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Private Consultation

It is amazing to see how you eager are to know more about the safety of a brand or product!

It is so inspiring to see how determined you are to truly get the best products on the market for your you, your family, pets, and home!

That's why I offer this service, to help you navigate in this evolving market!

Many are pretending to be organic, green, natural, and eco-friendly when they are not. (greenwashing)


To help you better embrace a healthier lifestyle and to help you make the right purchases,

It will research and find the right products for you, your needs, and your budget,

With my knowledge and experience, you can make safer choices and invest in the best organic products the market has to offer!

For any Skin, hair, oral care, health, fitness, food, home, renovation, and more

Private consultations:

It includes also research, investigation, and analysis for products and, brands, sectors, and areas not listed yet on my website!

it is $100 for basic research with a few brands to choose from. Time frame max 1 week, I will create a website page with your product request and update that page with new related products I will find after. 

You can pay me here and send me an email with the subject CONSULTATION:




Private Consultations

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