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Organic  Snacks

I am Italian, I grew up eating classic pasta dishes. My grandmother and mother are excellent cooks. Each region has its own tradition in its recipes and menu. I am from Rome where Pasta, Pizza, and bread are staple food.

I started to eat gluten-free and noticed many digestive improvements, so I started to search for the best organic gluten-free bread on the market.

Even though there are many Certified Non-GMOs food brands out there, I still recommend selecting only Certified organic food products since they are more strict than just non-GMOs. 

You can see it in detail here. 


With multiple food allergies and autoimmune diseases around, I know how important is to choose the right foods that can heal.

Achieving wellness is different for everyone, and your motivation to seek to feel better and heal by choosing the right foods brought you to this page.

Many people find relief from autoimmune disease and chronic inflammation by eating a gluten-free diet, and grain-free diets have also become very popular.


If you prefer or need to embrace a grain-free diet, it means eliminating any grains such as corn, wheat, oats, and rice. 

This new grain-free lifestyle can improve your digestive system and bring better overall health including improved digestion and a reduction in autoimmune symptoms.

Typical gluten-free bread usually contains high sugar and offers low-nutrition ingredients such as grains such as rice, corn, and oats. Conventional almond flour contains propylene oxide, a super toxic fumigant. Organic almonds four does not.

The best flours are made with gluten-free & grain-free ingredients that are plant/nut based and high in vitamins and minerals.  

This page is dedicated to people that want to eat deliciously and organically and feel good without missing out. This page is alist of approved pasta brands made with just simple ingredients.

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Simple Mills Organic Crackers Gluten-free

💚 These are my favorite crackers, I only buy this brand. It is so rare to find USDA Certified Organic crackers that are also gluten-free certified, plus made without canola oil or natural flavors!

They also make the Everything Cracker version.

🍃Simple Mills Organic Seed Crackers are the perfect organic nutritional snack. These organic crunchy crackers are great for a mini-meal, topped with your favorite charcuterie. They are made from a delicious and nutrient-dense seed flour blend.

💚REGENERATIVE FARMING EFFORTS for building healthy soil.
They are evolving in making an eco-impact and they embraced earth-friendly production.

👉You can also find them for less on Thrive Market and my link will give you an extra 40% off your first order. Thrive Market link. 
✅ USDA Certified Organic
✅ Certified Gluten-free certified
Non-GMO Project Verified
✅Grain Free, Corn Free, Paleo Friendly
✅ Plant-Based Vegan
And they are all delicious! 😋

INGREDIENTS: Organic Seed & Seed Flour Blend (sunflower, pumpkin, flax), Organic Cassava Flour, Organic Tapioca Starch, Organic Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Organic Carrots, Organic Rosemary Extract (for freshness)

Royal Hawaiian Organic Macadamia Nuts

💚 These are my favorite macadamia since they are USDA-certified organic Macadamias and are originally made by the Royal Hawaiian Orchards brand. They have been locally grown and cultivated on the Big Island of Hawaii for over 70 years. Grown and nurtured in a land rich with lava rock from local volcanoes.

Healthy and nutritious snacks, Macadamias are a high source of protein and rich in a number of components that contribute to well-being, such as fiber, phytochemicals, minerals, and vitamins.

Cholesterol free and have a favorable fatty acid profile comparable to olive oil. The macadamias contain 80% monounsaturated fat (the good kind!), which lowers overall cholesterol and harmful LDL cholesterol while raising levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. Macadamia nuts can be a healthy substitute for foods rich in saturated fatty acids.

Made with whole foods, GMO-free, gluten-free, sulfite-free & much more!

👉You can also find them for less on Thrive Market and my link will give you an extra 40% off your first order. Thrive Market link
✅ USDA-Certified Organic
Non-GMO Project Verified
Just simple ingredients macadamia, pink Himalayan salt & organic avocado oil. And they are delicious! 😋

INGREDIENTS:  Organic Macadamia Nuts, Pink Himalayan Salt, Organic Avocado Oil

Raaka Certified Organic Waffle Cone
Raaka Certified Organic Waffle Cone review and promo code

🍃 Crisp, homemade gluten-free waffle cone cookies set in a delicious vegan chocolate taste just like the end of an ice cream cone.  

Each box includes four Vanilla Waffle Cone dark chocolate squares, three Chocolate Waffle Cone dark chocolate squares, and three Matcha Waffle Cone vegan white chocolate squares.

✨ Gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free

✅ Third-party lab tested and publish the results here.

They also show where the cacao comes from!

  • USDA Organic certified, Non-GMO certified, and our facility is third-party verified for food safety and quality by SQF.

  • 100% vegan

  • FSMA allergen compliance verification

  • Certified Kosher by Natural Food Certifiers

INGREDIENTS: organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic house-made waffle cone (organic cane sugar, organic coconut oil, organic apple puree, organic rice flour, organic brown rice flour, organic tapioca flour, organic millet flour, organic flax seed meal, organic arrowroot powder, baking powder, organic inulin, xanthan gum), organic cacao butter, organic vanilla bean

Fluf Organic Cotton Reusable Snack Bag
Fluf Organic Cotton Reusable Snack Bag review and promo code

EarthHero offers a collection of GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Reusable Snack Bag from Fluf.

These cute lunch bags are the most sustainable ones on the market. Cute, reusable organic food bags for kids and adults. Hook and Loop (Velcro) closure. Sustainably and ethically made with organic + recycled materials. Can be used hundreds of times and replaces single-use plastic bags. Perfect for holding fruit, nuts, or a full sandwich! 

🌿Made with the best and most susatobale cotton, they are safe and non-toxic. Fully machine washable and easy to clean. Rinseable, tested food-safe lining to contain light spills. Interior pocket (for water bottle or ice pack).

Handmade in India in a small, family-owned and run facility. Tailors work in a safe environment and are paid living wages to support themselves and their families.

 Sustainably and ethically made with organic + recycled materials.

✅ Water-resistant lining is made with GRS-certified (Global Recycle Standard) rPET, and meets the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Recycled polyester (rPET) keeps plastics out of landfills and the oceans requires 59% less energy to manufacture than virgin polyester, and lessens our dependence on petroleum as a source of raw materials.

✅ All inks and dyes are GOTS-certified, water-based, and non-toxic.

✅ Fee of BPA, PVC, PFAS, PFCs, phthalates, heavy metals, AZO, fire retardants, formaldehyde, and more.

MATERIAL: Bag: 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton
Lining: 100% RPET (recycled PET | water bottles)

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