Organic Airbnb

Welcome and congratulations on your interest in turning your home into an organic paradise! 

A sustainable path for your home in high demand for the organic environment market!!

Here is how to list your listing for more, win the competition, receive satisfated feedback!

Here is how to turn your home listing more attractive! 

By offering organic items inside your unit you are offering and safer enveroment, your home will gain much more appeal in high competive market.  The demand for an organic lifestyle is estanding behionf just organic food, people demand safer cosmetics, organic kids items, sustanable clothings and eco-friendly home supply.


On this page I wil guide on turning your airbnb listing in a more attarctive place. I designed 3 organic home level:

1. BASIC: affordable options

2. SUPERIOR: higher quality

3. PRO: the best that the organic world can offer for your house


Your listing will be winning against the competition, espescially if there are moms with kids, pregnant ladies, sensitive peopl or simply eco-coscius aribnb users..

Like everything else when a somethignis organic or more green it will increase your sales in your case your booking.


This page is designed to increase the trust of the airbnb users's demand for a better and more responsably hosts that cares about his guesrts and the enveromet.

It is all ablout about transpirancy and safety.

If you are new in the organic world be aware of the many greenwashing companies, you want to be sutre to provide and display only truly organic products made safer company, that does not mean that a big name is agarantiee.

Are you truly investing in safe and healthy products?

In a market filled with conventional or greenwashing products, you could be guessing if you are investing in safe and healthy products.  

With more than 10 years of consumer research, products and brands research, and more than 20 years of marketing and digital marketing experience, I am here to help you to navigate the confusing product's market. 


This page is designed to give you the confidence that you are choosing higher quality products approved by the most experienced organic consultant around with the convenience of online shopping! 

Created for hosts like you who are ready to stand out above the competition, able to offer better service that will boost their reputition and enthusiast reviews in the high competitive airbnb world!

Your reviews could sound like this: "Everything was great, the host was so careful to details that he even included all organic inside place. Perfect for me and my kifds, it felt much more relaxed knowing that the shampoo and the laundry were organic.

Or this place was above my expectation.


The organic world market or want to realign their position by embracing a more eco-friendly approach!

Created specifically for each home category:

I have consulted brands such as Chanel, Sekan Beauty, New Zealand Water TE WAIHoney Girl Organics, Z-Shoes, Bonnie Bio, Roayl dry cleaners, Today Glitter, Vivaia, and Umberto hair salon,  in Beverly Hills, and more.

I am so excited to turn your business greener!

This service is designed open-moded entrapenour like you, my consulation will guide to add value to your current listing make it more attractive!

  • List your home for more 

  • Book your home faster

  • Win the competition

  • Boost your reviews

  • Increase returning guests

Once I guest has been spoiled by having a safer enveroment where they fell re confortable during their stay they won't  want less, their standanrd is changed because of your home. You will be offering an appealing extra that none is still offering, and to achieve this added value is basically for no extra money!

You could upgrade the service at the same or similar costs for your current conventional items.

The world is evolving so it is the demand of informed consumers. Consumers are more educated than ever and they righty demand safety, transparency, and honesty! All important factors to establish trust.

With information available 24 hours, people are incredibly eager to research, learn and compare.

Consumers make decisions based on the data they have been exposed to:

  • they pay attention to the suggestions offered by trusted influencers or other marketing exposure,

  • they then analyze the founding and information the brand is able to provide them and

  • they study feedbacks from other customers.  

Welcome to the amazing organic world!

Authenticity Declaration of the Organic Service

To create trust, once you upgraded your house with products that are been approved by me you can add this authorization declaration to your listing:

The unit offers organic products that have been approved and recommended by PRETTYORGANICGIRL.

You can only show the declaration if the products or brands used in the Airbnb unit have been mentioned on this blog!

If you need further help or have questions you can reach me here.





starting at $1500

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 8.18.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 7.11.16 PM.png

Avocado Eco: The most affordable certified organic mattress made in America!

The newest, most affordable certified organic mattress from Avocado Green Brands It starts at $699. Gamechanger, we know. That’s how radically accessible they’ve made their Eco Organic Mattress.

It’s a 100% GOTS certified organic mattress (CU863637) now available at polyurethane foam mattress prices.

This changes everything. How do they do it?

No middlemen.

They only use GOLS-certified organic latex and GOTS-certified organic wool from their farms. They make their own innerspring to deliver body-contouring support with up to 975 pocketed coils.

They never use chemical flame retardants, petroleum-based foams, fiberglass, or adhesives to bind the layers. The mattress is even MADE SAFE® Certified — a standard of safety so high only three mattress brands in the world have qualified.100% certified organic materials.

✅ 100% GOLS organic certified latex

✅ 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and wool  

No toxic chemicals, off-gassing, chemical flame retardants, fiberglass, or polyurethane foams.