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Organic Dentistry

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Organic Dentist Beverly Hills

🌸 Dr. Frawley is my favorite dentist in LA. He is an expert and fun person, he has celebrity clients and I get all my dental care in his office.

My hygienist is GIL, super professional, and it has soft touch. My teeth cleaning is amazing!

A new feature they add a huge TV on the ceiling, so we can watch what we want while we are our teeth cleaned.

🍃  His office is clean, bright, and located on the top floor in a beautiful location in Beverly Hills with an amazing view of Holywood, and West Hollywood.  

The office has been just renovated under the COVID_19 period and it looks gorgeous like a spa.  

It is a place where they treat you like a celebrity and they are very caring.

 🍃  They are out of network so you could take DELTA DENTAL insurance.

🍃 🌸 Here you can find smiling and friendly staff helps you with papers and insurance, and hygienists are superb.

🍃 🌸 My favorite part is they are using organic and eco-friendly floss and oral care such as mouth wash by Dental Herb Company during cleaning and they will offer you samples of organic toothpaste to bring with you. They are amazing!

Mention PrettyOrganicGirl during your visit there!

In conclusion, my teeth are never being in better hands and never been better!           🍃 🌸 🍃 🌸 🍃 🌸 🍃  🌸 🍃 🌸 🍃 🌸 🍃 🌸 🍃 

 Integrative Endodontics Los Angeles

🌿 To care for your oral and overall health, they offer a branch of integrative dentistry, specializing in root canal treatments (aka endodontics). They call this approach integrative endodontics.

🌿 Joining allopathy and naturopathy, they provide the most advanced technology, biological dentistry techniques, and regenerative treatments – all in one office.

🌿 The Integrative Endodontics mission is to bring compassion to the science of dentistry – and the specialty of endodontics – and create the optimal conditions for health in each patient’s whole body. They work to help every patient regenerate their vitality, feel calm and comfortable, and enjoy long-term wellness.

🌸Dr. Valerie Kanter is the founder

🌸 She also created this brand 

🌸 And this natural aesthetics  service 


 Integrative Endodontics Los Angeles

🌿 Their office provides biological dental services taking into consideration whole body health and wellness.

They also provide functional orthodontics and T.M.J. services to improve jaw / head / neck alignment as well as emphasize nutritional information to help patients understand truths about decay and tooth breakdown, and consult in overall lifestyle improvements with a network of top allopathic and alternative practitioners in many of the health and wellness fields.

After all dental health is part of overall health.

You can reach him here: (310) 445-9098

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