Organic Sleep

⭐Did you know that the majority of your body's healing happens at night while you sleep? 

Most of us need around 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night for optimal well-being.

Yet over the past 50 years, the average American’s sleep has decreased from almost 9 hours to less than 7 hours! 

Do you get at least seven hours of sleep per night? Consistently? The National Sleep Foundation and American Academy of Sleep Medicine agree that’s how much you need. Seven hours of sleep per night supports optimal health and wellbeing.

Organic products and tips to improve the quality of your sleep.

  • ⭐Have a healthy protein-rich dinner such as roasted wild salmon  or especially organic lean turkey proven to help the sleep with a side or organic veggie soup  Avoid sugar

  • 🌙 Certified Organic Sleep Supplements, drug-free without side effects, they promote restful sleep to wake refreshed and relaxed.

  • 🌙 Invest in high-quality organic mattresses and organic pillows

  • 💚 Wrap yourself in pesticides-free chemical-free organic bed sheets

  •  Have magnesium supplement before sleeping

  • ✨Have a warm bath before sleeping or warm shower with your favorite organic body wash choose relaxing fragrances such as lavender. Warm temperatures help to sleep better.

  • 🍃 Enjoy the comfort of organic cotton pajama or organic slip in contact with your skin.

  • 🌙 Rub some organic sleep lotion, balm.

  • 💚 Massage your feet with organic foot cream

  • ⭐ Purify your room with an approved air purifier

  • 🍃Spa-like experince: Surround yourself and your room with relaxing organic candles aroma with a lavender note.

  • 💚Indulge in a high-quality organic night face mask  and face cream 

  • ⭐ Sip an aromatic organic tea that promotes relaxation and restful sleep such as chamomile tea.

  • 💫 Wear an organic eye mask 

  • 💚Meditate and try some yoga positions

  • ✨ Have the company of a good book that evokes gratitude and focuses on self achievements to set new goals for the next day.

  • 💫Think at 3 things you are grateful from the day spent  

  • Good Night!

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Seeking Health Optimal Sleep

💚Designed for people who sometimes struggle to stay asleep through the night. It includes nutrients that support healthy sleep duration (serotonin and melatonin production).*

  • May help support a healthy sleep-wake cycle

  • May help support the body’s healthy response to stress

  • May help promote a feeling of relaxation

  • May help support healthy mood

​⭐Optimal Sleep* by Seeking Health is a broad-spectrum blend of vitamin B6, calming magnesium, ashwagandha, and 5-HTP that provides natural support for a restful night’s sleep without leaving you in a morning fog upon waking. A good night’s sleep is an important part of mental and physical health during waking hours. Diet, anxiety or stress, hormones, activity levels, and the external environment are all factors that can affect the quantity and quality of sleep we are able to get each night. Some individuals who experience trouble sleeping due to low levels of melatonin may find relief with melatonin supplements – however, those with normal melatonin levels typically report little improvement in sleep with these supplements, not to mention grogginess, dizziness, or fatigue the following day.

💚This supplement contains no melatonin. Optimal Sleep* takes a different approach, combining nutrients such as magnesium and vitamin B6 with ashwagandha, phosphatidylserine, and 5-HTP for sleep and stress support - without the unpleasant after-effects.*

Seeking Health Optimal Sleep II
Screen Shot 2021-11-13 at 5.56.34 PM.png

💚 For those who have trouble falling asleep and unwinding at night. Do you spend too much time counting sheep? This formula supports the healthy onset of sleep for those occasional sleepless nights.

  • Supports healthy onset of sleep for occasional sleeplessness

  • Promotes healthy metabolism of dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine for feelings of calm and relaxation

  • Great for those with slower MAOA or COMT enzymes

Do you stare at the ceiling at night, counting sheep? If you struggle to fall asleep on occasion, you may benefit from nutrients that support your body’s ability to calm down, relax, and produce melatonin.*

Healthy sleep requires balanced brain chemistry. This relies on the proper metabolism of catecholamines (dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine). This is because catecholamines are responsible for feelings of excitement, nervousness, and anger, which can all interfere with restful sleep.*

⭐ Optimal Sleep II* is a powerful vitamin, mineral, and herbal formula intended to support the healthy onset of sleep.*

