Organic Bug Repellent

During the summer we need to protect ourselves from bugs such as mosquitos and ticks, in Los Angeles I don't deal with them much but in Italy, I deal with persistent "tiger" mosquitos.

Conventional bug repellents are not an option since are full of toxic chemicals such as DEET that are unsafe for us with their collateral toxic effects, and the environment, in fact, put in risk other creatures such as honeybees and aquatic life.

❌ DEET: What is DEET anyway? It sounds so mysterious. DEET is simply the common name for N, N-Diethyl-m-toluamide and nearly all conventional insect repellents contain DEET, a chemical that was developed during the Second World War, used by the U.S. Army in jungle warfare. It is reported fatalities related to DEET and serious harm to children.

According to MADE SAFE, Ingredients to avoid are

Deet an active ingredient linked to skin blisters, seizures, memory loss, headaches, stiffness in joints, shortness of breath, and skin irritation, it has been detected in groundwater, surface water, and drinking water. 

Cyfluthrin linked to neurotoxicity, muscle trembling, and behavior changes. 

Permethrin is a synthetic pesticide, also toxic to aquatic life, bees, and fish.  

Pyrethroids are an insecticide linked to dermatitis and asthma-like reactions, nausea, burning sensations, loss of coordination, and endocrine disruption. The majority of the chemicals within this class are toxic to aquatic life and fish as well.

Skip products containing both sunscreen and bug spray, as the mixture may increase your skin’s absorption of the chemicals.


✅ Look for plant-based alternatives with bug-repelling oils like citronella, clove, lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus, thyme, and neem.

✅ Clove Oil – One study found that clove oil, when compared against five other oils, was one of the two most effective mosquito repellents. Clove oil is most effective when mixed with other oils such as geranium oil or thyme oil.

✅ Lemongrass – Also listed on labels as Cymbopogon citratus or schoenanthus oil, lemongrass oil is another great natural alternative. In one study, this oil was found to be 74 percent and 95 percent effective against two species of mosquitoes for up to 2.5 hours.

The Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent Aerosol contains 30% oil of lemon eucalyptus.  And the Off Botanicals Insect Repellent IV is comprised of 10% synthetic PMD. CDC warns against use on children younger than 3 years old.


🌿 Here you will find all-natural bug repellents made with organic, responsibly sourced ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, family-owned.  USDA Certified Organic bug, insect repellent, spray, wipes.

🌿 Natural, non-toxic, DEET-free, Alcohol-free, Citronella-free, Permethrin-free. Cruelty-free. Kids-safe, family protection from bugs, mosquitos, ticks without toxic effects on other creatures such as honeybees and aquatic life.

For Indoor-outdoor use.

Here are the healthier alternatives:

kosmatology bug repellent skin balm
Kosmatology Bug Repellent Skin Balm

🌿 DEET-free insect repellent, made with natural ingredients in Eco-Friendly packaging!

Without harmful ingredients, this balm will protect you thanks to its natural properties of a mixture of herbs and essential oils that are proven bug repellents, including rosemary, thyme, lemon, and lavender.

🌿 Made also with shea butter and coconut oil that will moisturize and keep your skin smooth. Organic Ingredients: 

INGREDIENTS: Active Ingredients:

Organic Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary): 1.8%

Organic Thymus vulgaris (Thyme): 0.4%

Organic Syzygium aromaticum (Clove): 0.45%

Organic Cinnamomum Verum (Cinnamon): 0.05%

Organic Pelargonium graveolens (Rose Geranium) essential oil: 0.2%

Inactive Ingredients: Organic Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Organic Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Sambucus nigra Fruit Extract, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Organic Citrus limon (Lemon) Essential Oil, Organic Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Essential Oil


usda certified organic bug repellent, bug spray, insects, sky organics
USDA Certified Organic Bug Spray

🌿 Natural Insect Repellant: Sky Organics Bug Spray helps repel bugs and insects throughout the day, without harmful chemicals.

 This Organic bug spray is formulated with pure essentials oils like citronella, lemongrass, and lavender to help naturally repel insects and bugs.

SAFE: Made free from DEET, alcohol, and other harsh ingredients that can irritate the skin

🌿 ECO: environmentally responsible, packed in a recyclable aluminum bottle, durable enough for outdoor use 

BOTANICAL: Made with Organic Ingredients: Sky Organics Natural Bug Spray uses plant-based ingredients like citronella oil, lavender oil, and lemongrass essential oil to help repel pesky bugs and insects.

