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The Best Tour in Los Angeles

Welcome to Los Angeles!

I moved here from Italy back in 2010, and I am excited that you are visiting this amazing city!!

It has so much to offer and so many things to see and do and that's why it is important to get the right tours!

Greenwashing Tours 

There are many tours in Los Angeles. They will all try to get your attention and put you in one of these, low category, smoggy, and polluting gas vans. They are often cheaply maintained and performed by guides who are not local and cannot pronounce the street name correctly. Plus they will reveal facts that are not proven or totally unverified! I have been there and I can promise you they are just making you overpay since they expect you (tourists or visitors) don't know any better or cannot prove their false statements about who lives where.  It is something that you would not be expecting!

I participated in several city tours from different companies, including Starline and I constantly saw the same situation:  they disclose wrong information to a crowd that is taken advantage of since it is typically an international crowd unaware that is being misled and who has not the knowledge to realize that!

Recommended Tours 

There is only one tour I can recommend, it is by far the best tour you can ever find in Los Angeles! You will be visiting the hottest spot in LA guided by an authentic and knowledgeable guide that is local and know more than any other resident in Los Angeles!

Designed after many years of research, studies, and personal experience by the owner itself (not a town temporary, out-of-city guide) who will graciously guide you while entertaining and enriching you with unmatched knowledge and enthusiasm about this city, where is grow up.

The guide is a skilled and gifted researcher who has conducted thousands of tours and delighted and entertained tourists from all around the world and locals all coming to attend one of his legendary and renowned tours!


As a local growing up in the Hollywood world, has met many celebrities, stars, icons, and leaders who had performed and had dinner in his family house. His unparalleled carrier and experience in this field, allow him to gift you with his unmatched knowledge!

He will share with you the most interesting facts, history,  episodes, addresses, celebrities, spots, restaurants, people, secrets, curiosity, and tips delivered straight to you by a true devoted local, deeply passionated about history, culture, and city events all Los Angeles and surrounding area.  

Knowledge of the history of the City Of Angles to the list of stars and celebrities from the entrainment, sports, music, tv, movies, presidents, billionaires, heiresses, and pioners, from all around the world leaders who become residents or stayed in one of the most luxurious hotels in the most famous city in the world! 

His returning clients are also locals who will arrange a tour for their out-of-town guests so they don't miss out on this most amazing experience. Locals even ask him for a private tour to learn something new about their surroundings and elevate their knowledge.


His dedication and devotion are what make his tours a magic experience!

To make them even more extraordinary, the tours are performed in the most eco-friendly way, you can choose from:

Tesla, Segway, Bicycle, or walking-hiking!

Custom tours are also an option

Tour Locations

Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu, West Hollywood, Hollywood, downtown LA, Century City, Venice,  West LA, Miracle Miles, Bel Air, Miracle Miles, Hancock Park, UCLA,  Brentwood, Pacific Palisades. Brentwood, Mannathan Beach, Palm Springs, and the golden beaches of Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

with the hottest spots including Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Mansions, Beverly Hills Shopping area, Rodeo Drive, hiking to the Hollywood tour sign, Walk of Fame, and Griffith Park the largest park in Los Angels.


Walk of Fame where the most celebrated celebrities attended their ceremony for their recognition by printing their hand and foot near the Chinese Theatre by receiving the golden star in the most famous walk of fame!

The most popular one is The rodeo drive & The golden triangle, with the most expensive stores and fancy restaurants in the world near the mega mentions of the richest men in the world. 

They are the best tours in the Los Angeles area, and I tried them all and I highly recommend these to you!

Here is my promo code: 30% off code: PRETTYORGANICGIRL

To Book call 408 837 8687 and mention my code!

Segway tour in Los Angeles
the best segway tour, segway tours los angeles, beverly hills, jew tour

If you are looking for a fun way o tour the Los Angeles area I highly recommend a segway tour!

It is so much fun and you can see much more than you could do by walking and much better if you were in a car.

Plus it gives the feeling of flying or skiing while touring the best area in town.

This is the only company I recommend for a segway tour.

It is the original and authentic segway tour in LA made by the most experienced and expert local guide. With many years of knowledge also in the movie industry, you will explore and enjoy the tour like no other tour can offer.

There are so many tour companies selling fake tours (and I have been in many in Los Angeles) where the guides are not local, they just moved in, they can't pronounce correctly street names, and don't even tell you the right information!

For example, they are telling the wrong celebrity name in the wrong address. Since they are dealing with tourists, they are not that worried about disclosing fake or wrong information. 

That's why I recommend only this tour company!

SEGWOW The original guided Segway tours of the Los Angeles area! Since 2003. Local expert with a long history of celebrity knowledge.
SEGWOW guided Segway tours are the most unique and exciting way to experience it!

SEGWOW offers also walking, hiking or car tours. The choice is your!

Tesla Tour

This is my favorite tour and the best way to explore the city in the comfort of a Tesla!

Not only is it a great sustainable way to cover many areas in a specific time frame, but these Tesla Tours are also the most eco-friendly tours ever offered in the Los Angeles area!

In the comfort of the top electric luxury car on the market, Tesla X:

  • Open panoramic view from the inside.

  • Super clean using only eco-friendly, organic detergents after each tour,

  • No fragrances or toxic car fresheners

  • Organic snacks

  • Best spring water

  • Custome tour

  • Pick up and drop off


to offer you the best eco-friendly and sustainable tour experience in the entire of Los Angeles for you offered by the most friendly and caring guide!

The owner of the tours is a passionate local with an incredibly extensive experience and knowledge with the only goal to gift you with the best memorable experience for you and your family.

By bringing you to the bests places of Los Angeles, for years he has been delighting and entertaining uncountable LA locals and travelers from all around the world, eager to learn from him, listen to his amazing stories, fun facts, detailed history, and place referrals and excited to recommend his tours to family and friends. The referrals have been happening for more than a decade.

A fun and unforgettable experience is guaranteed! I can promise you

you will see LA like you never saw before!

Here is my promo code: 30% off code: PRETTYORGANICGIRL

to Book call 408 837 8687 and mention my code!

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