Unlike our original Optimal Sleep* formula (intended for people with faster MAOA and COMT enzymes), this product is designed for those who feel that their MAOA and COMT enzymes are working slower (see Dirty Genes or StrateGene® to learn your MAOA and COMT status). Due to genetics or epigenetics, slower MAOA and COMT enzymes can contribute to the build-up of excitatory brain chemicals.*

💚This formula supplies the necessary nutrient cofactors for healthy neurotransmitter metabolism to support optimal sleep. These targeted nutrients serve as cofactors for enzymes that break down excitatory brain chemicals (such as dopamine) and potentially toxic byproducts (such as ammonia). They also support the metabolism of serotonin for those who may have a build-up of this neurotransmitter.*

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All Organic Megnesium Lotion

🌿Good Night Lotion combines nourishing butters with magnesium to promote restful sleep. It even helps to relieve leg and muscle cramps, growing pains, headaches, occasional constipation, and more. Unlike sprays, our lotion isn’t itchy and it won’t cause stomach upset like pills. Safe for the whole family, it’s a must-have for a healthy nighttime routine.

🍃 Benefits:

• Promotes normal sleep cycles

• Supports healthy blood sugar levels

• Supports healthy pregnancy

• Made in the USA

INGREDIENTS: Apricot Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Kokum Butter, Magnesium Chloride Flakes, Candelilla Wax, Filtered Water.

organic supplement, pure encapsulations, magnesium glycinate
Pure Encapsulations Megnesium Glycinate 

🌷We all need Magnesium and this precious mineral is considered essential for a good quality sleep. take it every night before going to bed and you will see the difference on your sleep and how you will wake up refreshed and restored. Magnesiym glycinate is my favorite>

 I have been using this brand for a long time and I can say that I approved of it! It is the cleanest and the Glycicnate form is the most effective around.  It is a brand recommended by Naturopath doctors.

🌷Highly bioavailable magnesium chelate for sensitive individuals. Magnesium (glycinate) is a highly bioavailable magnesium chelate, which supports the metabolism and utilization of carbohydrates, amino acids, and fats for energy. Magnesium (glycinate) helps activate enzymes for physiological functions including cardiac health. Magnesium activates the enzymes necessary for a number of physiological functions, including neuromuscular contractions, cardiac function, and the regulation of the acid-alkaline balance in the body.

🌷Their magnesium Glycinate is amazing as well. Take it every night before sleep.  No fillers and unnecessary additives. Take a look. 

🌷For acid reflux or GERD, this a Better alternative to Magnesium Citrate since it does contain citric acid.  Gret for period issues and cramps and for workouts.🌷

Pure Encapsulations Melatonin  
organic supplement, pure encapsulations, melatonin, travel, jet lag

Melatonin by Pure Encapsulations: 3 mg 1 hour before bed. Try for 30 days.

🌷It also helps Sleep Cycle: Melatonin helps facilitate the natural functioning of the pineal gland to support the body's sleep and wake cycle. Great for travel and  Jet Lag.

🌷Restful Sleep Support: Promotes relaxation in the body for restful sleep.

Pineal Gland Support:

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland, the organ which regulates the body’s sleep/wake cycle, and is secreted in a circadian rhythm by enzymes that are activated by darkness and depressed by light.

Made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients

🌷Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland, which regulates the body's sleep/wake cycle.

Melatonin’s primary role is the regulation of the body's circadian rhythm, endocrine secretions, and sleep patterns.

Studies indicate that it facilitates the onset of sleep, as well as sleep efficiency.

Studies prove that Melatonin can help the stomach naturally to heal the lining caused by acid reflux.

USDA Certified Organic Chamomile  Tea

🌟It is inflammatory great to reduce hives flare-ups.

This premium, heirloom chamomile is grown on a small, 100-acre certified Biodynamic® garden at the base of the Italian Alps, and is harvested at night when the essential oils are at their peak. The sweet blossoms are then dried using only thermal energy created from the farm's other crops. Sip into a state of tranquility with this highly aromatic and flavorful cup. The flowers are from Italy, biodynamic and organic.

It is Non-GMO verified; All Ingredients Certified Organic; Kosher.

USDA Certified Organic Foot Balm 

🌷 This fresh formula instantly soothes, nourishes, and softens tired overworked feet. It helps soften and diminish callouses, relax muscles and deeply penetrate dry and cracked skin, providing relief Made with Organic ​Honey,  stimulates collagen helping with cell regeneration. Royal jelly contains an amazing blend of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. 

🌷 Beeswax is nutrient-rich with over 300 micronutrients that help soften and hydrate, Organic olive oil is the most compatible oil to human skin. 