🌿 INGREDIENTS: Water, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil*, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil*, Cymbopogon Nardus (Citronella) Oil*, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (Lemongrass) Oil*, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil*, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil*, Cedrus Atlantica (Cedarwood) Bark Oil*, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil*
*certified organic ingredient.

🌿 Responsibly Made with responsibly sourced ingredients, and is vegan, cruelty-free, and USDA certified organic. Family-Owned .

USDA Certified Organic bug repllent Mambino
Mambino USDA Certified Organic Baby Anti-Bug Repellant Spray, Lemongrass + Citronella - For Babies & Family

🌿 Safe for Infants, Kids, and Whole Family,
Non-Irritating, Pleasant Aroma Easy to Spray From Head To Toe,
Eco-Friendly Formula Enjoy the outdoors without being eaten alive! Our popular Anti-Bug Repellent Spray keeps bugs away safely by using certified organic, plant-based ingredients well known for their effective bug repellent properties,
🌿Non-toxic, DEET free and 100% natural formula repels fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, and biting flies. Repellency is based on scent - reapply generously and often. Travel size now available too!

  • Organic Lemongrass Oil: natural insect repellent, aromatic

  • Organic Citronella Oil: natural insect repellent, aromatic

  • Organic Witch Hazel Extract: skin soothing, protective properties

INGREDIENTS: cymbopogon flexuosus (organic lemongrass) oil 3%, cymbopogon nardus (organic citronella) oil 2%. Inactive Ingredients (INCI): soybean emulsifier (organic lecithin), water (aqua), hamamelis virginiana (organic witch hazel) extract. *Certified Organic / 

  • Sustainable Packaging 

  • Fair Trade Practices 

  • Never Tested on Animals

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organic repellent nantucket spider natural bug spray
Nantucket Spider Natural Bug Spray  

🌿 This all-natural insect repellent for kids contains a broad spectrum of organic essential oils in a higher concentration than most other leading brands; high enough to work extremely well but does not have an overpowering smell. A broad range of essential oils is important in a bug spray because different species of insects are primarily repelled by different essential oils.

DEET-free and citronella- free.

🌿 Made with natural ingredients extracted from a vegan blend of organic rosemary, geranium, lemongrass, clove, cedarwood, peppermint, and spearmint oils. This soy-free organic insect repellent has a light, pleasant scent.

Independent tests show this bug spray to be 98-100% effective against mosquitos.

INGREDIENTS: Lemongrass Oil (2%), Cedarwood Oil (1%), Clove Oil (1%), Geranium Oil (1%), Peppermint Oil (1%), Rosemary Oil (1%), Spearmint Oil (1%); inert Ingredients (92%): Water, Lavender Oil Glycerin. (Total 100%)

deet free bug repellents greenerways
Greenerways Organic USDA Certified Organic Insect Repellent
  • INSECT REPELLENT, 3 PACK DEAL - (1) 16oz mosquito Spray, (1) 4oz mosquito Repellent, (1) 2oz travel mosquito repellent

  • PEST CONTROL - Super effective mosquito repellent

  • NATURAL MOSQUITO REPELLENT - USDA Organic, Non GMO, Premium Repellent

  • SAGE MOSQUITO REPELLENT SPRAY - hiking, fishing, hunting, camping gear

usda certified organic bug repellent, bug spray, insects, intelligent nutrients
USDA Certified Organic Intelligent Nutrients Insect Repellent Serum
  • Certified Organic. DEET-Free Defense.

  • Profoundly unique from the often unpleasant smelling, citrus and citronella scents we have grown to expect, our insect fighting blend is enjoyable to wear even when you don’t need the repelling attributes. Free from drying and dehydrating chemicals, our skin-loving and non-greasy combination of oils condition and soften while providing moisture resistance.

  • 100% DEET-free, formula lets you, your family, and pets live and play in and outdoors in a gentle, safe, non-toxic, and organic way. Unlike other certified organic repellents that may contain as little as 5% active ingredients, our serum formula contains 100% active ingredients. Soy oil represents 72% of the serum formula.


organic bug repellent terressentials
Terressentials Organic  Insect Repellent
  • Terressentials Mountain Spirit Insect Repellent is a pleasantly scented, effective botanical spray. 

