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Chemical Sensitivity

The multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) syndrome is triggered by environmental chemical exposures, especially odors. Most commonly, the sources of these odors include perfumes, scented products, solvents and cleaning agents, new carpets, car exhaust, air pollution, plastics, formaldehyde, and cigarette smoke.


In recent years I developed a more consistent aversion to fragrance or anything that smells synthetic, chemicals, or toxic. In the beginning, was an annoyance then it become a more persistent issue

Toxic cosmetics: fragrances, deodorant, especially air fragrances in Uber cars and public places, and toxic fumes from laundry products and dry vents. Walking just outside toxic public stores or places such as Sephora, outside a nail salon.

Organic Laundry

The number one annoyance is the toxic, conventional fragranced laundry detergent and dryer sheet coming from the neighbor.

I would need to stand upright away and shut any windows in my place. Especially on Sundays (laundry day for many) I know it would have happened so I am prepared. 

I reached out and wrote letters in the past to inform newer neighbors that the products were toxic to the environment, to them, and to others. I would print and show toxicity reports and studies. I even shop for safer fragrance-free laundry products for them to be inspired to try them.

It worked: Right now my current neighbors are now buying better Laundry products.

Choose only organic laundry detergents, organic whitening detergents, and organic dryer balls.

Approved Air Purifiers

I listed the best-approved air purifiers on the marketThey are designed to keep indoor air quality much cleaner and pure. They filter air pollutants that trigger allergies and other respiratory issues. Recommended for people dealing with chemical sensitivities. I use that all the time, especially when a neighbor is using something toxic, like laundry day or cleaning day.


Organic Candles & Room Spray

Choose only organic candles made without fragrances but only with essential oils. The brands listed on this page makes also unscented versions for the most sensitive ones.

Organic room spray and approved mold-free aroma diffusers that uses USDA Certified organic essential oils.


Organic Perfume

Choose organic perfume made with essential oil and without fragrance

Organic Car Air Fresheners

I listed here the best organic, natural car air freshners on the market with promo codes.

Unscented Cosmetics

I listed the best natural organic unscented skin care and hair care products on the market


We need to support putting overworking livers struggling to expel this toxicity from our bodies. Eat only organic food. I listed here the best organic products to support  the liver and the detoxifying process.

Organic Cotton Clothing

I listed on this page the most natural, best brands that make products for people with chemical sensitivities and other skin allergies such as latex, and elastane.

All are made with pesticide-free organic cotton, approved dyes, and no other chemicals

Only the softest cotton! The solution for any skin issues, such as chemical sensitivities, eczema, psoriasis, dry itchy skin, rosacea, dermatitis, and more.

  • GOTS Certified Organic cotton

  • Latex -free

  • elastane-free

  • spandex-free 

  • synthetic-free

​My number one recommended brands recommendations are:

  • 🌿 Cottonique: The entire brand is dedicated and focuses on people with chemical sensitivity. I use several of their products. My code: 10% off PRETTYORGANICGIRL

  • 🌿 Rawanique: They make clothing, shoes, and many items for the house all with the best natural material without any allergens or irritants. 


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Cottonique Allergy-free Cotton

🎉 Cottonique is the best-selling brand and my number one recommendation for organic cotton clothing!
Designed for people with sensitive skin!
💚This brand is offering the best hypoallergenic products made with only pure GOTS-certified organic cotton and organic dyes.
And made without any allergens
🌿latex-free   🌿spandex-free    🌿elastane-free    🌿synthetic-free
Only the softest cotton! The solution for any skin issues, such as chemical sensitivities, eczema, psoriasis, dry itchy skin, rosacea, dermatitis, and more.
💚They bring you over a decade of innovation in organic clothing production totally allergy-free, safe from allergens, irritants, and other harmful chemicals for the environment!
Basically, you can’t get any cotton clothing safer or more pure than this!
💚They offer a large collection for women, men, and kids! From underwear to pajamas, bras, diapers, boxers, gloves, and socks!
💁‍♀️I am amazed to see how many of you are already fans of this brand!
👉And you will find a 10% off promo code there: PRETTYORGANICGIRL

Don’t forget to shop with my link to support my website! 💖

​MATERIAL:100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and latex and spandex-free elastic, wrapped  100% organic cotton.

Rawganique Organic Cotton Gloves
Rawganique Organic Cotton Gloves review

Elastic-free 100% Organic Cotton Fleece Gloves are specifically designed for those who cannot stand chemicals or elastic. These cozy 100% organic cotton gloves are super-soft for just keeping your hands warm on breezy days.

Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. Plastic-free. GMO-free. Pesticide-free. Dioxin-free. Formaldehyde-free. Bleach-free. Polyester-free. Latex-free. Super pure!!!

🌳 For extra warmth: layer organic hemp mittens or organic cotton gloves inside a larger organic cotton fleece mittens, or a smaller organic cotton fleece mittens inside a larger organic cotton fleece mittens. 100% organic cotton fleece mittens, elastic-free, plastic-free, and latex-free. Brushed on both sides for ultras softness and coziness. Unbleached & dye-free or Rainforest Charcoal.

