Zero Waste Outlet 

I am so excited that I found this online store dedicate to waste free shopping with a focus on a plastic-free lifestyle.

It allows you to "Reduce Waste Without Wasting Your Money!"

Featuring High-Quality & affordable eco-products that help you reduce waste.

I approve them!

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Zero Waste Outlet Nail Brush

🍃Instead of using a synthetic nail brush with petroleum-derived material, this is the natural alternative, like it used to be.

🍃 Nail Brush - Wood/Boar Hair Fingernail Brush.

This brush is great for scrubbing hands, especially under fingernails. Made from wood and boar hair, it is natural and biodegradable and can be used for many years.

Perfect for the shower or sink to get hands clean quickly and without irritating sensitive areas like cuticles and fingertips.

3.7" long x 1.46" wide

Sold by Zero Waste Outlet, an online store dedicated to a plastic-free lifestyle.

MATERIAL: Made from wood and boar hair.

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Zero Waste Outlet Hemp & Cotton Wash Towel

🍃We all know plastic loofahs and kitchen sponges create a TON of waste-- obviously.

That’s why this 100% biodegradable Natural Hemp & Cotton Wash Towel is the perfect plant-based alternative that will help make your day efficient and waste-free.

This towel can be used in the shower or the kitchen sink as a washrag. You’ll love the texture and durability of this ZW towel!

  • 100% Biodegradable.

  • 100% Plastic Free

  • Handy Loop to Hang Wash Towel For Drying So Bacteria Won’t Grow.

  • 10” x 9.5”

MATERIAL: 100% biodegradable Natural Hemp & Cotton Wash