Do you know that conventional candles you find in the stores or online are responsible for indoor air pollution? 

Their toxic components release pollutants that circulate into our environment, creating toxins that are inhaled into our lungs.

Do you experience headaches near a candle or just simply when you get close to smell a candle even when it is not burning? 

That is one of the effects of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) typical of fragrances, including those classified as toxic or hazardous by federal law. 

When these scents are burned in a confined indoor space such as your home, without outdoor air diluting these toxic particles emitted, they react with ozone in the air and form harmful secondary pollutants such as formaldehyde.

Here is the list of toxic chemicals in Candles:

FRAGRANCE: Linked to development and reproductive harm


INDOOR AIR POLLUTION: Candles contain substances that can build up indoor

PARAFFIN WAX: Non-biodegradable and suspected to release toxic substances.

LEAD WICKS: since 2003 the lead wicks are being banned in the USA






















Why deal with all these when we can simply opt for safer, organic, truly natural candles made by responsible brands that are willing to protect the environment? 

I will keep updating this list, so come back to check new products! 🌾 🌸🍯 

Here are some tips to avoid toxic candles:

1. Avoid Fragrance: choose unscented or candles made 100%  with organic pure essential oils.

2. Avoid Paraffin: choose 100% beeswax, coconut or soy-based candles

3. AvoidToxic wicks: 100%  cotton wicks or even better 100% organic cotton wick

4. Avid colored candles: their pigmentation can be toxic, choose a natural color 

Fontana Organic Wildflower Citrus Essential Oil Candles

🍯  Thesea are the most certified candes around. Infact they are MADE SAFE® certified. Free of any and all toxins known or suspected to harm human health, animals, or ecosystems!

🌸 A blend of Egyptian Geranium, Hungarian Lavender, and Sweet Orange Eos from Brazil. The perfect blend of floral and citrus with a slightly sweet, minty scent for the Summer season!

  Essential oil candles have a very light scent when burned. Please do not expect it to fill a room with scent.

🌸 🐝

INGREDIENTS: pure beeswax that is naturally refined to remove its yellow color, pure expeller pressed coconut oil, therapeutic grade essential oils, wooden wicks from the United States from Forest Stewardship Council Certified mills.

All sizes contain a single wooden wick that crackles when it burns.

Burn time

  • 6 oz tin has 20-25 hours 

  • 9 oz jar 35 to 40 hours

  • 14 oz tin 55 to 60 hours

Sky Organics USDA Certified Organic Yellow Beeswax Pellets 

🍯 These Organic Yellow Beeswax Pellets are the perfect way to bring your DIY projects to life. 100% Pure and responsibly sourced, our Beeswax Pellets are a fuss-free way to melt down beeswax (no need to cut down large blocks of wax!) needed for homemade beauty and craft projects.

🌸 Golden yellow in color, these Beeswax Pellets are perfect for creating your own candles, balms, household products, deodorants, and more.

To melt Beeswax, the double boiler method is recommended.

🌸 Use Beeswax to create your own beauty products, body butters, balms, and more. Melting point for this product is 145° (63°C).

INGREDIENTS: 100% certied Organic Beeswax🐝

Wild Beautiful Free 

Blend of pure therapy grade lavender and vanilla essential oils. Organic Coconut Wax, Lead-Free cotton wick and 22k Gold foil Artwork.

Infused with 100% pure organic aromatherapy grade essential oils

Approximately 50-60 Hours of clean burn

Non-Toxic, Non-GMO, biodegradable. Delicious Aroma. Hand Poured in the USA.

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Eco-Friendly.

Good Cause: A portion of the  purchase is donated to Ethical Nonprofits that support Animal Welfare and Conservation. 

In my search, I was looking only for USDA certified organic Candles that contained no soy, lead or other synthetic ingredients. While I was looking for a  natural beeswax candle, I found these elegant candles that have something more: 


This is the Only USDA Certified Organic candle with organic cotton wicks. These non-toxic candles are fragrant and burn evenly. You can have the confidence that is the safest, purest and eco-friendly candle around!  100% USDA Organic candle without paraffin (petroleum), artificial oil, synthetic oil, lead, or soy. So what is in it? Only 100% pure organic beeswax, organic cotton wicks, and organic essential oil. That's all! 🐝

Naturally hypoallergenic and fragrant, aromatherapeutic, with a calm, steady flame, and they are clean burning. In fact, they clean indoor air by emitting negative ions and reducing positive ions in the air 🌾to transform your home into an organic spa. 🌸🍯 

Organic Candle Company
  • USDA Organic certified ingredients

  • 100% pure, unbleached, all natural beeswax

  • Lead free organic cotton wicks 

  • No paraffin wax or artificial fragrances

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Long lasting

  • Cleans indoor air 

  • Made in USA

Organic Candle Company

✨Are you looking for a truly organic candle? 🌸Great! This USDA certified organic candle is for you!
✨Made by Organic Candle Company, it is the only candle on the market that has all organic ingredients, including the organic cotton wick! 💫Naturally hypoallergenic, with a calm, steady flame 🔥, this candle cleans and purifies indoor air with aromatherapy! It burns even, leaving the glass almost clean, and it melts releasing a super relaxing fragrance. Even when it is off, you can feel its delicate fragrance!
🌸 Cleanest ingredients on the market: 100% organic, made with organic palm oil, organic coconut oil, organic lavender oil, and an organic cotton wick! 🍃USDA certified organic, handmade in the USA! No paraffin (petroleum), no artificial oils, no lead, and no soy!
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Organic Candle Company

💗Looking for a truly organic candle? This is the only organic brand that I was able to find with certified organic candles! These actually have the "USDA certification seal"! They are clearly organic and authentically pure, made in the USA with only 100% organic ingredients including the organic unbleached cotton wicks! No other brand on the market makes such candles! ​​🍃Eco-friendly, with patent pending organic formulation, these amazing candles are clean burning, smokeless, made with the maximum amount of fragrance oil possible per candle. Soy-free, paraffin-free, lead-free, and free of synthetic fragrances, artificial or synthetic oils. ​
​🌸What is in it? Only organic ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, organic beeswax, organic essential oils, and organic wicks. ✨Hypoallergenic, long lasting, relaxing flame,🔥 which burns steady, leaving the glass clean. It cleans and purifies indoor air, making it perfect for an aromatherapy home spa. 🌸🍯 
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​​😉Do you want to know my favorites? Organic Lavender, organic Rose Petals and organic Orange Ylang Ylang. All their collection is amazing! 
An elegant and eco-friendly gift, perfect for Mother's Day or for you!🌸💆

Organic Candle Company

💗This eco-friendly candle is 100% natural, paraffin-free, lead-free, soy-free and free of synthetic fragrances, it is also USDA certified organic! ​

🌸Made with 100% organic ingredients: organic palm oil, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax organic essential oils and organic cotton wick! ​
​✨It has a clean steady smokeless flame that releases a delicate aromatherapeutic fragrance. Great for a home-spa day or simply to detoxify indoor quality! It is a simple elegant touch for a relaxing evening! ​
​🌟This is my favorite candle! 

Organic Fragrances Options:
  • Organic Lavender 

  • Organic Pumpkins pie

  • Cinnamon Verbena  

  • Clove bud

  • Lemongrass

  • Rose Petals

  • Sunshine Spice

  • Orange Ylang Ylang 

  • Rosemary Blossom 

  • Unscented Natural  

Sizes options:

  • 3oz organic candles 

  • 7oz organic candles 

  • 12oz organic candles 

  • 3oz  organic wax melt

  • Organic jar candles