🌱100% organic cotton fleece mittens are made with our famed all-organic fleece that's brushed on both sides for ultra softness and warmth.

MATERIAL:  100% Organic Cotton Fleece Mittens

Kapa Niu Non-Toxic Nail Pilosh review and promo code
Kapa Nui Non-Toxic Nail Polish

 💅🏻This is my favorite and my number one nail polish recommendation! Many of you are chemical sensitive like me and I highly recommend this brand as it has virtually no odor! Usually, when I wear nail polish I have to apply it outdoors to reduce exposure to toxic air indoors, but with this, I  was so impressed it didn't smell at all, like any other brand I tried before!

💚 For this reason, it is my number one recommendation!

Their colors are so beautiful, and their packaging is the most eco-friendly one I saw on the market with their bamboo applicator. 

🌺 Made in Hawaii where their collection gets their inspiration from.

I also like their smaller bottles easy to carry, and store, and less product waste for unused or expired products.

Featuring here:

  • Pua Melia 

  • Nudie  

  • Strawberry guava 

  • Mochi 

INGREDIENTS: water, acrylates emulsion, mineral pigments (may contain red and/or violet lakes, ultramarine blue, and/or titanium, chromium, and iron oxides)

Chemlink DuraSil Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant
Chemlink DuraSil Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant review and promo code

🌿Chemlink Durasil is low odor, non-corrosive, and neutral cure chemistry and will not damage unprotected metals. Silicone replacement suitable for chemically sensitive

DuraSil is a neutral cure silicone construction sealant used for a wide range of applications. It has outstanding weather resistance and durability in dry, cold, or wet conditions. DuraSil is stable to temperatures up to 400°F (204°C). DuraSil bonds well to coated metal, copper, glass blocks, and other building materials. DuraSil may be used to seal windows, doors, curtain walls, marine, and transportation applications.

  • Neutral Cure. Will not promote corrosion of metal

  • Bonds to difficult surfaces and coated metal

  • Non-slump, applies vertically and overhead

  • Dries to the touch in 10 minutes

  • Color stability, will not suntan

  • +/- 50% joint movement

DuraSil is a neutral cure silicone, adhesive sealant, designed for application on materials such as glass, aluminum, steel, copper, masonry, and many engineering plastics such as polycarbonate, vinyl (PVC), fiberglass, and acrylic.

MATERIAL: Solvent free, 100% solids will not shrink. Silicone replacement suitable for the chemically sensitive

Sleep & Beyond Organic Merino Pillow 

Sleep Beyond MYMERINO® PILLOW reveiw, Sleep & Beyond Organic Merino Pillow review and promo code

Sleep Beyond organic merino wool pillow gloriously eliminates the “wet-and-soggy-pillow-while-I-sleep” experience. 

Dust mites cannot survive in wool because wool allows evaporation of the moisture it has wicked away from the body. It helps maintain the body’s temperature, provides comfort, support and health.

  • Provides relief from MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) as they are free of carcinogenic chemicals;

  • Quickly wicks away moisture without making you feel cold or clammy.

✅ Filled with fine-certified organic merino wool.

  • Comes in eco-friendly and reusable cotton packaging.

  • 3rd party certified to industry’s leading organic certifications.

MATERIAL: GOTS certified cotton cover and GOTS certified merino wool fill.

JulieMay Organic Sport Bra review and promo code
JulieMay Organic Sports Bra

🌸 Designed to comfort skin with allergies, rashes, and sensitivities, Julie may create an entire line only made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and silk.

🌿Julie may sport bra 

  • A feminine, sporty look without compromising support!

  • It features criss-cross bands on the back panel which pull the shoulders back and align body posture. This, in turn, relieves back and shoulder pain.

  • Wide Side seam and smooth back eliminate bra bulges

  • Adjustable underband lets you personalize your fit and control your level of support

  • Anti-hot flushes during menopause

  • Cool down the skin with eczema and psoriasis 

  • Wick away moisture for post-surgical care 

  • Relieve skin rashes, hives, and itchy skin

MATERIAL: 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and silk

  • Cup / Crotch: 100% Pure Silk

  • Body Fabric: Silk-Cotton Blend (78% Organic Pima Cotton, 22% Silk)

Cottonique Organic Allergies - free 
Cottonique Organic Allergies - free review and promo code

💖Cottonique was born as a solution for sensitive and reactive skin!
✅All the collection is made with GOTS Certified Organic cotton without any synthetic material added:
🌿100% certified organic
🌿100% hypoallergenic
👉It is impressive how they came out with a design that allows them to avoid all synthetic material!!
👏This is a total allergy-free clothing brand made without any possible allergens, irritants, or added synthetic material!
💖I have been using and recommending their products for years!
🌿Great for dry skin, sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, allergy, and chemical sensitivities! Collection for women, men, and kids!
👉This is the cleanest organic cotton brand you can find!

  • Latex-free & Spandex-free elastic band for support and comfort

  • Underwire-free and designed to be non-restrictive to movement

  • Irritation-free label for sensitive skin

  • Without latex and spandex

  • Free from chemicals and synthetics

​MATERIAL: 100% chemical-free, GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric

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