vegan leather alternatives bringing more plastic to the world:

❌PVC: Most vegan leathers today are currently made from PVC, made with petroleum. PVC is for this reason harmful to the environment. 

❌PU is another synthetic vegan or faux leather, by definition, PU stands for Polyurethane, a plastic polymer derived from petroleum. Even less than PVC, PU still requires petroleum. 


Organic Backpack

Choose organic backpacks and lunch boxes made with

 GOTS Certified Organic material: GOTS prohibits the use of toxic chemicals during processing and includes strong labor provisions to protect and empower workers.

 Fair Trade Certified™ Factory: When you choose fair trade products, you are a part of the movement that promotes and supports sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Eco-friendly backpacks are made with natural, sustainable, and safe materials that not only protect humans but the planet as well. Made with:

  •  Organic Cotton 

  •  Organic Hemp

  •  Natural Cork

🌿My number one recommendation, the backpack I use personally is Terra Thread.

Made with 100% GOTS Certifed Organic Cotton.

Here you will find the best organic organic backpacks products  on the market

Choosing eco-friendly products for our kids, not only reduces their exposure to toxic plastic and pollutant materials, it also teaches your kids which products are safer for them and the environment.


Shop with my links to support my research!💖

Terra Thread Organic Backpack
Terra Thread Organic Backpack review and promo code

🎉I was looking for an organic backpack and I found this! Not only it is made with natural material but it is actually the only backpack I know that is GOTS-certified organic!

👏Probably the most organic and eco-friendly backpack on the market made by a responsible company.
🌿Terra Thread offers a much-needed alternative to all these backpacks and bags available in the market which are made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon, and other plastic-based materials. They deplete our natural resources and pollute our environment, creating a more synthetic world.
🌿Terra Thread backpacks, bags, and apparel are created for you and me who care about the material and what is behind that.
From organic farms to your arms, these bags are the world’s most affordable, durable, sustainable, and ethically produced.
✅GOTS: The standard prohibits the use of toxic chemicals during the processing stages. The GOTS symbol means the products have met strict environmental and social criteria during processing along the entire supply chain. Includes prohibition on child labor.
✅ Fairtrade Organic Cotton
✅ GOTS Certified
✅ Fair Trade Factory
✅ Carbon Neutral Products
💖This is also the B Corp month and Terra Thread is a Certified Company
MATERIAL: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Terra Thread Certified Organic Backpack
Terra Thread Certified Organic Backpack review and promo code

🌿This is my number one organic backpack recommendation. Made by Terra Thread using the most organic material. It is the only Certifed Organic Backpack around made GOTS Certifed Cotton and not toxic dyes. 

Both sustainable and practical for everyday use, outdoor activities, or college, it is spacious, durable, and made of natural fiber.  

It comes in several colors. 

They come in three sizes:

They also support Feeding America's campaign to end hunger by helping donate meals to kids and families in need.

  •   Certified Fairtrade Organic cotton canvas

  •  Made in a Fair Trade Certified™ Factory

  •   Lead-free YKK metal zippers and fasteners

MATERIAL: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton 

Rawganique Organic Hemp Backpack
Rawganique Organic Hemp Backpack review

​Strong! Eco-friendly. Luxury tough all-natural 100% organically grown hemp stiff canvas backpack, fully lined.

Roomy, strong & practical. Made in-house from start to finish by Rawganique. 17" x 11" x 6". Outside zippered pocket 9" x 8" x 2". Inside open pocket 7" x 6". Use their 100% natural wax to waterproof and stain-proof.

🌳 The toughest organic hemp backpack ever! Made with 100% stiff hemp canvas & lined with hemp fabric & trimmed with hemp edging tape This hemp backpack will be your indispensable companion on the trips short & long where your best life memories are created.

Super roomy, durable & timeless. YKK zippers throughout. Luggage strap in the back, so you can conveniently take it as a personal bag through the handle of your roller carry-on trolley. Features a roomy zippered front pocket, padded straps, and an inside pocket for wallet, cash, keys, and/or your travel documents.

🌱No Forever Chemicals (PFOA, PFAS, PTFE, PFOS) that are thought to cause cancers and disrupt immune response and hormones, in addition to wreaking havoc on soil, air, water & wildlife.

MATERIAL:  100% organically grown 21oz European hemp stiff canvas; 100% hemp lining

Fluf Organic Cotton Zipper Lunch Bag review and promo code
Fluf Organic Cotton Zipper Lunch Bag

EarthHero offers a collection of GOTS Certified organic Cotton Lunch bags! These cute lunch bags are the most sustainable ones on the market. They are and roomy lunch bag that packs flat.

🌿Made with the best and most susatobale cotton, they are safe and non-toxic. Fully machine washable. Rinseable, tested food-safe lining to contain light spills. Interior pocket (for water bottle or ice pack).

bags are handmade in India in a small, family-owned and run facility. Tailors work in a safe environment and are paid living wages to support themselves and their families.

 Sustainably and ethically made with organic + recycled materials.

✅ Water-resistant lining is made with GRS-certified (Global Recycle Standard) rPET, and meets the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Recycled polyester (rPET) keeps plastics out of landfills and the oceans requires 59% less energy to manufacture than virgin polyester, and lessens our dependence on petroleum as a source of raw materials.

✅ All inks and dyes are GOTS-certified, water-based, and non-toxic.

✅ Fee of BPA, PVC, PFAS, PFCs, phthalates, heavy metals, AZO, fire retardants, formaldehyde, and more.

MATERIAL: Bag: 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton
Lining: 100% RPET (recycled PET | water bottles)

Tiradia Cork Commuter Backpack
Tiradia Cork Vegan Products review and promo code

🌿 Tiradia Backpack is eco-friendly, waterproof, lightweight, handmade with love, and cruelty-free! Tiradia cork products are absolutely stunning and make a beautiful alternative to leather options. With a durable backing, sturdy metal finishes

🌿Cork is vegan, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, waterproof, lightweight, durable, biodegradable and recyclable.

This backpack is sleek, simply beautiful and comfortable to wear. Timeless design. Handmade very well and super sturdy, with plenty of room inside. 

✨ Tiradia creates eco-conscious and mindful vegan accessories using cork, one of Portugal’s most treasured sustainable materials. Tiradia’s connection to cork runs deep. Co-founder Joana’s family has produced cork products for Portugal wineries since the 1920s, an endeavor passed down through the generations.

  • vegan, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, waterproof, lightweight, durable, biodegradable and recyclable

  • Handmade in Portugal from sustainably sourced cork, ethically produced, PETA approved vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly

MATERIAL: Made of natural cork, Handcrafted in Aveiro, Portugal

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