Organic Leggings 

GOTS Certified organic cotton pact sweatshirt, top, leggings
Pact- GOTS Organic Cotton
Top & Leggings

💚Happy Earth Day! Who else is a fan of PACT organic like I am! 
Their amazing collection for women, men and kids are made with GOTS certified organic cotton! Their leggings and tops are a must-have, super cute, comfortable and great quality! 🍃Their cotton is incredibly soft and durable, compared to conventional cotton (considered the dirtiest crop in the world with their 16% insecticide and 7% pesticide use on the planet!) ☁️Certified GOTS organic cotton is made without toxic chemicals and pesticides. It protects the soil and 💦water (71% less water used) and energy⚡️ (62% less energy), while 👩‍🌾protecting farmers who work the crop! Organic cotton prevents skin rash and protects delicate skin, especially with babies!
🍃Once you try organic cotton you won't go back! I just placed another order!!😉 

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GOTS Certified organic cotton pact leggings pink with pockets
Pact GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Leggings

💚My favorite Organic Leggings. Made with GOTS certified cotton that guarantees the safest and most eco-friendly clothing out there.

The manufactory, the workers, the dyes and the cotton are all under the strict regulations that protect us and the environment. No pesticides or toxic and water-polluting dyes here.

👩‍🌾They are so pretty, comfortable and they look great!

Sustainable, eco-friendly, high quality and affordable 🍃These leggings are the best!

They have very handy pockets great for traveling, gym walk and everyday look!
🍃Once you try organic cotton you won't go back! I just placed another order!!😉 

PrettyOrganicGirl”  code offering 20% off first-purchases