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😍Looking for a glamorous organic makeup
Organic Luminizer Kora Organics 

😍Looking for a glamorous organic makeup? So excited to introduce you to Rose Quartz Luminizer by Miranda Kerr's brand 😍Looking for a glamorous organic makeup? So excited to introduce you to Rose Quartz Luminizer by Miranda Kerr's brand @koraorganic. ​
​​✨This luxurious, all organic highlighter gives you a luminous pink glow, thanks to the finely crushed Rose Quartz and the active ingredients, such as Certified Organic Fruit extract from Australia. It keeps the skin healthy, nourished, and gorgeous. ​
​​🌸Made with powerful certified organic ingredients, formulated with a combination of essential and anti-oxidant botanical oils only found in Nature. Ingredients such as Noni Fruit Extract, a superfood of South Pacific Islands with 100 vitamins and minerals, Coconut oil, abundant source of omega-3, with balancing and hydrating properties and the rejuvenating and protecting organic Rosehip oil. ​
​​ ​🍃Certified Organic ingredients by ECOCERT, organic farming, made with pretty, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and recyclable packaging, fragrance-free, Vegan, not tested on animals and super glam. It has it all! You can find it also at @sephora and for my Italian friend at @douglasitalia!
​​​💖Beautiful shimmer, color, soft texture, it is so creamy and easy to apply. It will melt and blend perfectly into the skin, leaving a luminous, chic look, thanks to the crystal powder. For a natural glow, apply it on cheeks, inner corner of eyes, bridge of the nose, brow bone and lips. Are you ready to shine like Miranda?

Kora Organics 

🌸💕Mother’s Day is coming up! Every time we shop we can either contribute to pollution or support sustainable companies. When we reward organic companies, we know we are buying something that respects us, our animals, and our planet. It is great to know that with a present that sustains eco-friendly companies, you gift not only your mother but our community as well. There are so many green companies now and many more will arrive!! Yayyy!

Organic Luminizer Kora Organics 

😍My favorite organic luminizer is made by @koraorganic. I have been using this amazing highlighter and the pink version too. Perfect for a natural glow! 
✨Made with finely crushed Clear Quartz and Certified Organic Noni Fruit Extract, coconut oil, and rosehip oil, it elegantly illuminates your face and nourishes at the same time. ​
🌟it is soft and creamy, simply apply a small quantity with a light touch, It won’t dry your skin like many make-up powders. It will reflect the light on your cheeks, temples, brow area, inner corner of eyes, and bridge of the nose with a glam healthy look. ​
🌿Certified Organic, Vegan for all skin types, Not tested on animals, Fragrance Free and environmentally friendly packaging. 🌺You can find it at @sephora in the small natural brand section, her website, and for my Italian gals at @douglasitalia ​​

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