Organic Dryer Balls 

Are the dryer sheets toxic?

Many of us do not realize how toxic and dangerous CONVENTIONAL DRYER SHEETS can be!

They contain unhealthy fragrances, toxic chemicals, irritants, and heavy pollutants that affect not only sensitive individuals, pregnant women, the elderly, pets, children, and wildlife, but all of us, too!

Yet, they are sold in regular grocery stores as harmless products.

Chemicals sensitive people can spot immediately when someone is wearing a garment that has been treated with conventional products, its typical toxic smell is recognizable.


Conventional dryer sheets contain toxic ingredients and chemicals that are cheap to produce, harsh on us, the planet, and the environment. They are linked with asthma and respiratory damage, skin allergies and irritations, development and reproductive toxicity, posing cancer, and environmental hazards. You can check your current detergent's toxicity rating here at 

Are dryer vents toxic too?

They are highly toxic! You can learn more here.

What is even worse is this toxic mix of chemicals we smell coming from laundry rooms when walking on a sidewalk in a residential area, in the alley, in your garden, or even inside your home if you have open windows! Preventing us to leave the windows open or spend time outdoors in our backyard!


Those toxic fumes coming from dryer vents are an environmental hazard!

Conventional sheet pollutants contaminate the air around us, provoking respiratory effects with developmental/endocrine/reproducti