Organic Chewing Gum 

Cocomels Organic Dairy Free Caramels

🐣Looking for an Easter treat that doesn't compromise your gluten-free and dairy-free diet?
🍬The award winning @jjscocomels is my favorite sweet treat, made with organic coconut milk, organic sweeteners, sea salt, and xanthan gum! The healthiest candy around!
🍭They are vegan, their cane sugar is not bleached with bone char, great news for my vegans friends! Certified organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, no corn syrup, soy-free, non-GMO, and incredibly delicious! 😋🍬

Genius Gourmet Keto Chewing Gum
  • DELICIOUS & HEALTHY GUM: Keto gum is an aspartame-free chewing gum option providing a healthier alternative to traditional gum, mints, and other keto candy options. With long-lasting flavor, our natural gum makes it easy to stay in ketosis for an extended period.

  • SATISFY CRAVINGS: Suppress those cravings by chewing on a piece of Genius Gourmet’s natural chewing gum to give your body the fuel it needs to make it to the next meal. Don’t feel guilty - it’s a zero-calorie gum option!

  • GREAT FLAVORS: We have created flavored chewing gum with no artificial sweeteners! Instead, we use a birch xylitol sweetener to provide you with chemical-free chewing gum. Keto Gum comes in three flavors; natural peppermint, natural spearmint, and citrus.

  • LOW CARB: We are proud to offer a sugar-free gum option with zero calories to make for the perfect low carb, gluten-free, go to gum on the market.

  • PRODUCT OF USA - Genius Gourmet’s keto xylitol gum is made right here in the USA for all 50 states to enjoy firsthand.