Non - Toxic Luggage
Woman with Suitcases

Many of you have seen the label attached to new luggage with the California Proposition 65 Warning stating:

"This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm."

While a typical reseller will try to convince you that all the luggage on the market has it, so you can't really escape from it, trying to sell the piece to you.....well, I searched everywhere and I found a few great pieces of baggage that don't have it! Yayy!

You will find these models of luggage and carry-on bags made by great brands below!

🌳 Be aware that these same companies still may carry some models with the warning, so you need to pick only the specific bags I share here!

🌱I don't feel comfortable putting my clothing in luggage made with material that is associated with cancer warnings from California Proposition 65.

Instead by choosing an eco-friendly suitcase, and carry-on luggage not only protects humans but the planet as well. 

Check my COVID-19 flight page, for tips on flying protected. 

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