🌿 Certified Organic,

Handmade in small batches in Hawaii.

Non-GMO, Gluten-Free & Cruelty-Free, No Animal Testing.

No: parabens, chemicals, glycerin, fragrance, hormones, silicones, petroleum products, artificial preservatives, fillers, multisyllabic additives, unnatural additives!

INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Beeswax*, Organic Honey*, Organic Peppermint Oil (Mentha piperita), Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Clove Bud Oil (Syzygium aromaticum), Organic Ginger Essential Oil *Naturally contains pollen, propolis & royal jelly!

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Badger Organic Sleep Balm

⭐ For the good night's sleep of your dreams.

USDA Certified Organic - Aromatherapy Sleep Remedy

  • A comforting blend of essential oils instills a sense of peace and wellbeing, helping you drift off naturally (no drugs necessary)

  • Moisturizing base softens skin while soothing the mind

  • Travel-friendly tin is ideal for restless flights or jet-lagged evenings

  • Free and clear of artificial ingredients, fragrances, dyes, parabens, petrolatum, GMOs, or synthetics

🍃Rest for the weary wanderer. Sleep soundly and wake up refreshed with this soft, fragrant balm, one of our most well-loved products. Bulgarian lavender calms the senses, bergamot diffuses worries, and balsam fir clears your mind like a walk in the woods. Apply anywhere—lips, chest, temples, or hands—breathe deep, and let the enchanting fragrance lift you away to peaceful dreamscapes. The perfect balm for the nights when you need to quiet your mind and get to sleep.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Bergamot Oil, Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Rosemary Verbenone Oil, Organic Ginger Extract, Organic Ginger Oil & Organic Balsam Canada Oil.

organic cotton eye mask
Cottonique Organic Eye Mask 

🌸Stay well-rested and comfortable no matter where your feet take you with our Sleep Eye Mask. Engineered to be the safest sleep eye mask for individuals with sensitive skin, this hypoallergenic wonder is a unique blend of safety and durability. With its 100% organic cotton fabric, you will surely get the sleep you deserve.☁️

  • Double layered cotton lining for a more comfortable sleep

  • Elastic-free hypoallergenic strap with velcro for a firmer support

  • Without latex and spandex

  • Free from chemicals and synthetics

  • Relaxed Fit

  • Size FS Mask Width: 10"

🌿 This product is intended specifically for individuals with sensitivities to Latex, Spandex, and Formaldehyde.

Cottonique Products are 100% Cotton. All NATURAL colored products are completely dye-free, chemical-free, latex-free, and spandex-free.​

MATERIAL100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 11.09.58
Cottonique Hypoallergenic Organic Slip 

💚Made to solve your fashion crisis in the most comfortable way, our Women's Full Slip keeps you cool, fresh, and safe from irritants hour after hour. Since it's made from 100% natural cotton, this hypoallergenic slip would surely flatter your figure to the ultimate comfort.

🍃Cottonique Women's Hypoallergenic Full Slip made from 100% Organic Cotton

Sleeping in comfort gets a boost with Cottonique’s Hypoallergenic Full Slip. Now you can sleep like a baby with this 100% hypoallergenic full slip that’s so comfortable it also great to wear under long dresses and maxi skirts. Uncompromisingly perfect.

  • 100% Cotton

  • Made from 100% Organic Cotton, 100% Hypoallergenic

  • Zero Spandex | Zero Latex

  • Relaxed fit with a v-shaped neckline

  • Falls 20" from the natural waist.

  • Soft cotton non-adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable support

MATERIAL: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

PACT - GOTS Certified Organic Sleep Tee

💚Super soft and pretty GOTS Certified Organic Sleep Tee

Product Features

  • An oversized, relaxed fit body

  • Scoop neckline, drop short sleeves

  • Hits above mid-thigh, curved hem

  • Soft, naturally breathable fabric

  • Prewashed fabric, shrink resistant

Sustainable Ingredients & Ethical Certifications

  • 100% Organic Cotton

  • Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.

