Eco Food Storage 

Bread Bags - Organic Cotton Counter Top Storage Containers 
GOTS Certified Organic Cotton bags for bread storage

🌸🌿 This is a way better way to store our bread. Instead of toxic plastic, or other controversial material, storing our bread in a certified organic cotton bag is simply the safest option.

When choosing cotton it is important to pick organic cotton that is certified by GOTS, (Global Organic Textile Standards) that preserves the environment while protecting our health. 

Like these bags - Made from 100% organic GOTS cotton-made in a socially and environmentally responsible way, without the use of harmful pesticides or insecticides which is great for people with sensitive skin, dry hands, or eczema. 

  • Keep bread crispy and fresh and avoid plastic bags

  • Unbleached and natural cotton can be reused again and again

  • Extra-large to fit loaves of any size. Zero-waste option for your home-made bread

  • Snap closure with carrying handle. Sturdy construction lasts a long time

  • Great gift idea for housewarming parties, weddings, holidays and birthdays

🙋With organic cotton! Organic cotton is made without toxic chemicals and pesticides. It protects the soil and 💦water (71% less water used) and energy⚡️ (62% less energy), while 👩‍🌾protecting farmers who work the crop! ☁️Pure organic cotton prevents skin rash  ☁️  protects our 🌿skin, the 👨‍🌾 farmers, and the planet!! 💕🌎 So many reasons to wear organic cotton! 

Glasslock 18-Piece Assorted Oven Safe Container Set
Eco-friendly food storage. Safe, non-toxic material silicone food bags and glass containers, glasslock

 🍓If you still use plascti food conatiner it is time to replace with safer and more eco-friendly material. Carefuly recycle your pastic conatiner with a recycling facility.

Here is my pck for food stoarege. Many of other brands make their conatiners in China, and they don't carry FDA approved certification for food storage.

Here is my pick and why:

🍃1 First it is the only FDA approved I was able to find

🍃2.  it is made with glass a safe and natural material

🍃3. their gasket is made with silicone 

🍃4.Their lid is BPA free

🍃5. they replace the lid and silicone seal for free on their website

🍃6. it is affordable

🍃7. it not made in China like all the other storage glass company I searched on Amazon, Bed bath beyond, The container store 

🍃8. It doesn’t carry the California proposition 65 warning

Oven-safe and microwavable

Airtight and Leak-proof

BPA free and recyclable 🍃🍎🍊🍓  

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 4.58.26 PM.png

This brand has California's proposition 65 warning because it contains cocaine. To learn more and to check a brandclick here.

Stasher Bags  Eco-Friendly Bags
silicone bags for food storage stasher bags

💖 I am so excited to introduce you to this amazing sustainable company that came out to reduce plastic pollution by offering these eco-friendly solutions: the super pretty silicon bags made for us to help our planet!🌎

♻🍃With unlimited uses, reusable, made with durable silicon, patented seal and design. They are Microwave Safe, Fridge Friendly, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Strong and ready to cook. To store, to marinate, to cook, or freeze, to keep fresh-cut veggies. They also take very little space when stored. 🍒

🍉 Great for your food on the go, To carry documents, in your gym bag, as travel beauty cases: the clear window sandwich size is TSA approved!✈ 💦It is waterproof, perfect for the beach or pool to store smartphones and devices.👙 In your purse, the pocket-size to carry make-up, beauty tools or supplements. You can even write on them.👛 🐠They come in many sizes and colors 🐙✨

⭐We can all feel like an environmental Hero every time we use stasher bags, the safer and eco-alternative to plastic, by knowing that none of these bags will end up in the ocean near a beautiful turtle! 🐢

1% of all sales go to high-impact non-profits that protect our oceans. @1percentftp 🐬 🌎

GOTS certifed orgnanic cotton cheesecloth
IF YOU CARE  Cheesecloth Unbleached
  • 2 square yards

  • 100 percent unbleached cotton lint free microwave-safe

  • Does not affect the taste and quality of food

  • Cheesecloth from If You Care is an unbleached, natural cheesecloth that can be used for many things. Cooking, basting, straining and polishing are just the beginning.