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Thank you for reaching me and for your questions. I will try to respond to each of you! As I receive so many questions, more than I can handle, here is my FAQ. If you don't find the answer here please let me know: contact me.

PLEASE READ ALL MY FAQs as you may find the answer here!

  • About me
    You can learn more here
  • About
    I researched and collected the best products and brands on the market under one roof! Please shop with my links to shop to support my research! 💖
  • Do you ship outside the US?
    Under the product listed on, click on my "Shop Now" button, then you will be redirected to the brand that is selling that product. Please check on their website or reach them directly. The shipping is handled by the brands.
  • Do you have promo codes?
    My website is full of promo codes! I collected them just for you. Check under each picture, you will find the pink link with a promo code. Click on the shop now button or link to shop.
  • Can you review this brand or product for me?
    Sure I can review any products listed on my website yet. There is a fee for my research, investigation and time involved. Learn more here
  • Do you offer brand consultations?
    Yes! You can learn more here
  • Do you offer private consultations?
    Yes! You can learn more here
  • Do you offer Color Match Makeup?
    Yes! Please reach this brand: PiperBlue
  • Which is your opinion about this brand or products?
    If you want know more about a product or brand not listed on my website, I offer personalized research. There is a fee for the time spent on research and investigate. Learn more here




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