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Organic House

Congratulations on the purchase of your new house!

A new oner you want to improve your living condition and create a safer and healthier environment for you and your family.

This page is for everyone new or current homeowners that want to create a better place with better choices

Let's start!

1. Reduce the EMFs and shield your entire home. 

2. Test your home point entry water and then filter with appropriate home water filters.

3. Choose an electric stove versus a gas stove. 

4. Non-toxic paints

5. Choose Organic furniture

6. Choose Organic mattresses

7. Chose safer Cookware

8. Grow your on-produce Farmstand: it is fun, rewarding, more economic, and eco-friendly. Plus you are eating the fresh veggie and fruit you could possibly can. For Indoor or outdoor spaces

9. Opt for total chlorine or chemical-fee pool: Organic pools, with this natural method: the safest and the most natural pool possible. 

10. Reduce junk mail with these tips

11. Electric Blower and organic gardening

12. Approved Air purifier

13. Also your pets deserve the best: organic pet bed 

EMF Protection for the Entire House
  • This is the most important product for every home or space and the best Home Remediation product that exists. (It’s the first and most important product that we suggest, followed by the Cell Chip, then a Personal Device, then all other important things.)

  • All Homes, Condos, Apartments, and businesses should use this product (and not the Room Harmonizers or Condo Bundle) is for every place that can access either the Electric (Smart) Meter or the Fuse Box (one which controls all rooms in the space).

  • This product remediates the EMF challenges coming from OUTSIDE of the home such as Cell Towers, 5G Satellites, Smart Meters, Powerlines, SCADA Poles, neighbors’ WI-Fi’s, etc. 

  • This product also remediates the weaker EMF emitting devices from inside the home (like basic electrical devices and all types of lights). The stronger EMF devices that we use by touching (or are very close to) will be improved with the Home Harmonizer but to fully remediate these properly it is necessary to use a Cell Chip, Laptop Chip, or Device Chip directly on them.  These stronger Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices include Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Wi-Fi routers, Gaming Stations, and Bluetooth Baby Monitors.  It is also important to use a Device Chip on all rotating electric motor devices - like fans, inside A/C units, air purifiers.

  • This product is installed normally outside next to the Electric Meter but can also be installed inside next to your fuse box.  See Instructions below.

The Only Smart Water Test
tap score water sample for water testing for contaminants water test

First, you would need to test your water, then you will know exactly which kind of water filter you need.

This water testing company will help you with that; after testing your water, they will recommend water filters that will solve anything currently in your water, specifically studied for your tap water.

They also offer a team of experts that give unbiased advice on water testing and treatment, they don't sell water filters: they only test the water and make filters recommendation. 

Get independent laboratory water testing for hundreds of contaminants from the comfort of home.

Tap Score is the only home water testing service with unbiased treatment matching and health risk analysis - so you don't waste money on treatment that doesn't do what you need.

SimpleLab the company behind Tap Score, has been cited by leading industry publications and awarded research grants by the EPA. We applied this expertise to create a next-generation home water testing service that goes beyond what regular laboratories or testing kits can provide.

Tap Score is the only home water testing service to apply toxicological and epidemiological research to your water's contaminant profile in order to give you a full picture of how your drinking water affects your health.

New York Times’ Wirecutter has named Tap Score the “best water quality test kit for your home”. Tap Score testing not only offers accurate results for over 1000+ contaminants, but also includes easy-to-understand reports, explanations of potential health risks, unbiased