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🌷What to buy at Nordstrom!

Nordstrom sells many conventional = toxic brands and their "Natural Beauty" section has mixed brands and greenwashing brands.

I checked the best organic brands and products at Nordstrom. 

I am listing here the approved ones:

If you truly want to buy  the best organic brands I recommend skipping Nordstrom and checking my approved brand listed on my website, Nordstrom is not there yet, hopefully, one day ill be more selective and offer has finally better products

For now, this is what I found: 

Nordstrom Natural Beauty

🕵️‍♀️I went to check the
”Natural beauty” section at Nordstrom!
Here are the brands I found:
🔎With some of their key ingredients:
👉1. Herbivore Botanicals (curcuma longa [turmeric] root extract)
👉2. Koparu (fragrance, carrageenan, phenoxyethanol)
👉3. Arcona (fragrance natural)
👉4. Odacite California (essential oil)
👉5. True Botanicals (ethilhxyglycerin)
👉6. Osea (aloe flower extract)
Only 3 brands are approved!


Here they are:

Herbivore Botanicals  my review 

Odacite California


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