Organic and Sustainable Floristry   

🌸 Here you can find the Best Organic flower shops and florists in the Country.

Featuring the best florists who offer organic flowers, seeds locally souced and sustainable practices such as:

  • Organic flowers without pesticides and herbicides.

  • Flowers locally sourced to reduce footprints

  • Agra-Wool's 100% Natural Floral Foam is a Natural Alternative to Single-Use Plastic Foam. 

  • Thrifting floral containers instead of buying new ones.

  • Sustainable decoration such as biodegradable glitter

  • Plastic-free packaging.

🌸Also, I collected Eco-friendly flowers  byoffered the most sustainable Florist in the area:

Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, West-Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, Westwood downtown la, Pasadena, Brentwood, Century City, Calabasas, San Marino, Culver City.

Organic non-toxic flowers,  same-day delivery.

They are able to accommodate parties and events.

Costume-made organic flowers compositions for Valentine's Day, Mother's day, Weddings, Holidays, Birthdays, or subscriptions.

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Organic Flowers by Melis

🌸 I highly recommend this flower store to anyone. The best floral compositions arranged with organic locally sourced florals and sustainable practices.

The best gifts for any occasion. 

@flowersfromthethicket offers beautiful organic locally sourced sweet pea and ranunculus.

Other locals are jasmine vine and larkspur.

🍃Featuring her sustainable practices, Melissa is determined to offer the best locally sourced organic florals for a safer, organic, and sustainable flowers service as much as possible, to her community!

She uses agrawood floral foam, she thrifts floral containers as much as she can instead of buying new ones.

Agra-Wool's 100% Natural Floral Foam is a Natural Alternative to Single-Use Plastic Foam. 

🍃This Sustainable florist offers amazing options and great gifts for any occasion. Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Celebrations, and any occasions!

She is kindly offering $5 off of Easter and Mother’s Day arrangements!

SUSTAINABLE: organic locally sourced florals, agrawool floral foam (100%natural flower bricks), thrift floral containers as much as possible instead of buying new.

USDA certified organic seeds, flowers, fruits and vegetable seeds
Eden Brother Certified  Organic 

🌸 Eden Brothers’ selection includes over 700 different vegetable & herb seeds. varieties available by the packet or in bulk with additional savings.

To plant your home garden with everyday vegetable and herb seeds, or branch out with rare hybrid, organic and heirloom seeds. With them the more you buy the more you save!

🍃Choose from their organic flower seeds, and exclusive flower seed mixes, Eden Brothers will bring your gardening dreams to life. To transform a small flower bed, container, or meadow with beautiful flowers starting today!

SUSTAINABLE: A proud supporter of the Safe Seed Pledge, all of Eden Brothers’ seeds are Non-GMO, 100% pure and not treated in any way with any type of pesticide. Furthermore, they offer an extensive selection of certified organic seeds that meet all requirements set forth by the National Standard for Organic Agriculture. Their assortment of 100+ organic varieties includes vegetables and herbs, as well as organic flowers like sunflowers and zinnias. Buy organic seeds by the packet or in bulk, and know they’ve been treated with the special attention they deserve.

Enjoy Flowers Farm Flowers
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🌸 Fresh flowers that arrive directly from farms.  These flowers are grown with sustainable practices.

🍃 As a family-owned company with more than five decades in the floral industry, they know flowers mark every one of life’s special moments.

They offer also Subscriptions:  are a fresh way to share beautiful blooms with you, and to extend an invitation to experience life surrounded by flowers!

 They’re committed to brightening your home, and not just on special occasions. Their mission is to make fresh flowers a part of your everyday life!

They will arrange for

one time bouquets

Events and Parties 

🌸Their farm-to-front-door model means you always get exceptionally fresh blooms, that spend less time traveling. They source and ship from their own farms so you can enjoy stunning flowers that last twice as long!

SUSTAINABLE: Taking pride in meeting high standards for environmental protection, they collect up to 96% of the rainwater on their Rainforest Alliance Certified farms for use in irrigation. Plus, they recycle 24,000 tons of vegetable waste into 10,000 tons of compost yearly. They consistently work to develop new, sustainable procedures that minimize the impact on the earth.

Erewhon Organic Flowers

😍Amazing, amazing, amazing! Erewhon Market is Disneyland for the organic world! Here you can find sustainable flowers.

😃All their food prepared there is with all organic ingredients! \

Great vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free organic options are offered as well!! 🍣😍

This is by far the best health-conscious, responsible grocery store, restaurant, market, and cafe in the Los Angeles area!!  Locations include Los Angeles near The Grove, Santa Monica, Venice, Calabasas, Pacific palisade and coming soon in Beverly Hills

They also offer online shopping and delivery or pickup.