Organic Face Serum

Approved Organics Serum Brands that meet my criteria of eco-responsibility, transparency, and safety.

🌿Greenwashing: Claims of “clean,” “green,” and “natural,” without certification are suspicious.

Certified organic matters because too many companies in the cosmetics industry are selling us their not-so-clean products, cheap ingredients, with a lack of transparency. That’s why we need to pick products that are certified organic by the USDA. 

I support USDA Certified Organic brands that are transparent in their practices, by listing all their ingredients on their website and products, eco-friendly packaging such as recyclable glass bottles, and 100% PCR paper cartons.


🍃 I agree with Intelligent Nutrients' mission: ”We believe that everything we do makes a world of difference. Beauty isn’t just looking good--it’s about cultivating a brighter tomorrow.

We do the best we can until we can do better. One choice at a time.”


💖 By switching to USDA Certified Organic skincare, we show the greenwashi