  • It is DEET and synthetic chemical-free. 

  • The organic essential oils used in the Insect Repellent are safe for the environment. 

  • Made in the USA.

  • INGREDIENTS: Organic extract of licorice, essential oils of organic rose geranium, organic spearmint, organic lemongrass, organic peppermint, organic clove, organic cinnamon bark, and organic rosemary.

organic mosquitos wipe, aunt fannie's
Aunt Fannie's - Mosquito Repellent Wipes - DEET-Free - Indoor/Outdoor Protection
  • Aunt Fannie's Mosquito Wipes are a chic alternative to messy sprays. Powered by essential oils. Effective up to 4 hours when used as directed

  • Convenient, easy-to-use wipes are perfect for on-the-go, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities

  • Apply evenly to exposed skin every 4 hours. Use adult supervision when applying to children.

  • DEET Free and naturally powered by essential oils. Safe for kids (ages 6 months and up) when used as directed. Use adult supervision when applying to children.

  • Our individually wrapped, easy-to-use wipes are a chic alternative to messy sprays. Easy to carry in your purse, your backpack, or your pocket. Perfect for on-the-go activities like camping, soccer games, and backyard BBQs.

  • Aunt Fannie's Mosquito Wipes repel mosquitoes for up to four hours when used as directed. Apply evenly to exposed skin every four hours.

organic mosquitos wipe, aunt fannie's spray
Aunt Fannie's DEET Free Mosquito Repellant Spray 
  • Made with plant-based natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals

  • Safe for anyone 6 months and older when used as directed

  • Up to 4 hours of protection from mosquitoes when used as directed

  • Powered by essential oils including peppermint, lemongrass, cedarwood, geranium, soybean, and citronella

  • Apply evenly to exposed skin every 4 hours. Use adult supervision when applying to children

USDA Certified Organic Insect Bite relief
USDA Organic Herbal Mosquito Insect Bite Relief
  • OutdoorShield Herbal Insect Bite Relief is used to temporarily relieve the itching and irritation that can come with mosquito, ticks, fleas, and other insect bites

  • Roller-ball head design. Easy to apply and carry

  • Special design for baby and children, mild and soothing

  • 100% natural essential oil. Baby and children safe

  • All Natural, USDA Organic, and GMO-Free

  • INGREDIENTS: sunflower Oil, castor Oil, coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet orange Oil, menthol, Vitamin E, Lemongrass essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Clove essential oil, Tea tree essential lol, Arnica oil.

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 6.02.55 PM.png
Quantum Health Buzz Away Extreme - DEET-free Insect Repellent
  • KEEPS BUGS AT BAY FOR HOURS - Get much-needed outdoor relief from mosquitos and ticks. A must-have for weekend trips, camping, and travel.

  • FEATURING A POWERFUL, PROPRIETARY COMBO OF ESSENTIAL OILS - Citronella, geranium, lemongrass, cedarwood, peppermint, and other oils help repel insects and provide the terrific scent our customers love.

  • SAFE FOR YOUR KIDS - Our spray is DEET-free, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  • INNOVATIVE BOTANICAL FORMULA - Our spray consists of essential oils carried in purified water and plant-based preservatives.

  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS, ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES OR TOXINS - Great for families and the environment.

  • INGREDIENTS: Castor Oil, Geranium Oil, Soybean Oil, Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Citronella

Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 6.54.59 PM.png
Mighty Mint - 16oz Insect and Pest Control Peppermint Oil - Natural Spray
  • Mighty Mint Insect & Pest Control is made from 100% plant-based ingredients.

  • In addition to Northwest peppermint essential oil, the ingredients are derived from plants such as soybeans, palms, and vegetable oils. They developed a unique formula that is completely free from common non-natural petroleum ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate.

  • Mighty Mint Insect & Pest Control is safe to use around your family, dogs, cats, and other pets, when used as directed. You can be confident when using this spray around your home that no harmful or damaging chemicals will be left behind – just the fresh peppermint scent!

  • Peppermint oil has been used for decades as a potent insect repellent and killer. Studies confirm peppermint’s incredible insect control capabilities. Mighty Mint is a refined formula made with strong US peppermint oil and other natural bug-fighting ingredients.