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Organic Vegan Restaurants Los Angeles

Erewhon membership discount
Erewhon Vegan Options

😍This is the best organic and healthies hot food and grocery store in the Los Angeles area.

Their cafe offers a large collection of fresh or hot vegan food. It is a trendy spot in several locations. My favorite is in Beverly Hills with its outdoor setting is a perfect spot for a healthy and all-organic meal in the middle of Beverly Hills activities!

They also offer online shopping and delivery or pickup.

Their customers are all health and environmentally-conscious people.

If you order juice in their refrigerator area, they will give you the deposit back for the glass bottle.

My favorite USDA-certified Organic veggie drinks are their celery juice, just greens! All in glass bottles!

Then in the hot food, my favorite is the eggplant vegan lasagna, the rice balls, and their Erewhon Organic Vegan Chocolate Cake amazing!!

Everything is so delicious and I am always there!

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Pura Vita Italian Vegan

💚Pura Vita, located in West Hollywood, is the first 100% Plant-Based Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar in the USA!

At Pura Vita they have created a unique dining experience that has the ambiance of a New York City wine bar with a traditional menu reflecting the best of Southern Italy.

They are proud of using the best organic, sustainable, clean, plant-based ingredients. Additionally, they have many organic gluten-free options for both pasta and bread, in an effort to make sure all of our guests can enjoy their dishes.

Pura Vita Pizzeria was opened 2 years later, right next door to Pura Vita. The Pizzeria offers 100% Plant-Based scratch-made Neapolitan style pizzas.

Gracias Madre in West Hollywood

Are you looking for Organic dining in the Los Angeles area? 🌴Are you trying to eat mostly organic out? 🍓This place is for you! Gracias Madre is one of the few to offer organic, farm fresh, locally sourced food. Mexican, plant based cuisine, with beautiful indoor and outdoor patio seating.☀️Located in fashionable West Hollywood! 

Taco Vega
Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 11.57.10

🌺 100% plant-based restaurant focused on Mexican cuisine.

Taco Vega is a 100% Plant-Based restaurant from Chef Jared Simons.

Their ingredients and materials are locally sourced, 99% organic & GMO-free, supporting your health and the health of our planet. They strive to serve whole unprocessed foods, all the good stuff your body requires.

For a fun casual meal, they offer two patios in the heart of the Fairfax District as well as pick up from our counter. Taco Vega is also available for delivery. 

 Together we are saving the planet one taco at a time!

INGREDIENTS: locally & ethically sourced ingredients 99% Organic

LOCATION: 456 N Fairfax Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Beaming Organic Goodies

😌Imagine cookies that are actually healthy, made with highly nutritional ingredients, organic super foods and grains, and high protein flour, low glycemic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and delicious... 🍪😋
💚Wait, you don’t need to dream about it, because @livebeaming has made this a reality! 👏How amazing are these organic cookies!
💚They are definitely my favorite treat! They contain 7.4g of protein and have highly nutritional ingredients, super foods and gluten-free grains such as flax, chia, hemp, almond, and buckwheat.
💚You can now enjoy cookies without feeling concerned about refined sugar, GMOs, over processed ingredients, and fat typically found in a traditional cookie! 
💚Can’t wait to try their other organic goodies: carrot muffins, banana chocolate chip bread, and ultimate fudge brownie! 📸 @livebeaming 

Kippy's Non-dairy Organic Ice-cream 

🍦Are you looking for an organic, dairy free, soy free, nut free, gluten free ice cream? You found it! 👏Kippy's ice cream is made with a raw, organic, non-dairy coconut cream and water, raw honey🐝, organic fruits🍎🍉🍇🍒🍓😋🍨🍧 healthy and delicious! 

PrettyOrganicGirl LA Organic Food Tour 
PrettyOrganicGirl LA Organic Food Tour 

Come to taste with me the Best Organic Food in Los Angeles in the luxury of Telsa X (up 5 people)

Featuring the best organic bites and dishes from LA's top restaurants and healthy bars, plus organic drinks (organic juices & smoothies)

It's your chance to get L.A.'s best organic taste!

Featuring LA's best:

1. USDA Certified organic grass-fed burger

2. Organic smoothies

3. Organic sushi wild fish

4. Organic gluten-free bakery

5. Organic vegan Mexican food

6. Organic authentic Italian pizza

The tour is specifically designed to cover the best organic restaurants in the Los Angeles area starting at Westfield in Century City, exploring Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and finishing at The Grove.

Learn more about the best organic restaurants in Los Angeles in my blog:

Tickets are not refundable.

For any questions/inquiries, email me:

FOOD ALLERGIES: If you have specific food allergies, please ensure that you inquire about the ingredients of each dish being served, directly from those serving it.

VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, and DAIRY-FREE options are available

Food is not included in the price! The price is for the car and driver time.

Free local pick up available in Beverly Hills

Minimum 2 people

Cafe Gratitude Beverly Hills

💚My new favorite spot in Beverly Hills @cafegratitude! 100% organic plant-based menu, environmentally friendly, sustainable in a gorgeous setting! 🍰Their desserts are all organic, vegan, gluten-free and extremely delicious!! 😋Welcome in your new location! 🎉

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