The best organic magazines on the market. Authentic magazine to educate yourself about organic and safe products, brands, and practices, to help you to choose responsible companies versus conventional ones. They will guide you to Organic products, brands, services such as hotels and spa.

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About Organic Spa Magazine:
The first thing you should know about Organic Spa Magazine is it isn't a magazine simply about spas!

You can find information about spas and the fulfilling and holistic effects they have on us, with the focus not on the places one goes to retreat—rather, it is about the wisdom we take away from them.

Tips on wellness and healthy eating, along with articles about yoga and mediation. A great spa guide, with an excellent eco guide for travel and hotels!

Organic Spa Magazine
Organic Life Magazine
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About Organic Life Magazine:

This Magazine teaches you how to grow your garden in an easy and fun way, so you can live closer to  nature. Admire your creations while enjoying gardening benefits. Great tips for both beginners and green thumb experts.

You can use some of your greens and herbs to cook the recipes offered in the magazine. Then you can enjoy the various articles about beauty, home ideas, travel, health, people, and the environment.

A perfect read for a Pretty Organic Girl!