  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

  • Fair Trade Factory

🍃Their cotton is incredibly soft and durable, compared to conventional cotton (considered the dirtiest crop in the world with their 16% insecticide and 7% pesticide use on the planet!) ☁️Certified GOTS organic cotton is made without toxic chemicals and pesticides. It protects the soil and 💦water (71% less water used) and energy⚡️ (62% less energy), while 👩‍🌾protecting farmers who work the crop! Organic cotton prevents skin rash and protects delicate skin, especially with babies!
🍃Once you try organic cotton you won't go back! I just placed another order!!😉 

Organic Peace Silk Camisole in Ivory

💚Organic Peace Silk is also known as non-violent, cruelty-free or Ahimsa silk. Peace Silk means the breeding and harvesting of silk is done according to the principle of AHIMSA (Sanskrit: non-violence/cruelty-free) and manufactured under the most stringent social and natural conditions. 

💚 Ethical Kind's ivory Organic Peace Silk camisole top is a sustainable luxury wardrobe essential. Designed with a luxe double-lining (to prevent sheerness) it offers a boho silhouette that's suspended from slender, adjustable straps.

🍃Cut with a v-neck and matching back, it elegantly reveals the shoulders and décolletage that offers an effortlessly feminine finish to any outfit.

It's perfect for layering or wearing solo. Cut from eco-conscious, cruelty-free, Organic Peace Silk for more beauty and less waste.

  • 100% Organic Peace Silk

  • Cruelty-free Silk

  • Ivory

  • Flared cut, double-faced silk

  • V-neck front and back

  • Rouleau adjustable straps 

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified

MATERIAL: 100% cruelty-free GOTS Certified Organic Silk

Fontana Candle Company Lavender
Certfied made safe candles, fontana candles, organic, natural, eco-friendly

💗Looking for a truly organic candle? This is the only organic brand that I was able to find with certified safe candles! These actually have the "MADE SAFE certification seal"!

They are clearly natural and authentically pure, made in the USA with only 100% non-toxic ingredients including the wooden unbleached wicks!

No other brand on the market makes such candles! ​​

🍃 Eco-friendly, with certification, these amazing candles are clean-burning, smokeless, made with the safest essentials oil in a candle.

Soy-free, paraffin-free, lead-free, and free of synthetic fragrances, artificial or synthetic oils. ​
​🌸 What is in it? Only organic ingredients: natural beeswax coconut oil, pure coconut oil, therapeutic essential oils, and unbleached wooden wicks.

✨Hypoallergenic, long-lasting, relaxing flame,🔥 which burns steady, leaving the glass clean. It cleans and purifies indoor air, making it perfect for an aromatherapy home spa. 🌸🍯 
​🎉I didn’t want you to miss the cleanest ingredients around!
​​😉 Do you want to know my favorites? Organic Lavender, this candle is made from  100% natural  Lavender Essential Oils, steam-distilled in Hungary. All their collection is amazing! 
An elegant and eco-friendly gift, perfect for a gift for you!🌸💆

Molekule Air Pro
Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 3.30.13 PM.png

🌙FDA-cleared to destroy viruses: Molekule Air Pro is FDA-cleared as a 510(k) Class II medical device to destroy viruses, bacteria and mold and trap 95% of particles 0.3-1 micron in size.

Designed to meet the needs of large residential or business spaces up to 1000 sq. ft. or high-traffic areas, with 3x the airflow of Molekule’s award-winning consumer devices.

PECO-powered: Breakthrough PECO technology doesn’t just collect pollutants, it destroys them

Particle sensor: detects a range of air particles in three sizes, to better understand what’s in your air, from PM10 (pollen) and PM2.5 (dust), to smaller than PM1 (smoke).

Two Auto Protect modes: Standard and Quiet automatically regulate fan speed based on particle levels, at noise levels ideal for day or night, as well as a 6-speed manual mode.

Smart & connected: Easy-to-control touch-screen interface. For added convenience, connect it to your WiFi and control it remotely using the iPhone or Android app.

Portable: With its vegan leather handle, Molekule Air Pro can be easily carried and placed anywhere in the home or business.

Molekule destroys Covid-19 virus by over 99% in under 1 hour

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Kids'Organic Nighttime Sleep Aid

🍃 The first clean medicine company

Genexa Kids' Sleepology is a real remedy, made clean. This homeopathic remedy promotes deep and restful sleep so your little ones can wake up feeling refreshed*.

At a Glance

  • Non-habit forming

  • Organic chewable tablets

  • Portable on-the-go bottle


  • For best results, use at the first sign of symptoms and continue to use as needed.

  • Children 3-11 years of age: chew 2 tablets at bedtime. Do not swallow whole.

  • Children under 3 years of age
: ask a doctor before use.