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Organic Swimming Pools

Conventional pools issues:

Have you smelled the strong chlorine odor from public and private pools?

Did you or your kids get skin rash, eyes irritated, hair color ruined and bathing suit damaged from chlorine or other chemicals?

How about the worry that your pets, dogs may drink from your chemical-treated pool?

That's right! Chlorinated pools are incredibly unhealthy, an environmental hazard with that the cheaply-made chlorine from China.

You may found the chlorine-free pool alternative sold by other companies but you realized they are still selling us chemicals. For example, saltwater, while is probably a better option it still generates chlorine,  provoking the same issues listed above.

The additives commonly found in conventional pool water are a direct contradiction to truly fresh, pure, natural swimming water. Chemically treated water is dead, poisoned water intentionally made that way to create the artificial look we’ve come to associate with swimming pool water. 

What is the alternative?

So what is the solution besides going to the beach? Hopefully, you are close to a clean water beach.

Many are also avoiding getting exposed to other hidden toxic chemicals like the ones found on the coast of California: 25,000 barrels of DDT underwater toxic waste!!! 

Yes, I am still schooled about this discovery.


So you may think that the safest option for us is to take a shower or a bath with a water filter

I am SO excited to introduce you to this amazing pool system designed to turn your pool in a trill natural experience: Organic Natural Pools!

What are "Natural Pools"?

They are swimming pools made without any chlorine or other chemicals. Yes, you read right!

100% A Chemical-Free Pool, they are a dream come true.


🍃Natural swimming pools are the safest choice on the market:

created with respect for nature and for your health in mind. Natural Swimming pools are like pools created hundreds of years ago.
Natural Swimming Pools are widely enjoyed throughout Europe and Australia where conservation, ecology, and sustainability.

How are they different?

🍃The swimming area of the pool can look like a conventional swimming pool or a natural pond in virtually limitless configurations.

The Regeneration Zone or water garden can be located adjacent to the swimming area, in a remote location depending on the space available or be replaced with a hidden Biological-Fast Flow filter. Some size requirements are necessary for the proper function of the Natural Swimming Pool and each installation is custom-tailored to the property and to the climate.

They use proprietary biological filtration technology can be engineered to convert your existing chemical pool into a one-of-a-kind Natural Swimming Pool (NSP).

How do organic-natural pools work?

🍃They use a completely natural, all biological system to clarify and purify your pool water.

Aquatic plants along with natural microbes provide filtration the same way Mother Nature filters natural waters. Fun with family and friends, barbecues, parties, and summer evening relaxation make for instant vacations in your own backyard.

Let's bring awareness to Natural pools! 

🍃With the hope that more homeowners, hotels, spas will embrace the natural poll approach to allow more people to enjoy a toxic-free experience in a Natural Swimming Pool.

These make us able to relax in the comfort of knowing that you and your family and pets are swimming in a chemical-free, organic pool that’s is made with natural resources, energy-efficient,  beneficial to the environment and to us:

Making this system the most  Natural Way to clean and clear your pool water!

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California Natural Pools

🍃California Natural Pools

I listed here the few companies that are specialized in these natural organic pools.

To learn more and to receive a discount contact me at

I am currently reaching the company to seek for a discount for my readers.

California Natural Pools
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🍃Now you won’t need to rash to shower after the swim to remove unwanted chlorine from your body, skin, and garments.

We don’t need to wear google to prevent burning eyes, swim cups to save our hair color to turn orange or dry hair ends. put tons of body oil to replenish the natural skin moisture bleached away by chlorine.


We can let the kids play in the water without restrictions, enjoy our soft skin and entertain our friends with those unique spa-like designs.


We can be proud of have created a safer place for everybody, a healthier workouts and playground experience, a recreational place with a totally natural way to swim

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