Organic Easter

This is the most organic and eco-friendly easter guide you could find:

1. Organic Eggs: Let's start by picking the best eggs on the market. They should be USDA Certified Organic AND Pasture-Raised certified 

2. Organic Chocolate: pick only USDA-certified organic chocolate made with fair trade chocolate and char-bone sugar-free!

3. Organic Candies: organic bears and gummies made without toxic colorants and other unhealthy ingredients found in conventional candies! They should be USDA-certified organic!

4. Organic flowers: pick local flowers which support sustainable florists practices such as no pesticides and plastic-free packaging and foams

5. Organic candles: choose organic candles that don't release toxic fumes into the environment, made without petroleum wax and unhealthy fragrances. Pick Made safe Certified candles.